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  1. Lasagna is British not Italian !
  2. Greatest German ever ?
  3. Is Turkey a Western country ?
  4. What make European similar compared to other countries
  5. How is France for you?
  6. Mediterraneans want to be liked, Northern Europeans prefer not to be disliked
  7. Turkey's case shows why Japan could not be a EU member (if it were in Europe)
  8. Study confirms that Italian men are tied to their mamma's 'apron strings'
  9. What is your favourite period in British history ?
  10. Multilingual Europe ?
  11. Greatest French people ever ?
  12. Fatland Europe?
  13. What do you know about Poland?
  14. What do you know about Denmark?
  15. Siberia: Europe or Asia ?
  16. Ricoh to sponser Coventry City
  17. Eurobilltracker
  18. Greatest Belgian contributions to the world ?
  19. Greatest Dutch contributions to the world ?
  20. Greatest German contributions to the world ?
  21. Greatest French contributions to the world ?
  22. Greatest Italian contributions to the world ?
  23. beer brands
  24. Do the French lack humour ?
  25. Europe's Oldest Civilization Found
  26. Greatest British contribution to the world ?
  27. Infertility threatening Europe's population
  28. British humor
  29. Japanese view on Poland
  30. You've been in Belgium too long when.....
  31. European cultures : (1) The French
  32. Ottoman trivia
  33. Greatest Italian contributions to the world ?
  34. Greatest Ancient Roman contribution(s) to the world
  35. European cultures : (2) The Belgians
  36. Oldest map of Europe unearthed by Belgian archeologist
  37. European Christmas Customs
  38. Similarities between Belgium and Britain
  39. Romanian culture and it's language.
  40. Austerlitz 2005 : 200 years after the battle
  41. Change in France : social rights, revolutions and the pursuit of harmony
  42. Spoken English across Europe
  43. Carnivals in Europe
  44. Ancient Rome and her Ceasars
  45. What matters in a job for Europeans
  46. European Jokes
  47. The EU in the world : stunning statistics
  48. Do you feel some affinity for the Greco-Roman culture ?
  49. Waterloo!
  50. Greatest Belgian ever
  51. Friendship in Germany--how contract-natured is it?
  52. What IS Europe, anyway?
  53. Marriages & divorces are changing the face of Europe
  54. Scientists discover world's oldest computer in Greece
  55. Is racism towards dark skin people an outcome of colonization, or a question of class
  56. Offtopic on European languages and dialects
  57. European City-States
  58. 'Mohamed' most common given name in Brussels over the last 3 decades
  59. Gender roles in Europe more deep-rooted than expected
  60. 10 adjectives that best describe your image of the English national character
  61. 10 adjectives that best describe your image of the Belgian national character
  62. BBC quiz about European countries
  63. Spain's Blood Sport Culture of Bullfighting
  64. german national anthem (help)
  65. Europe and North America : mutual cultural exchanges
  66. Trivia : European society
  67. Did Napoleon do more for France or for the United States ?
  68. English-language European history books
  69. Hitler's Mein Kempf
  70. European home made terrorism
  71. European geo-cultural quiz !
  72. From the first to the ninth art
  73. Belgian subjects in famous 19th-century Romantic operas
  74. Social classes still matter in Britain
  75. Do the French deserve their reputation as weak-kneed?
  76. Understanding Belgium : geo-cultural divisions
  77. Belgian surnames
  78. What makes Europeans similar between each others, as opposed to Americans
  79. The French Revolutionary Calendar
  80. Western, Eastern, Northern or Southern ?
  81. Funniest or strangest street names in your city
  82. What the world owes to Napoleon
  83. What do Europeans believe in ?
  84. European holidays and festivals
  85. National birds & flowers of European countries
  86. Germanic given names
  87. Ancient Greek "computer" analysed by scientists
  88. 9,000 year-old ancient European pyramids ?
