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  1. Medieval English mutilated the dead to prevent Zombies?
  2. Everyone had their own Jew
  3. Why didn't ancient Roman concrete erode in sea water?
  4. Proto-Greeks
  5. Empress Helena's rooms excavated in Rome
  6. Medical recipess of Hippocrates found in Sinai monastery
  7. More Letters From Hadrian's Wall
  8. Life of the rich and famous at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall
  9. Top 10 richest people of all times.
  10. Ritual bath found at Herod's palace in
  11. Did the Knight Templars invent banking system?
  12. Revisiting the Philistines
  13. North African admixture in Western Andalusia and chrstian conquest
  14. Plague victims unearthed in Poland
  15. Coat of Arms of Albanian Noblility
  16. How did citrus fruits reach Europe?
  17. Monumental tomb found in Pompeii
  18. Malaria was already endemic in Sardinia by the Roman era
  19. Sarmatians practiced artificial deformation of the skull
  20. Graffiti from Pompeii and Herculaneum
  21. Vikings freeze dried cod
  22. Iapygians
  23. Origin of Grikos (Southern Italy)
  24. The Forgotten History Of White Slaves In America!
  25. Young woman's portrait from Herculaneum is brought to light
  26. Babylonian Trigonometry table is 3700 years old
  27. Remains of victims of Vesuvius include pregnant women and fetuses
  28. Violence in medieval London
  29. Ancient Sardinia might have been attacked by a comet
  30. Lost Roman Miracle Herb
  31. Oldest manuscript with number zero over 500 years older than previously thought
  32. Aegean temples built over fault lines
  33. Very interesting lecture on the Epic of Gilgamesh
  34. 7 Recent Archaeological Discoveries that can rewrite History - a video
  35. TAP Uncovers Ancient Settlement near Korçë, Albania
  36. Misattributed Paternity or Cuckoldry rates
  37. Roots of Mediterrenean Civillizations
  38. One thousand year old Viking "sword" from Cork
  39. Winged Hussars, "Spartans" of cavalry
  40. Head of Akhenaten discovered in Egypt
  41. 3,200-Year-Old Stone Inscription Tells of Trojan Prince, Sea People
  42. Pandemics and Human History
  43. Viking Funeral Clothes Reveal Surprising Arabic Lettering
  44. Sweden's ringforts
  45. Did climate contribute to the fall of the Ptolemys?
  46. On the Adriatic "wolf culture"
  47. Mass burial of children 2000 y ago discovered in China
  48. The Fate of Rome: Climate, disease and the end of an Empire
  49. Medieval Leprosy Epidemic in England
  50. How has average height changed over the centuries by region?
  51. Reconstruction of "witches" face from the 18th century
  52. Hidden space found in Pyramid of Giza
  53. Agate seal found in Griffin Warrior's tomb
  54. Greek style gymnasium found in Egypt
  55. 2,000-year-old sundial discovered during Roman theatre excavation
  56. Phoenician tin trade in Cornwall?
  57. "Call Me Ismael"
