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  1. Old English
  2. How many languages can you can speak ?
  3. British vs. American English
  4. Chomsky's linguistics
  5. Unconventional English ?
  6. German for Starters
  7. German pronunciation
  8. why did my accent change?
  9. I want to learn German!
  10. Bilingual, Trilingual, Multilingual
  11. Psychology associated to consonnants
  12. Kanji: When Phonetic & Reading Don't Jive
  13. World Language Extinction by 2060?
  14. What is the fate of the Chukchis?
  15. How do you define native English speaker?
  16. What makes a good English teacher?
  17. What language best fits your personality ?
  18. Calligraphers must see: Setsumon Kaiji 說������, Book of Small Seal Scripts ���
  19. IPA characters: are they available?
  20. "My language difficult." What does it mean?
  21. "My language difficult." What does it mean?- OFFTopic about nice asses
  22. English as an abusive language
  23. Numbers in Numerous Languages
  24. "official" languages - good or bad idea?
  25. Noam Chomsky
  26. How do Eupedia members pronouce their English when they speak ?
  27. Languages and song
  28. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  29. Crazy English phrases
  30. English language test
  31. Kanji Politically Correct
  32. Kanji Trivia by Kitamura �k����
  33. Talk to the hand
  34. How does written language look to you?
  35. How to say "I love you"
  36. Everything you need to know about Tagalog
  37. Are Welsh and Hindi so close ?
  38. Remember Nicolas Cage movie Windtalkers?
  39. Conversational Mongolian: Expressions
  40. Speakers of Other Languages needed
  41. Characteristics of "Jengrish" : OFFTOPIC about my/the
  42. I finally did it.....
  43. Does it seem like
  44. Hokkaido Dialect: Creole Language ?
  45. Crazy English dialects?
  46. understanding...
  47. Multiple Poll: Are you harsh on your own language ?
  48. Multiple Poll: 1-Word Expressions of Nothingness
  49. Malay Language!
  50. Anyone here good at Greek?
  51. Difference of usage between British and American English
  52. Difference of vocabulary between British and American English
  53. If you want to learn another, NEW language, which & why?
  54. Thinking & Language
  55. are those languages obsolete and sexist? And should they be modified?
