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  1. Sun circles from mountain Devica
  2. baba, kumir - the ancestor
  3. King Karađorđe Serbian or Albanian
  4. Differences between Western(Catholic-Protestant) and Orthodox civilisations.
  5. Why are Hungarians more creative and innovative in science than Western Great Powers?
  6. Media Sources for Ancient History, Archaeology etc.
  7. Was the RELIGIOUS FREEDOM invented by Hungarians in Europe?
  8. Were the MINORITY RIGHTS invented and firstly encated by Hungarians in Europe?
  9. Which still existing nations were able to dominate of European Battle-fields?
  10. History of Science and technology in Hungary, What caused that MIRACLE?
  11. War and histroy
  12. Why are Hungarians much better in SPORT than Western Great powers?Number of gold meda
  13. Skeleton of Possible Witch Girl Found
  14. Sulawesi cave art.
  15. Germany lost the WWII before the Battle of Stalingrad or after that.
  16. Grange stone circle
  17. Viking Hoard Found In Scotland.
  18. Tomb II at Vergina belonged to Philip II and a possible Scythian wife
  19. Hellens or Romei?
  20. Oaks
  21. "Sk" to Cut, and "Kl" to slaughter
  22. Ancient Stone Circles in the Middle East
  23. The Franks,France and other things about Franks
  24. 6,000 Year Old Trypillian Temple Discovered in the Ukraine
  25. Acorns in Archaeology
  26. The Slavs,their origins ,facts and archaeological discoveries about Slavs
  27. the alikarnasos, Mycenean or paraMycenean culture?