  58. The impact of climate change on culture
  59. Why Did Christianity Succeed In Europe?
  60. When, how, and through whom did Celtic culture arrive in Britain?
  61. Coins from Cluny Abbey
  62. Chopin's cause of death
  63. The Plague in Bronze Age Europe
  64. Keltoi Map (Map of Celtic Nations)
  65. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre's Age Revealed
  66. First-of-its-kind mummy study reveals clues to girl's story
  67. Alan settlement in France?
  68. Precise Rendition of What Ancient Greek Music Sounded Like
  69. Timeline of Pre-Islamic Arabs and Arabia
  70. Facial reconstruction of Scottish soldier from Battle of Dunbar
  71. Roman Engineering Revealed in Corinth’s Ancient Harbor
  72. Egypt Reopens Ancient Library Holding Thousands of Centuries-Old Manuscripts
  73. Intestinal parasites in ancient Greek remains-Hippocrates was right
  74. The Most Valuable Companies of All-Time
  75. David Anthony-Why archaeologists care about the Indo-Europeans
  76. Who built the Indus Valley Civilization?
  77. Cultural map of the world-Ingelhart Welzel
  78. Roman army camp in Israel
  79. The Dawn of the Etruscans
  80. Descendants of Alexander The Great?
  81. How the Vikings adapted to climate change
  82. First Etruscan settlement found in Sardinia
  83. Life in the Middle Ages
  84. Egyptian Fifth Dynasty complex found
  85. Tartessian Site-Ritual slaughter of 16 horses
  86. History of Europe in ten minutes. Could it be relieble?
  87. New Technology Reads Ancient Documents without Opening Them
  88. Teotihuacan May Have Been Renamed by the Spanish
  89. Lepanto's battle sumary
  90. Hannibal Barca
  91. Euopean history mapped
  92. Non-German Nazis ???
  93. How Did Salt And Pepper Become The Soulmates Of Western Cuisine?
  94. The Ancient Greek Roots of Feta Cheese
  95. Medieval architecture
  96. Fifth century Christian Church in Turkey
  97. Portal to Hades
  98. 87 Years ago Milan Šufflay was assassinated
  99. Olalde (2018), Unetice and the founder effect in NW Europe
  100. 20 Very Obscure Victorian Era Jobs
  101. Bronze Hand of Thracian-Phrygian god found in Bulgaria
  102. Which national flag is the oldest in Europe
  103. Drilling holes in the skull was never a migraine cure – but it was long thought to be
  104. Large Roman Cemetery found in the Netherlands
  105. How old is French nation
  106. How much history did Christianity destroy?
  107. Sumerian port discovered in Iraq
  108. Medieval graffiti: the lost voices of England’s churches in the Middle Ages
  109. Brothels in ancient Pompeii
  110. Roman Cameo Glass may have been produced differently than Experts have thought
  111. Pigeon excrement as fertilizer in Byzantine Israel
  112. Many anniversaries in Poland's history (2018)
  113. Polish-Ukrainian conflict in East Galicia after WW1
  114. Oden from Tyrkland
  115. Destroyed Roman building in Bulgaria dated to Gothic invasions
  116. New Book on the Antikythera Mechanism
  117. References to "Illyrians, Dardanians, Taulanti" in Harvard Classics Catalogue
  118. The Ancient Greek Boy and his Yo-Yo
  119. Indo-European migrations scenario for Civilization 4 (Bts)
  120. Roman era refrigeration?
  121. History of the Handshake
  122. Drone captures awesome beauty of ancient Greek site of Mycenae
  123. Colorful distance stone statuary on the Antonine Wall in Britain
  124. Bathroom hygiene in the Roman era
  125. Archaeology as a political weapon
  126. 13 Facts about Rome's Pantheon
  127. Were Celts once 30-40% of Europe's population?
  128. The decline of marriage in the Roman Empire
  129. Roman Britain
  130. Seshat: Global History Databank
  131. The Chalcolithic, Swastika, and pre-proto-Indo-Europeans in Mesopotamia
  132. History of Mother's Day
  133. The House That Hitler Built: 1937 book that predicted WW2
  134. Sumerian Song
  135. Why scandinavia have q hablogroup?
  136. Remnants of the delphoi oracle found in slovakia
  137. Location of Gelonians, Budini and others.
  138. Intact Roman sarcophagus in Serbia
  139. 4,000 yo chariots found in northern India
  140. Gothic invasion remains in Bulgaria
  141. Remains of possibly executed man from Anglo-Saxon England
  142. Remains of possibly crucified man found in Italy
  143. Extra History Videos
  144. BREAKING! Either 1400+ year old Albanian community in France, or Illyrians confirmed
  145. 7th century inscription from Tintagel in Cornwall
  146. Ancient Caesaria as a tourist attraction
  147. Diet of 17th century Danes
  148. Decapitated Pompeii victim discovered
  149. Did Ancient Greeks ‘Go to the Beach’?
  150. Viking runes reading with Turkic language?
  151. Why sumerian and turkic language have so much similar words?
  152. Egypt - Historical Place
  153. Animations showing how cities grew over time
  154. Gladiator diet
  155. Feasting rituals and the cooperation they require are crucial for human civilization
  156. Jews remained in Palestine in the 5th century of the common era
