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01-07-11, 15:53
I've been threatening to do this for a long time, and now I've done it. I created an interactive Google Spreadsheet to track the subclades of J. Please add yourself and list the ancestral homeland of your oldest maternal line ancestor - I'd like to limit the colonies (US, Canada, etc) if possible but if it's all you've got, go ahead. Anyone can edit it, so if you need to add a column for a subclade I don't have listed, do it. I just ask that you do it in a logical manner so that that it flows by each new mutation. As we collect data, I will add pivot tables to chart the results. Thanks!

https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqARKoDx3EVHdGJkd3ptRVhDSll2WHFocmg0SU0ta UE&hl=en_US

Here is a compilation of J's in the world I did based on a study released last year:
https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqARKoDx3EVHdDd2WGN2UnB2WG95d1QtZktweXdSQ Xc&hl=en_US&authkey=CITr4sMO

01-07-11, 22:03
Is it to DNA Y or also mitochondrial DNA?

01-07-11, 22:44
Strictly mitochondrial J's, thanks.

02-07-11, 15:23
Thanks, although I did test at 37, with the prediction I'm definitely sent J possessing mutations: 16069T, 295T, 489C

11-10-12, 16:35
Hi Nasturtium, I'm J1c3 (according to 23andme). As you can see I am from Kosovo, Albanian. Still have not found out how did J1c3 end up in my family.

grandpa broon
09-04-13, 17:36
I'm J1c, and I live in Scotland

02-05-13, 11:57
Mtdna J is found at its highest frequencies 25 or so%) in the Fertile Crescent ( northern Middle East.) then a 20% coat of J extends across much of the Arabian peninsula, and parts of extreme western Iran and the Caucasus. Oddly enough, this 15-20% coat also extends into parts of east and west Central Europe, affecting countries such as Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, parts of extreme south-western Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria parts of Bulgaria. Then a weaker 10-15% zone spreads across the extreme southern Arabian peninsula, most of Iran, and in Europe this between 10-15% of females affects Denmark, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina much of central England.by the time we reach the entirety of Italy and central France, levels drop to a definite 10%. Past central France ( Spain, Portugal) levels start to drop to 5% and less. J is found from the Arabian peninsula as Far East as the Indus Valley and all the way to eastern and Northern Europe. It is a signature of the Neolithic period (movement took place 10,000 years ago). The highest diversity for hg J is in the Middle East, indicating a point of origin there.

12-05-13, 15:00
My father is J1c2. As you can see from the Norway project's result page, there are now quite a few J1c's http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Norway/default.aspx?section=mtresults Right now about 9 % of the testers are found to be J or one of the subclades. About 80 % of J are J1 and subclades.