  28. How did oaks repopulate Europe?
  29. Gravettians And Their Dogs
  30. Togher - Wooden trackways
  31. Social Immobility
  32. Eating acorns
  33. Platamon, the new discoveries and IE theory,
  34. Water's Role in the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
  35. Bullaun Stones
  36. Christmas trees from the garden of Eden
  37. The Archaeology of Collapse and Resilience-Ancient Jericho
  38. A Corded Ware Wetlands Settlement in the Netherlands
  39. The Viking Age in Finland
  40. Pit oven
  41. The Irish Neolithic-Milk and Molecules-Secrets From Prehistory
  42. Dog and badger meat helped humans survive in Atapuerca
  43. The eyes of god
  44. What language group did Europeans speak in the Neolithic? Vasconic languages? Uralic?
  45. Mammoth Populations Were Decimated By Humans 30,000 years ago
  46. Do the Mordvins, Chuvash and Tatars descend from Carpathian Goths ?
  47. Indo-European Language Originated On The Steppe?
  48. The Sea Peoples Were Italic Speakers From Sicily, Sardinia and Mainland Italy?
  49. 8000 Year Old British Wheat
  50. The lion man
  51. New Mycenaen Burial Complex Found?
  52. Have some legend about the history?
  53. Preserved Parasite Eggs in Ancient Toilets Trace Past Migrations
  54. Pompeii's Villa of the Mysteries Restored and Reopened
  55. Blagotin
  56. The Slavic Label
  57. "Red Lady" of Spain-Magdalenian burial site-in the news again
  58. Battered Skeleton of Norman Knight Found in England
  59. Did Celts raided or settled in Norway?
  60. Ancient Aqueduct Found in Bulgaria
  61. Ri - to cut with something toothed
  62. Saxon child's remains found in Hereford
  63. Etruscan culture
  64. The easternest heimat of Indoeuropeans.
  65. A Japanese Me-109?
  66. Racka sheep
  67. Writings in an unknown alphabet discovered in Georgia
  68. An Early Slavic subterranean shrine?
  69. Poland's Oldest Stone Wall Unearthed in the Carpathians
  70. Tomb of Sannite Woman Found Near Pompeii
  71. Or - Ireland's gold
  72. 2,000 year old princely grave found in Czech Republic
  73. Macedonian style gold wreathe and ancient remains from 2400 yo Cypriot grave
  74. Unfit to lead
  75. Correlation between Paleo-Siberia and Monumentale pyramids.
  76. Medieval Skeletons From Denmark and Germany Show High Lead Levels
  77. Grave and Skeleton of Mycenaen "Griffin" Warrior Found
  78. Name of Hatshepsut, the female Pharoah, was removed from the Temple of Hathor
  79. New Documentary on Celts
  80. not in history class : famine in Russia
  81. 2000 year old room discovered under central Roman street
  82. New Survey for Sicily's Valley of the Temples
  83. King Hezekiah's Seal Found Near Temple Mount
  84. Intact Etruscan Tomb Found Near Perugia
  85. 200.000 asylum seekers killed in the Netherlands
  86. The Huns - around 450AD
  87. Modern humans wandered out of Africa via Arabia
  88. 15 Medieval hygiene practices
  89. R1b1 in Corsica and the Balearics
  90. Did the Black Death Hide Out in Europe for a few hundred years?
  91. Remains of 'extraordinary' Roman arcade found in Colchester
  92. ancient history by Hutchinson
  93. 150 km long pre-Roman wall discovered in Jordan
  94. Petrogliph found in Burgos. Near Atapuerca Mountains
  95. Was traumatic brain injury the cause of Henry VIIIs transformation?
  96. Elite Etruscan burial of young girl discovered near Vulci
  97. Roman era factory for non-stick pans found near Naples
  98. Interactive Google Map of Roman inscriptions
  99. Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406) on the Arabs in his "The Muqaddimah"
  100. Second Possible Viking Site Disovered in Newfoundland
  101. Curse tablets found in 2400 year old Greek grave
  102. Cuckoldry is rare in human civilizations?
  103. Exponential population growth in South America only with wide-spread sedentism
  104. Hannibal's route through the Alps found by microbiologists?
  105. Literacy may have been widespread in Israel by the 7th century BC
  106. Large, perhaps intact, Roman villa found in Wiltshire, England
  107. Birthplace of Zarathustra.
  108. Overview of Varna, its stratification, and its demise.
  109. Italian Liberation Day
  110. Roman era "Venus" figurine found in Suffolk, England
  111. Ancient Slavs/Proto Slavs and bees keeping
  112. Four questions for those who still believe in prehistoric Slavs and other fairy tales
  113. Slavomania? New linguistics?
  114. Aboriginals - how did they get there, and are they related to amazonians?
  115. 1600 year old wreck of Roman cargo ship found in Caesaria harbor
  117. Couple coincidences in the Gothic wars (535–554)
  118. Plague deaths estimated by pottery finds
  119. Exploring the "Cave of Skulls" in Israel
  120. Ancient Roman tablets found in London
  121. Earliest controlled use of fire in Europe found in Spain
  122. The Gospel of Jesus' Wife is a fake.
  123. First Celts
  124. New human remains found in Pompeii and a 4th century BC burial
  125. Viking grave 950 AD found in southwest Denmark
  126. [Alternate history] What if Sub-Saharans had no immunity to smallpox?
