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  1. (offtopic about Albanian)
  2. today breton language structure (and some ,comparisons with welsh)
  3. Rhaeto-Cisalpine
  4. Etymology of "sqep", "sqotë"
  5. Pictish written language discovered in Scotland
  6. Easter Island Tablets Deciphered
  7. When Y is an i Griega (Greek i)
  8. Origins of the definite article
  9. Neuwerk! Newark!
  10. why 'homeowner' but neither 'dogowner' nor 'gunowner' andsoforth
  11. New paper: Deep common ancestry of Eurasiatic languages
  12. celtic (modern) languages: a rough approach to relatively late evolutions (phonetics)
  13. Ancient DNA genetics with language
  14. Why in language Albanian we use words germanic??
  15. English was not imported by the Anglo-Saxons
  16. Indo-european
  17. Belgae heritage in Britannia and germany?
  18. modern gaelic(s) and possible cognates or loanwords (play)
  19. Similarities between Celtic and Romance vocabulary
  20. ξανθός (ksanthos)
  21. Are the Uralic languages related to Altaic languages?
  22. British/French origins of American Southern accents
  23. satemization : what causes?
  24. slavic, germanic and others for the fun
  25. Proto-Indo-European
  26. About "track" and "trace"
  27. Thracians spoke Balto Slavic language
  28. Germanic loanwords in Albanian
  29. Pronunciations/Words used by Albanians in Macedonia (FYROM)
  30. Ancient Greek Phonology...If anyone is familiar your help would be great.
  31. I-E some roots for the fun
  32. basque, I-Eans and Slavs-Slovene languages: some news and ponderations
  33. Does anyone speak South Fanconian/SudFankish?
  34. Is "Harvard" a variant of Hrvat/Croat? (OFFTOPIC from "Searching for famous I2"...)
  35. "van" and "von", how to pronounce it?
  36. Number of phonemes (vowels, consonants) by language in Europe
  37. Erasmic pronounciation
  38. Long f as S western Europe
  39. Iranic words in European languages.
  40. The Greek Speach/ ο Έλλην Λόγος
  41. Italian dialects or languages?
  42. Non indo-european Germanic words
  43. Revising the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European numerals
  44. Who Likes English Literature???
  45. Searching for informants who are native speakers of different European languages
  46. Proto-Indo-Europeans were the Highlanders, who lived near the sea.
  47. Unified language theory
  48. Story of Latin "-us" and Greek "-os"
  49. Listen to an audio reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European language
  50. When double consonants don't match in English and in French
  51. Which is more European ? Finno-ugric languages or Indo-European languages?
  52. Amazonian warriors and Circassian language
  53. The mystery of language evolution
  54. Etruscan and Germanic
  55. Suspicious loanwords between IE and Turkic
  56. Gypsy languages are the direct descendant of ancient SANSKRIT "Aryan" language.
  57. linguistic strata and history - some possible tracks to go on
  58. Celtic family tree
  59. All Gothic Loanwords in Baltic Languages Mediated through Slavs - Busting the Myth
  60. Romanian cognates with Slavic
  61. New 2015 paper on the Indo-European languages by David Anthony and Don Ringe
  62. New paper about Indo European languages by Chang et al.
  63. Is the Iberian language a Vasconic dialect? A precursor to Basque?
  64. New study on Elymian language
  65. High diversity of Amerindian languages
  66. The Italian Language
  67. Sumerian and Indo-European
  68. Chuvash-Kurdish lexical parallels
  69. Percentage of substrate words
  70. Mismodeling Indo-European Origins: The Assault On Historical Linguistics
  71. Where did proto-IE language start?
  72. From Mycenean (Q-P change) to Homer and Koine
  73. Latvian,Lithuanian cognates to Slavic languages
  74. Film-movie in + L A T I N + language.
  75. Did Pelasgians speak Proto-Kartvelian?
  76. English words of Celtic origins
  77. What's your favorite Germanic language?
  78. Proto Indo - European Personal Names
  79. Prokletija - the cursing ceremony
  80. Proto-Kartvelian/PIE Connection
  81. Native K, G sounds in Satem languages
  82. The 55 Languages of France?
  83. Buckwheat in North East Europe
  84. Etruscan translation
  85. Extraordinary East Asian proficiency in mastering Slavic (or all foreign?) languages?
  86. Linguistic and Gene flow in the Dargins of highland Caucasus
  87. Illyrian and Albanian - a linguistic approach
  88. Illyrian-Slovenian: Messapic/Illyrian descendants of Slovenian, studies of Slovenia
  89. Sclaviniae Enclave/Exclave and the stem Sloven
  90. the dangers of etymology and graphies
  91. Is there a good or any modern english precize word for...?
  92. Word for Hay in most Romance and South Slavic languages - just for fun
  93. Language of Sclavenes vs Language of Rus (De administrando imperio)
  94. Offical English Grammar and Vocab Rules Need ta be Updated
  95. What do you love and hate most about learning English? What is the best way to learn?
  96. French inconsistencies with pronunciation of English loanwords
  97. linguistic aspect extracted of "First Celts"
  98. Similar sounds typically used to designate basic words in most of the world languages
  99. French "aujourd'hui" (today), a redundant expression?
  100. Greek pronunciation
  101. quick and rough look at French (pre-20th) phonetic diversity (Oïl only)
  102. Philistine names and terms
  103. What language does Armenian sound like?
  104. Guess what language I am speaking...
  105. The Armenian Language
  106. Sicilian: History, Etymology, Idiomatic Expressions, related discussions
  107. Any guesses on the meaning behind my handle: Denderplankenware?
  108. is there a branch of linguistics that focuses on how mass word association/words evol
  109. Celtic-Italic(Latin)-Germanic ties for the fun
  110. Can you ever become really proficient in a language learned in adulthood?
  111. What does Hungarian language-folk music sound like?
  112. What languages do you speak?
  113. Distance Between Languages
  114. What Modern Language Makes a Buzz-sound?
  115. Information on language variability within European countries
  116. similarites between greek and albanian ??