  157. Romans hunted whales?
  158. Possible Norman cemetery found in Sicily
  159. What Questions did Ancient Greeks Ask the Oracles?
  160. Timothy Snyder: Israel is Poland's child
  161. Private Roman bath discovered in Chichester, England
  162. Proofs that ancient Celts were eating dog meat occasionally
  163. Remains of Roman 3rd century AD young woman found
  164. Oldest library in Germany
  165. 1700 year old beautiful mosaics discovered in Lod in Israel
  166. Kosovo: Albanian and Vlach pre-Serb presence
  167. Poland had the largest Scottish Diaspora
  168. Drought and the Maya collapse
  169. Stylish ancient Roman shoe found in Germany
  170. Gold-covered equestrian bronze statue found in Roman town in Germany
  171. Tribes in 1st-2nd century AD Poland, including East Germanic tribes
  172. Nature of Ancient Mediterranean Dynasties/races.
  173. Exports of Spanish wine during the Roman Era
  174. Mongol invasions of Rus, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria
  175. Rickets during the Roman Era
  176. Assassin's' Creed Reconstructs Ancient Athens
  177. Massive Roman villa discovered in England-and I mean MASSIVE!
  178. The Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon helmet
  179. A short introduction.
  180. Ancient Greece declassified-podcasts
  181. September 1939 in radio
  182. Did civilization emerge from gene-culture co-evolution beginning with Agriculture?
  183. Letters from Medieval Students
  184. 3rd century AD statue of Emperor Aurelian in Bulgaria?
  185. Was the Seven Years' War the actual First World War?
  186. Which part of Russia was Catholic in 1762
  187. Old Macedonian Capital in Albania?
  188. Fragmentation of Poland 1138-1320 and the Piast dynasty
  189. Medieval treasure trove in Bulgaria
  190. German communities in Eastern Europe
  191. Evolution of Knights Armour
  192. Milo of Croton & Lessons on Building Strength
  193. Viking city in Denmark
  194. Gladiator relief from Bulgaria
  195. Polish communities in Eastern Europe
  196. Treasure from 6th Century Danish site
  197. Mummy found in Aswan-well preserved
  198. Ethnic groups of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  199. Forgotten city found in South Africa
  200. Lead poisoning in ancient Rome?
  201. The Collapse of Civilizations
  202. The Hyksos and Egypt
  203. Iron Age Chariot Found in Northern England
  204. Dream museum to be opened in ancient city of Troy
  205. Where was Germania?
  206. 1700 year old child's sock
  207. Human remains from Herculaneum
  208. Viking Ship Burial near Oslo
  209. How did life change in Britain after the Romans left?
  210. History of Aryans in Europe
  211. World's oldest intact shipwreck
  212. Roman Red Dust
  213. Kingdom of Sicily territorial evolution
  214. Early depiction of Jesus
  215. Lost city of Tenea found in southern Greece
  216. Hyllus and Illyrius, the connection between Dorians and Illyrians?
  217. New fresco of "Leda and the Swan" found at Pompeii
  218. In The Footsteps of Rurik. A guide to the Viking History of Northwest Russia
  219. Himmerland (Denmark), the Cradle of Persian Civilization
  220. Have they found Sodom and Gomorrah?!
  221. Was there a warrior named Goliah?
  222. Who were Cimmerians?
  223. Synagogue mosaics in the Galilee-5th century A.D.
  224. Virtual Reality-Rome under Constantine the Great
  225. Lifestyles of the poor and anonymous in 19th century London
  226. Lessons for development from two natural experiments of history
  227. Personal names, cultures and ethnic affiliation
  228. Regarding toponyms in modern Belgium named after Belgae tribes
  229. Atlantean connection to RH Negative blood; Red hair, Celts and R1b?
  230. Reconsidering the Indo-European Homeland
  231. Horse remains and "saddle" unearthed in Pompei
  232. Yule, Iranian or Germanic midwinter festival?
  233. Reading list for the study of the Roman Empire
  234. The political murder of Croatian historian Milan Sufflay
  235. Ethnic origin of Lucius Junius Brutus
  236. Who are the Dardanians of Europe and Troy? ( VIDEO )
  237. Do Hallstat Celts have some role in the formation of West Germanic ethnicities?
  238. Slavs of Muslim Spain
  239. Horse figurines discovered in Israel
  240. Video: reconstruction of ancient Rome in 320 A.D.
  241. Yugoslavian (mostly Serbian) deal with Hitler to annex Thessaloniki
  242. Alexander the Great May Have Been Declared Dead Prematurely
  243. The Danish Vikings had to build a wall to protect themselves from the German Empire
  244. V Centenary of the first round of the World
  245. Possible source of earthquake that destroyed the Colosseum
  246. Artifacts from Naval Battle between Carthage and Rome
  247. Thraco-Illyrian and Sarmatian connection with Slavs
  248. Are Philip of Macedon's remains in Tomb 1, not Tomb 2?
  249. Decapitated remains from Roman Britain
  250. The Romans who escaped Vesuvius