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Thread: Ramesses III belonged to haplogroup E1b1a

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    Arrow Ramesses III belonged to haplogroup E1b1a

    We've got the Y-DNA results of Ramesses III (reigned 1186–1155 BCE), the second pharaoh of Egypt's 20th dynasty. Based on his 13 STR markers tested, the probabilities are that he belonged to haplogroup E1b1a (aka E-V38, the Black African branch), although there is a faint possibility that it is E1b1b (E-M215, the Northeast African and Mediterranean branch).

    Here are the STR values recovered for Ramesses III.

    DYS 19 = 19
    DYS 385a,b = 20
    DYS 389I = 13
    DYS 389II = 33
    DYS 390 = 21
    DYS 391 = 8
    DYS 392 = 17
    DYS 393 = 8
    DYS 437 = 14
    DYS 438 = 10
    DYS 448 = 20
    DYS 456 = 13
    Y-GATA-H4 = 13

    BMJ : Revisiting the harem conspiracy and death of Ramesses III: anthropological, forensic, radiological, and genetic study

    Quote Originally Posted by Zahi Hawass et al.
    Objective To investigate the true character of the harem conspiracy described in the Judicial Papyrus of Turin and determine whether Ramesses III was indeed killed.

    Design Anthropological, forensic, radiological, and genetic study of the mummies of Ramesses III and unknown man E, found together and taken from the 20th dynasty of ancient Egypt (circa 1190-1070 BC).

    Results Computed tomography scans revealed a deep cut in Ramesses III’s throat, probably made by a sharp knife. During the mummification process, a Horus eye amulet was inserted in the wound for healing purposes, and the neck was covered by a collar of thick linen layers. Forensic examination of unknown man E showed compressed skin folds around his neck and a thoracic inflation. Unknown man E also had an unusual mummification procedure. According to genetic analyses, both mummies had identical haplotypes of the Y chromosome and a common male lineage.

    Conclusions This study suggests that Ramesses III was murdered during the harem conspiracy by the cutting of his throat. Unknown man E is a possible candidate as Ramesses III’s son Pentawere.
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    interesting...judging from pictures of the mummy, Ramesses III was sort of caucasoid. This might mean that even the Black African branch E1b1a was originally caucasoid.

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    He appears to have had some STR patterns that we don't really see in modern populations. 393=8 and 19=19 are seen almost never, and certainly aren't characteristic of E1b1a. So we might want to be skeptical of using haplogroup predictors here. I suppose the rest of the markers point to E1b of some sort.

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