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Thread: Early pig domestication

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    Early pig domestication

    See: Amke Caliebe et al

    "Pigs (Sus scrofa) were first domesticated between 8,500 and 8,000 cal BC in the Near East, from where they were subsequently brought into Europe by agriculturalists. Soon after the arrival of the first domestic pigs in northern Europe (~4500 BC), farmers are thought to have started to incorporate local wild boars into their swine herds. This husbandry strategy ultimately resulted in the domestication of European wild boars. Here, we set out to provide a more precise geographic and temporal framework of the early management of suid populations in northern Europe, drawing upon mitochondrial DNA haplotype data from 116 Neolithic Sus specimens. We developed a quantitative mathematical model tracing the haplotypes of the domestic pigs back to their most likely geographic origin. Our modelling results suggest that, between 5000 and 4000 BC, almost all matrilines in the north originated from domesticated animals from the south of central Europe. In the following period (4000–3000 BC), an estimated 78–100% of domesticates in the north were of northern matrilineal origin, largely from local wild boars. These findings point towards a dramatic change in suid management strategies taking place throughout south-central and northern Europe after 4000 BC."

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    Pig domestication provided human with not only food, but also great safety.
    During anceint times, snake was so poweful and dangerous enough to regarded as a god ruling underworld. The snake always endangered human beings, even at night time.
    However, the domesticated pig became to protect human from snake. The snake venom cannot penetrate pig fat, as far as I know. But pig kills snakes and eat them.
    So south east asians built house like this and raised pig under the house. Pigs eat vermins also.
    So pig is a gift from God.

    malta cobra 22,000bc, which makes some people think that malta boy tribe migrated from south east asia.
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