  127. Gateway to the Sanctuary of Pan?
  128. Mosaics from Roman era synagogue in Galilee
  129. Philistine cemetery may finally help us solve mystery of their origins
  130. Skeletal remains from newly discovered Roman bathhouse and tombs
  131. The Wealthy in Florence Today Are the Same Families as 600 Years Ago
  132. "Little America" documentary
  133. the spread of religions, animated video
  134. Vitamin D Deficiency in Quebec and France in the 18th and 19th centuries
  135. The Viking Slave Trade
  136. Could learning how to sew have helped early Modern Humans survive?
  137. The Ancient Olympics
  138. Pictures of the Viking Hoard at Galloway in Scotland
  139. European Slavery
  140. The big bubble: Indoeuropean Yamnayans
  141. Curse Tablets found in Serbia at 4th century Roman Viminacium
  142. Did women (females) invent music?
  143. The Ionian revolt, Darius 1, Miletos, and Phanagoreian Stele.
  144. Is this the model for Shakespeare's Othello?
  145. Multiple chariot racing in newly discovered mosaic in C yprus
  146. The "grandmother" hypothesis and "pair bonding"
  147. educational Muslim verses
  148. Admixture in Human History
  149. Identifying victims of the great Irish famine
  150. Chinese influence in Africa
  151. Etruscan inscription on a stele deciphered
  152. The Roman invasion of Scotland-New Perspective
  153. Chinese merchants describe ancient Rome in the third century
  154. Termination of Greco-Roman civilization and role of Islam, revisited by E. Scott
  155. If humans got extinct, what evidence of our civilization would surive?
  156. Byzantine Empire
  157. Palatial structure in Gezer dates to era of King Solomon
  158. Viking sword found in Iceland
  159. Statue of Cybele discovered in Turkey
  160. First "Hittite" remains found in Turkey
  161. Two marble statues of Aphrodite found in Jordan
  162. Gold "Aureus" coin of Nero found in Jerusalem
  163. Do we owe plump chickens to a Pope
  164. Antikythera shipwreck, and DNA search
  165. Oldest indigo-dyed fabric found
  166. Human remains found at the wreck of the Antikythera
  167. Inappropriate use of Socio-Economic Terms
  168. Virtual Unwrapping of Burned Scrolls
  169. The Lost Gardens of Petra
  170. (offtopic locked thread)
  171. Strange resemblances in ancient Romans bath customs and Finnish bath customs
  172. 8th century B.C. gate uncovered in Israel
  173. USSR - The Affirmative Action Empire
  174. Effect of male status on reproductive success
  175. Thousands of Roman shoes found at Vindolanda in Britain
  176. Britain and Ireland question
  177. Roman attack on Jerusalem
  178. Ancient alcoholic beverage brewed in Milwaukee
  179. How to make bread as they did in Pompeii 2000 years ago.
  180. Vikings raided for wealth and wives
  181. Parthians: West or East Iranians??
  182. Remains of shackled man found in Etruscan tomb
  183. Dentures made from human teeth found in medieval Tuscany
  184. Domesticated turkeys in Mexico 1500 years ago
  185. 'Lost city of the tomb builders' uncovered in Egypt: 7,000 year old
  186. Study of fecal matter to determine diet throughout history
  187. World's oldest harbor discovered in Egypt
  188. 2000 year old pet cemetery in Egypt
  189. Ancient inscription identifies Roman prefect on the eve of the Bar Kochba revolt
  190. Correlation between genomic distance and folktales
  191. Germanic ethnogenesis: latest insights
  192. Nazis were fueled by drugs
  193. 2500 year old lost Greek city rediscovered
  194. Possible medical office found from 1st century AD Cyprus
  195. Mollusk responsible for purple dyes in the ancient world vanished
  196. Minoan Civilization survived into the Iron Age
  197. 19th century potato blight
  198. Queen Elizabeth I
  199. Old social structure South-Slavs (other Slavs) to Lithunians (Sebri,Siabry) other IE
  200. What is Western Culture?
  201. Copper Mining in 10th Century B.C.
  202. Russian "Old Believers" of the Taiga
  203. Was Columbus of royal Polish descent?
  204. Tomb of Viking chief Ulv Galiciefarer may have been found
  205. Royal Seat of the Britons of Rheged?
  206. Roman "pocket watch" shaped like a ham works
  207. 2600 year old tomb of Noblewoman from Celtic southern Germany
  208. Skeleton from Roman Britain had the tongue cut out and replaced by a flat stone
  209. Obama and Washington are "Polish-Americans"
  210. 2,000 year old glass workshop in Poland
  211. Roman shipwreck found near Balearic Islands
  212. Eating habits of Roman era Anatolia
  213. More on Scotland's Viking Boat Burial
  214. The Indo-European caste system
  215. Diseases that decimated Native Americans included Salmonella Enterica
  216. Corinthian helmets, ingots found off Sicily
  217. Is Japan part of the West?
  218. 1000 year old matrilineal dynasty
  219. Everyone was dead when Europeans first went to British Columbia
  220. Mithraeum found in Roman era Corsica
  221. Y DNA I (I1,I2) and sheep herding - speculation
  222. Iron Age British gold torques
  223. Colossus of Ramses II found in Egypt?
  224. Roman sarcophagus used as a flower pot found at Blenheim Palace grounds
  225. Launch of replica of ship from 500 BC
  226. Reindeer antler armor
  227. Intact 3800 yo Egyptian tomb
  228. Assyrian tomb discovered
  229. Ancient DNA from late Bronze Age Crete to be tested
  230. Roman city in Austria has been digitally reconstructed
  231. Does the City of Jericho really date back to 9000 B.C?
  232. Plaque of beer production in ancient Uruk
  233. Mycenaean tomb in Salamina
  234. Restoration of Augustus' mausoleum
  235. First funeral garden found in Egypt
  236. Tomb of Hatshepsut found?
  237. Sea Peoples Origin Hypotheses Poll
  238. Sea Peoples Origin Hypotheses Poll
  239. Viking camp found in Lincolnshire
  240. Domestic animals, where did they originate?
  241. Catacomb frescoes revealed through laser technology
  242. Hoard of Roman gold coins found in the Netherlands
  243. Old West Photos 1839-1890.
  244. New documentation of the Esna Temple in Luxor, Egypt
  245. Cemetery of adolescents found at Akhenaten's city of Amarna
  246. To what extent did south-west England contribute to the settlement of America?
  247. Putting an end to Greek/Albanian feuds
  248. Medieval trade in domestic cat fur?
  249. Shang dynasty human sacrifice
  250. Tomb of 3400 yo gold workers found in the Sudan