  56. Thought in Chaos & Clear, Orderly Language
  57. How do you pronounce these words ?
  58. genderless languages
  59. Webster's Online Rosetta Edition: The Dyslexicographer's Gift to All
  60. Multilingual Sources: Do you know any other you can share ?
  61. Serious question about my nicname
  62. Annoying phrases
  63. Borrowed foreign words in English language
  64. Do we have to phonetically convert each foreign word into our native language?
  65. The most fluent Polyglots?
  66. 6 Word orders
  67. Tagalog phonetics
  68. wife & husband words
  69. Favourite Words
  70. learning language on your own
  71. Moving the Goalposts
  72. Have you ever constructed a language or made a conlang?
  73. Do you know a person's name can be made into a word?
  74. Languages that could become endangered or die
  75. Is (Can) Language (be) free of Culture ?
  76. Script: Linear A Oldest Writing in Europe Found
  77. What do you like about your first/native language?
  78. Questions for speakers of romance and germanic languages: Help me please!
  79. Greatest Belgian contributions to the world ? OFFTOPIC about Fleming vs Flemish
  80. Language and Culture: How does one affect the other?
  81. Who can read a quipu ?
  82. If you could learn any language...
  83. A Cat Attracted to Its First Language
  84. Pre-Columbian Pheonicians in North & South Americas
  85. english idioms
  86. How many languages do you speak?
  87. Is American Sign Language a real language?
  88. Ahmuvan:indus Script And Indus Valley Astronomy
  89. Collective Nouns
  90. Whad does this mean?
  91. That's Not What I Meant!
  92. Try Reading This!!!
  93. Journal of Diplomatic Language
  94. Southern U.S. accents disappearing?
  95. Illogical and irregular expressions in various languages
  96. Learning Russian
  97. Missing words in English
  98. Local Dialect
  99. Sanskrit
  100. Learning German
  101. I am making a new language based on chinese characters!
  102. Can you identify this language?
  103. How much of Dixie do you have in your speech?
  104. Walloon, a Germanised Romance language ?
  105. Which English do you use normally?
  106. What do you like and dislike about each language ?
  107. New English words
  108. Old English (Anglo-Saxon)
  109. What's the most difficult language you've taken to learn?
  110. What are Europeans' views on American English accent?
  111. Words from old Germanic languages in modern English and Latin languages
  112. Corruptions in the French of France compared to other varieties of French
  113. Colour-challenged ?
  114. What language is this??? please help
  115. European country names in Chinese
  116. What Language is this?
  117. Anyone learned Aiola?
  118. Chinese Language Reformed
  119. Teaching English to French speakers
  120. Style Guide of The Economist
  121. What kind of French are you fluent in?
  122. What does "respect" actually means ?
  123. Bonko the easiest language in the world
  124. English words with Latin roots that don't exist in French and Italian
  125. English words and nuances missing in French
  126. Synaesthasia
  127. Norman language
  128. Afro-asiatic languages
  129. The Indo-European languages legend.
  130. What would be the essential languages to learn?
  131. Book Review : The Mother Tongue, by Bill Bryson
  132. German language
  133. Irish names in england
  134. Nostratic!!??
  135. Cool Germanic Languages Link
  136. Franks language
  137. Ask me anything about Turkish and I'll answer
  138. Which European language as one of my electives ?
  139. Online Plattdeutsch Course
  140. Norman language`s effect in old english
  141. Did Latin merge with Celtic languages to form Romance languages ?
  142. maltese language weirdest language ever
  143. origin of the non-indo european languages of anatolia
  144. The difficult clause I have!
  145. Can somebody help me with some translation from MONGOLIAN please :)
  146. text for preposition
  147. Middle English language
  148. Top global linguistic families
  149. European Common Language - The Poll
  150. When does a dialect become a language?
  151. English language
  152. iam seeking for>>
  153. Constructed Languages?
  154. Antique Slang and British/French Enmity
  155. Extremely Interesting Indo-European Language Site
  156. Berbers and Albanians, E haplogroup and linguistic similarity
  157. Is English language more Romance or Germanic ? (test your abilities)
  158. Examples of Latin and Germanic words with common Indo-European roots
  159. Since when did Southern German and Austrians speak a Germanic language ?
  160. Home of R1b1b2a1b4 and swabian dialect
  161. Dewaeghenaere - surname pronunciation?
  162. Swabian dialect in south-west germany
  163. What's your favourite Romance Language?
  164. Swabian German
  165. Origin of guttural R
  166. Italian Dialects
  167. Etruscans=Illyrians=Pelasgi //// tuscans=albanians ?????
  168. Celtic and Pre-Germanic
  169. Germanic and Proto-Slavic
  170. Alberto G. Areddu author of the book "Albanian Origins of Civilization in Sardinia”
  171. A comparative grammar of Sanskrit, Greek and Latin
  172. Dacian Language
  173. Celtic - Serbian parallels
  174. The pelasgians
  175. Matching Ancient languages with Ancient tribes
  176. Indo-european languages ( ancient)
  177. Ancient place names in Iberia
  178. Alphabets: what's the meaning of their letter names
  179. Conservativism in Indo-European Numerals
  180. Is complexity of grammar pointing to roots of a language?
  181. When one term can have two completely different meanings
  182. Proto - baltic or west -baltic language
  183. A Note on Pytheas' Voyage
  184. The Albanian language
  185. Germanic words of non ie origin
  186. Revising the classification of Indo-European languages
  187. Surnames in - -hardt, (h)art, -(h)ard, aert and -ardi : a Frankish origin ?
  188. Latin & Greek words of non-Indo-European origin
  189. Basque and Berber
  190. Basque and Dene-Caucasian languages
  191. Difference of vocabulary between Western and Eastern IE languages
  192. Are irregular virbs Loan in a language?
  193. How do fast languages evolutions occur?
  194. Proto-Semitic and Proto-Indo European
  195. R1b Migration (OFFTOPIC about Kurdish language)
  196. Gothic and Gutnish
  197. Identical English and French surnames
  198. Is Paris a pre Celtic name?
  199. OFFTOPIC from Albanian
  200. Etymologies
  201. Albert Joris Van Windekens theory for Pelasgian as IE language
  202. (OFFTOPIC from I2a-Din on the Balkans)
  203. Language Schools Abroad
  204. The difference between Endonym and Exonym
  205. Numerals from all over the world (General numerals thread)
  206. Seeking Japanese Name With Special Meaning
  207. is it possible to construct a Proto-Native-European?
  208. The ancient term ........ae
  209. (offtopic from Albanian)
  210. Origin of the French word "joli"
  211. French false-cognates to English, German & other Germanic placenames/lastnames...
  212. How French is the English language ?
  213. When was Proto-Celtic spoken (offtopic from Beaker-Bell R1b)
  214. origin of tribal names
  215. Armenian language
  216. Tongue twisters...
  217. The reliability of the Ancient Greek-Roman Literature.
  218. Linear B and new discoveries
  219. European Tree Names (offtopic from NE autosomal component)
  220. New Indo-European Language Discovered
  221. Origin of umlauts ('ö', 'ü')
  222. etymology of Albanian word "zëmër"
  223. Basic..preferably easy and respectful French phrases..
  224. Illyrian-Albanian Continuity
  225. Anatolia is the source of Indo-European languages
  226. Separation between Scandinavian and other Germanic languages
  227. Indo-european lexical cognacy database
  228. When the science is anti-science.
  229. Proto-Greek
  230. !!!! We might have alphabet history rewritten if it is true.
  231. False friends in English and French : which one corrupted the original meaning ?
  232. Why is Iranian listed as an European language?
  233. How proto IE sounded like?
  234. Dacian language
  235. Paucity of Germanic adjectives in English
  236. internal frequence of surnames by country
  237. 100% understandsomeness of English text using 60% madeup words!
  238. Waterloo: why is the most famous name in the so-called: Walloon Brabant Dutch?
  239. Nostratic Tongue
  240. When did baltic and slavic split ?
  241. Is Albanian really a Satem language?
  242. northern italian languages
  243. celtic/venetic
  244. A correspondance i found comparing Albanian, Ancient Greek and Latin
  245. Are R1a and R1b really Indo-Europeans ?
  246. OFFTOPIC from "Are R1a and R1b really Indo-Europeans ?"
  247. Horse, Linguistic History and more
  248. Germanic and Italic language families
  249. Pre Indo European languages in Europe
  250. Wheels, Linguistic History and more