  89. Golden Ages within Europe: a succession of regional influences
  90. Stonehenge : construction & function
  91. Belgian architecture in picture
  92. Is France a misnomer ?
  93. French people : one nationality, several ethnicities
  94. Diversity of surnames in European countries
  95. Italian surnames by region
  96. Nobility vs clanishness
  97. Has 'Lord of the Rings' been influenced by Wagner and Germanic paganism ?
  98. France's snail culture seizes businesses ?
  99. What do you think of the French male "black-and-white" waiters ?
  100. Regional French surnames
  101. Euhemerist map of Europe
  102. Germanic mythology : Was Siegfried a Merovingian king ?
  103. Regional surnames in France
  104. How comes French people typically mispronounce some names ?
  105. Joan of Arc metamorphosed into a cat in her tomb
  106. The 12 Knights
  107. How much French do you need to know to live in France ?
  108. Why does the VRT (Flanders News) spread lies about Flemish history ?
  109. Just how important is a country's national holiday ?
  110. Historical facts
  111. 15 August : a date a great historical significance
  112. What does "Culture" mean to you ?
  113. Glorious capitals ?
  114. Walloons vs Parisians : who is more self-centered ?
  115. Beethoven's 9th : freedom, peace, war & revolution
  116. Paris & Brussels : big brother, little brother ?
  117. The Cult of Charlemagne
  118. How are called the inhabitants of Walloon towns and villages ?
  119. European Copper Age started 2000 years earlier than previously thought
  120. Was ancient Roman lifestyle closer to that of modern East Asia than modern Europe ?
  121. Colossus of Rhodes smaller than Statue of Liberty
  122. French people, cool and relax or formal and stuck up ?
  123. Grotto of Romulus & Remus found in Rome
  124. Was Atlantis in Crete and Santorini ?
  125. European royal palaces
  126. Origins of European rivers' names
  127. Pre-Roman Belgic tribes of modern Belgium
  128. European blowhards
  129. The difference between VJ day and VE day
  130. europeans are related to somali close
  131. Historical populations of Europe : changing proportions
  132. Wembley's Twin Towers!!!
  133. The Nordic countries - the most succesful in the world?
  134. Book recommendation: Society without God
  135. Belgian Tumuli
  136. What Europeans think of each other
  137. France : an ethnically and culturally divided country
  138. Oldest European cities
  139. Who gave sciences their names ?
  140. England in the 1960s
  141. The Celts of Iberia
  142. The Italo-Celtic expansion
  143. The Cross, an Aryan and not a Christian Symbol
  144. Cultural shift in Europe
  145. Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebration
  146. Why did France and Britain leave Germany invade Poland ?
  147. What is a nation-state ?
  148. European cultures : (3) the English
  149. How Indo-European myths shaped Roman, Celtic, Germanic and Hindu identities
  150. Bill Bryson's England
  151. pre-Indoeuropeans in Europe
  152. if spanish and portugese are heavily celtic why are some dark?
  153. National identity in european ex-colonies.
  154. Cro-Magnons, Levantines and Indo-Europeans : what do we owe to our ancestors ?
  155. Video on the origins of the Indo-Europeans in India
  156. New map : expansion of agriculture in Europe
  157. Smart ancient people
  158. What do Europeans think of Napoleon nowadays ?
  159. Fustanella
  160. 5000 years of migrations from the Eurasian steppes to Europe
  161. Did the bronze age start in the Caucasus ?
  162. Germanic vs Latino - Economic strength?
  163. Château de Versailles
  164. Obscure Inventions and Discoveries
  165. The British attitude towards Europe?
  166. Germanic culture
  167. How is abuse/Catholic Church playing out...
  168. Is Turkey a Western country ? OFFTOPIC about Iberians
  169. Are national cultures fashioned by their country's Golden Age ?
  170. Is Turkey a Western country ? OFFTOPIC @ Spain & Mexico
  171. Pairing Flemish and Walloon cities : the Belgian mirror effect
  172. Trading Ports Boom - Frisian Franks, Venicians, Ottonians, Phoenicians
  173. Fathers and Sons in History
  174. Castilian Country
  175. European Forest Institute - Forest Map of Europe.
  176. Newsweek's biased, musty vision of France
  177. banned book help
  178. Do you remember what's happened on 4th june, 1920 Trianon?
  179. Brussels Ommegang Festival - 450 years of tradition
  180. New research suggest our human ancestors ate other humans.
  181. Neandertals more advanced than previously believed
  182. Stonehenge Boy was from the Med
  183. Spain before the dictatorship.times
  184. Man of Galera.
  185. Mapping of europe
  186. European building and structures before 1450
  187. How Middle Eastern Milk Drinkers Conquered Europe
  188. New Fossil Findings suggest, Asian Neanderthals, Humans Mated
  189. OK Europeans you can stop blaming America for this! lol
  190. The UK Meets Germany: A Forum for Young Leaders
  191. Lebar Gabala Erenn
  192. Black Sea deluge theory & the Indo-European homeland
  193. Interesting correlation R1a/ostrogaths
  194. What do you think about this map?
  195. The alleged Arab invasion of Spain.
  196. The Righteous Among The Nations
  197. The biggest country of territory in Europe
  198. War crimes against historical heritage
  199. Bell Beaker Folk
  200. Two branches of european IE
  201. Which Of The Worlds Countries Have Never Been Conquered By Another Nation?
  202. Italian names,interesting?
  203. Greatest Polish contribution(s) to the world ?
  204. Greatest Spanish contribution(s) to the world ?
  205. European and American thinking of others
  206. National Cultural Profiles
  207. The Genetic Richness of Portugal, unique combination of Genes
  208. Cornwall: National history and myth
  209. The Priory of Sion Hoax
  210. Greatest Irish contribution(s) to the world ?
  211. Greatest Swiss contribution(s) to the world ?
  212. Greatest Spanish contribution(s) to the world ? OFFTOPIC about fascism
  213. the Alpine region (images and its cultures and people)
  214. What makes you proud of your country?
  215. Quotes about European countries
  216. Do Celts still exist?
  217. Heraldry
  218. Eastern customs
  219. Origin of the Goidels in North West Germany
  220. Meaning of colours on maps?
  221. Tell us about your family's ethnic background.
  222. A United States of Europe- is that possible? Would you like to see it happen?
  223. Os Grandes Portugueses | The Greatest Portuguese
  224. Cádiz "La Santa Cueva could be the sanctuary of Astarte"
  225. What if Germany had won the war?
  226. What's wrong with modern democracy?
  227. The Israeli ambassador left Spain and regrets anti-Semitism of spanish society.
  228. French: The Most Productive People In The World
  229. Italy against the Jews
  230. Oldest cemetry in Britain estimated to be 10,000 year-old
  231. Genetic History of the British Isles [book thread]
  232. Greatest Belgian contribution to the world OFFTOPIC about Brabant
  233. Funniest European people according to Badoo users
  234. Germany - Land of culture
  235. The best European anthem
  236. Was it possible for Napoleon to conquer Moscow and still win the war?
  237. The best of European Culture.. Music!
  238. Jazz in Europe
  239. Distribution maps of European surnames by country
  240. Map of Individualism (vs Collectivism)
  241. So the Dutch are the stingiest Westerners after all !
  242. Historical basis for King Mark of Cornwall
  243. Greatest Austrian contribution(s) to the world
  244. Greatest Scandinavian contribution(s) to the world
  245. Greatest Hungarian contribution(s) to the world
  246. Merry Christmas!
  247. Sarmatians in Gaul
  248. prisons in Norway
  249. How European are you? The Guardian poll
  250. The image of France around the world