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  1. Poll: Links

    I hope I didnt kill this thread with all those links. By the way, is no longer active. I think he moved to a smaller house. No room to sew.
  2. Poll: yup

    Comfortable Man (and lol @ your name! - I assume you are Enlightened!)
    I'm comfortable for the last 24 years, and very comfortable for the last 2 years. Which means that I started wearing sarongs...
  3. Poll: German men in skirts

    Check these links..
    :p :cool: :( :-) :bluush:

    More links>>
  4. Poll: Kommando Kilt wearing

    Commando, or regimental, or traditional, or "Ladies from Hell" look is traditional in Scotland. The "Ladies from Hell" is what the Germans called the Scottish Regiments in World War 1...They'd never...
  5. Poll: Men in Skirts

    "Skirt" is a word with many meanings. Like the skirt around the bottom of a bed, or "skirting the issue" or any number of definitions. It's just a word, it's not a curse word, it doesn't imply that...
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