  117. Why does Icelandic and Arabic accents sound the same?
  118. When American celebrities can't pronounce their own name properly
  119. Dari or Turkish
  120. Did the Afro-Asiatic languages originate in the Levant?
  121. Etruscan’s genealogical linguistic relationship with Nakh-Daghestanian
  122. Ossetian film
  123. Gyolde an unknown ANATOLIAN-GREEK paraGREEK dialect
  124. Can anyone identify this language
  125. Scandinavia's Earliest Farmers Exchanged Terminology with Indo-Europeans
  126. Evolution of languages - grammar versus lexicon
  127. Questionning about Anatolian languages
  128. Languages Sounding Similar
  129. Croatian toponyms
  130. "What Etruscan sounded like and how we know"
  131. slavic vrana celtic bran
  132. Curiosity
  133. Translation website
  134. Which language has more Pictish influence - Lowland Scots or Scottish Gaelic?
  135. Ari* etymon has an PIE word for Nobility or Free Men Assembly
  136. How long might take for a group of people to change their language?
  137. Using Twitter to discover how language changes
  138. simple mechanisms of Understanding IE languages, words, and loans,
  139. Balkan Linguistics
  140. Ancient Indo-European languages in the Balkans
  141. Albanian lexemes and their presence in the other languages
  142. How people talk now holds clues about human migration centuries ago
  143. Balto-Slavic
  144. Centum & Satem difference
  145. Dravidian language family is approximately 4,500 years
  146. i have theory about altaic languages
  147. My proposed tree of Indo-European languages
  148. Albanian and Illyrian
  149. -3000 years old Anatolian personal names in Ebla ?
  150. "'Adam" and its semantic roots: Hebrews/Phoenicians and the "red/ruddy" issue
  151. Is Basque an Indo-European language or not?
  152. linguistic games #1
  153. Winged words
  154. How do you pronounce Latin?
  155. Balto-Slavic, was it?
  156. Linguistic games #2
  157. Original European Language was not Indo-European. Who brought it in first?
  158. Reconciling the father tongue & mother tongue hypotheses in Indo-European populations
  159. why did haplogroup J speak Semitic?
  160. Avars spoke Hungarian?
  161. Earliest evidence of spoken Slavic language
  162. Map of Indo-European Languages (by Phonology)
  163. Is Germanic closer to Indo-Iranian or Italo-Celtic languages?
  164. Paleo Balkan Languages
  165. Hello, what's your opinion of the dialects of Lazio
  166. Where does the Albanian language come from? [VIDEO]
  167. Glottochronology
  168. Tăblițele de la Tărtăria (Tărtăria tablets)
  169. Accent quiz for Americanshttps://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/upshot/dialect-quiz
  170. Iberian Altaic language
  171. Oscan influence in South Italy
  172. Germanic-Albanian similarities
  173. Philistine names and terms
  174. Question for Greek about person name Yanis
  175. Early Readers
  176. Historical Linguistics
  177. David Anthony-Molecular Archaeology and Indo-European linguistics
  178. Language shift(s): are there solid rules?
  179. Proto-Indo-european languague : R1a or R1b ?
  180. Pre-Proto-Germanic loanwords from Akkadian
  181. Is there any linguistic evidence to prove Goths came from Scandinavia?
  182. Phylogenetic evidence for Sino-Tibetan origin in northern China in the Late Neolithic
  183. Was Cimmerian (Old Persian) an Albanized Iranian language?
  184. Saxons, or the People of the Knife (Seax)?
  185. Germanic origin of ancient Gutian names
  186. Why we see Germanic sound shifts (Grimm's law) in Akkadian loanwords from Sumerian?
  187. How does Geg and Tosk Albanian sound to non-Albanian speakers
  188. Could Armenians have been in Armi/Armani
  189. Switch to soft foods gave us ability to make different sounds as well as an overbite?
  190. Was proto-Indo-European the same proto-Germanic?
  191. Machine learning has been used to automatically translate long-lost languages
  192. Gedrosian (Indo-European) origin of Numerals and Alphabet letters
  193. What would you like to change in your own language
  194. Hurro-Urartian as a sister to Indo-European
  195. DNA study illuminates Indo-European language origins Read more at: https://www.decca
  196. What do these things mean in French?
  197. Linear Gutian (Formerly known as Linear Elamite) was deciphered, an IE language
  198. The Albanian language!
  199. Albanian words that are a PIE cognate with other IE language & the Indo European conn
  200. Cognates between modern English and modern Italian languages
  201. Can Spanish and Portuguese speakers understand Italian?
  202. Pramzan/Parmigiano dialect of western Emilia
  203. Alternation of words wth L or R in IEan languages
  204. Cajun French in Louisiana
  205. the suffix "gan" is turkic ?
  206. What are the Uralic words for "wine"
  207. Eastern-Hunter-Gatherer Spoke Proto-Indo-European?
  208. Genetic relation between Indo-European and Afro-Asiatic
  209. I love languages
  210. The "akis" suffix on Cretan surnames...
  211. The Italian language
  212. Kurds were Proto-Greek people who adopted an Iranian language
  213. 100 Proto-Germanic loanwords in Elamite
  214. Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Basque languages is related?
  215. Y-I bearers would have been the first PIE speakers?
  216. Uralic & Semitic substrate words in the Alps ?
  217. Can Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian speakers understand classically pronounced Latin
  218. Deciphered the Linear Elamite by a French archaeologist