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  1. BBC Special : What the World thinks of God
  2. Descartes
  3. Fate vs Destiny
  4. Jref Members - Go To Hell !!!
  5. In what God(s) do you believe ?
  6. -= ?Soul? =-
  7. Universe How Big ?
  8. Philosophical Question Number 1
  9. Nature: Organized or Disorderly ?
  10. Scientists believe that parallel universes exist less than 1 millimetre away from us
  11. Philosophical Question Number 2
  12. Philosophical Question Number 3
  13. Can Love Be Eternal?
  14. Philosophical Question Number 4.
  15. Philosophical Question Number 5 (996 to go eh, Lexico!)
  16. Philosophical Question Number 6
  17. Philosophical Question Number 7
  18. How do you percieve God/Gods?
  19. Philosophical Question Number 8
  20. Philosophical ... oops
  21. Why do people Die
  22. Philosophical Question Number 9
  23. Souls
  24. What is life?
  25. Reincarnation and racism
  26. Philosophical question number 10
  27. Philosophical Question Number 11
  28. Philosophical question number 12
  29. Notions about Good and Evil
  30. Time vs Eternity
  31. Jehovah, Jah, Yah, Iah, Yahu & George Bush International Airport
  32. what is an atheist?
  33. Atheism vs Theism
  34. Is god a form of entertainment for the brain ?
  35. Is there exist such thing as spiritual intellectuallity
  36. What is God/god?
  37. Philosophical question number 13
  38. How I believe Life was Created...
  39. What is time?
  40. Morality
  41. Posting Greek Characters.
  42. God : one word, many meanings
  43. Gods and Gender
  44. Life After Death
  45. Some brain questions
  46. Code of the Strong Atheist
  47. Code of the Strong Atheist OFFTOPIC about 10 commandments
  48. Gender and belief in god
  49. The age old question.
  50. Free Will vs Determinism
  51. What do you believe? And Why?
  52. Has Maciamo proved that God doesn't exist?
  53. End of Life
  54. Philosophy: Are you an existentialist?
  55. How do you apply (or not) the "Golden Rule"?
  56. Visitations from the Dead
  57. Karma: My Name is...
  58. Motives for altruism?
  59. Is God an Emotion?
  60. What is faith?
  61. Quantum Physics: Abandon All Sanity Ye Who Enter Here!
  62. What do you hold sacred?
  63. Truth and consequences
  64. Afterlife: What Will Happen When We Die?
  65. What led you to your current beliefs?
  66. What makes you 'you'?
  67. Atheism - Conceptions and Misconceptions
  68. Are religious people somehow weaker than atheistic people?
  69. Scientism?
  70. The First Philosophical Question You Recall
  71. Top scientists around the world want schools to support evolution globally
  72. Disclaimer concerning my posts related to philosophy and religion
  73. Disclaimer concerning my posts about philosophy and religion OT about definitions
  74. The Philosophy of Violence vs. Non-Violence
  75. Sartre, a failed philosopher ?
  76. Maciamo and his philosophies: Zen or Hume?
  77. The Bible condones murder, rape and ignorance
  78. Islam and Muslim
  79. Study shows that IQ decreases with religiosity
  80. Religious and supernatural beliefs rooted in evolution
  81. The Return of the European Religions
  82. Schopenhauer How to win an arguement
  83. Which sort of truth suits you best?
  84. What was the original sin, and before this where was this sin, and why was it a sin ?
  85. Isaac Newton Notebook
  86. Do you believe that the Big Bang was the beginning of the Universe ?
  87. The Illusion of Time.. Is Time really going in just one direction?
  88. Do we really want to know?
  89. Offtopic: Atheism as a philosophy
  90. The Hopi Tablets - a gift to a world in need of a vision
  91. Common Spiritual traits for each Haplogroup
  92. Should freedom of speech be unlimited?
  93. Orthodoxy and Catholicism: From Separation to Unification
  94. What is philosophy for you?
  95. Quick reminder
  96. Affluence, Not Political Complexity Explains the Rise of Moralizing Religions
  97. Poll: Timeline of Mankind
  98. John Frum - the white American God (and the cargo cults)
  99. A Question for Philosphers
  100. Seven Deadly Sins in Christianity vs. Seven Deadly Sins in Islam - Compared
  101. No-Religion
  102. Russian Orthodox Priest Praises Muslims: "Future Belongs To The Muslims"
  103. Isaac Newton - Rejecter of Trinity, believer in one God (Documentary)
  104. Philosophy of Knowledge - Epistemology
  105. Philosophy of Truth - Epistemology
  106. Arguments For and Against the Existence of God
  107. How Science Can Answer Moral Questions
  108. Ethics and Meta-Ethics
  109. Logical Fallacies Explained and Debunked
  110. Philosophy of Science and Skepticism
  111. Do you agre with the Asian guy?
  112. Sam Harris's new study on political beliefs (Neuroscience)
  113. What we see in Europe is the result of Karma?
  114. Slavery and non-consensual sex in Islam
  115. Which are the main differences among catholicoi and orthodoxoi
  116. Looking for Good Books on Philosophy
  117. Would mtDNA be more useful in tracing surnames
  118. Infinite Reincarnation of One's Self, and the World Around Them
  119. The Paradoxical Secret to Finding Meaning in Life
  120. Was Nietzsche German or Polish?
  121. What is it that gives our lives a meaning?
  122. Religious Typology: a new way to categorise Americans by religion
  123. Lazaridis Bias of Individual Geneticists Ethics Discussion
  124. Religion vs Politics
  125. Humanity is smarter than the sum of its individuals
  126. "The Goodness Paradox": Have humans domesticated themselves?
  127. The 1 true god
  128. What's your conclusion about John Allen Chau?
  129. Who punishes promiscuous women?
  130. Poimandres, the Shepherd of Men
  131. El pecado original y la historia de la humanidad
  132. How the Christian Revolution Created the "Western" Mind
  133. Did the Umayyads invent the idea of Islam?
  134. St. Malachy's Prophecy
  135. Why should countries have a Bill of Rights?
  136. Death
  137. Neolithic European mythologies, could they be teased out from PIE Religion?
  138. Zalmoxis Getae Dacian Thracian Religion
  139. A question for Race Realists
  140. Why do so many Atheists like Star Trek and Science Fiction?
  141. Religious census
  142. A Question for the Christians
  143. Judaism and the Kabbala
  144. Indo European supremacy