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  1. Sex, love and marriage in ancient Mesopotamia
  2. Interesting facts about the ancient Romans
  3. Roman-Etruscan cemetery in Corsica
  4. Thread Deleted
  5. 1600 year old Samaritan estate in Israel
  6. African civilisation
  7. Were ancient Persians blonde?
  8. History of the Sorbs
  9. The massacre of Australia' aborigines
  10. New clues to the lost tomb of Alexander
  11. Books on the Balkans
  12. Income Distribution of Roman Empire vs more modern eras
  13. Silver as the driving force behind Phoenician expansion?
  14. Podcasts recommendations about the Cold War?
  15. Vitamin D deficiency in the Roman Emprie
  16. Were the Minoans a martial people?
  17. Rural life in Europe pre-Industrial Revolution
  18. Oldest Known Wagon-Driver on GEDmatch
  19. Boat described by Herodotus found near the Nile
  20. Dwarfism and a cleft palette may have been revered in ancient times
  21. Moralizing gods are the product of complex societies.
  22. A Balkan map (1876) according to German sources
  23. Emergence of Tuberculosis in the Neolithic
  24. Cleopatra's Warships
  25. Fast food establishments in Pompeii
  26. Deformed skulls or Cranial Modification in European History
  27. Surprising collapse of Elusa- East Roman wine center in Gaza
  28. Casimir Pulaski documentary: "The General Was Female?"
  29. Egypt invaded by Hyksos women???
  30. An unknown Croat ruler from the 8th century opens a new chapter
  31. World's oldest break up letter
  32. Beautifully preserved 4000 year old Egyptian tomb
  33. First rabbits in Britain
  34. Los Arma, Andalusí in Timbuktu
  35. Greek skeleton from 2000 yrs ago analyzed
  36. Anglo saxon
  37. The Contra Armada
  38. Hittite, Luwic and Palaic people. What was their Y-dna?
  39. Luther and the Protestant Revolution documentary
  40. Byzantine structures in Hagia Sofia
  41. Suliotet
  42. 5 millennia of horse management and genetics
  43. Walls do work
  44. Burial Chamber of Great Saxon King in England?
  45. Who were the best and worst Roman emperors?
  46. BBC Ancient Greece-Greatest Show on Earth
  47. Ptolemy's War Elephants
  48. Remains of Conquistadors in Mexico
  49. Napoleon's Invasion of Russia documentary
  50. Wrong Migration map of haplogroup R1a in Eupedia!
  51. Altar to Nemesis found in Mytilene
  52. Video on the advent of "Horse Warriors"
  53. Why Sumerians referred to themselves as sang-ngiga "the black-headed people"?
  54. Italian surnames inherited from ancient Romans
  55. The enigma of the Celtic tomb
  56. Map of Celtic, Germanic and Iberian tribes before Roman expansion
  57. old snake
  58. The grandmother effect and family size in cultures
  59. Jews in Russian/Austrian/Prussian Poland during the 1800s
  60. Exact MAP - frequency of Jewish population in European regions in 1881
  61. Revisiting Consanguineous marriage in the Near East
  62. Roman camp found in Scotland
  63. Ibn Battuta, the Muslim Marco Polo
  64. The Royal Tombs of Ur
  65. Alcoholic drinks brewed with ancient yeast.
  66. Voyages of Odysseus
  67. Swedish Egalitarianism is a relatively new phenomenon?
  68. Our wine is practically the same as that of the Romans
  69. Surprising tech found in Pompeii
  70. Battle of Chernobyl 1920
  71. The Goths thread
  72. Oscans of Pompeii
  73. Land of Drahim in West Pomerania
  74. Song from ca. 1520s (in French) about Polish-Teutonic Wars
  75. Elite Celtic burial found in Switzerland
  76. Why names of ancient lands in Iran sound European?
  77. Real life "Asterix" like warrior found?
  78. Bread from ancient Egyptian yeast
  79. Largest known Iberian Iron Age building found in Eastern Spain
  80. Where was Parrhasia (3rd millennium BC), Iran, India, Sogdia, or Greece?
  81. Viking Drinking Hall Found on Scottish Island
  82. The Mycenaean "Griffin" warrior redux
  83. Amthropologic history of Europe.
  84. Bosnian Medieval Tombstones
  85. Cache of good luck charms from Pompeii
  86. Oldest continuously inhabited cities
  87. Denmark-Human mobility in the 3rd and 2nd millenia BC
  88. "Spain's Stonehenge" now visible again after a drought
  89. World's oldest bikini?
  90. Northern Italy in the Roman Era.
  91. Merovingian sarcophagus found
  92. Trade in Northwestern Europe during the Bronze Age
  93. Ancient Greek music
  94. Proof of the Moabite rebellion against Israel
  95. Ancient Greeks used machines for lifting stones earlier than believed
  96. Ancient Mesopotamia Speaks
  97. Victims of Mongols in Medieval Mass Grave identified
  98. Cause(s) of the Minoan Collapse?
  99. Mediterranean impacts on western Iberia
  100. Eleanor of Aquitaine?
  101. Who voted for Hitler and Why?
  102. I believe Alexander the Great was Greek but not Achilles...
  103. Roman settlement in England extended further than once thought
  104. Achilles and Alexander the Great are said to have committed masses of massacres and g
  105. The Italian Wars
  106. Lives of the rich and famous in Pompeii
  107. No Mass Suicide at Masada?
  108. Augustus' Order
  109. Tomb of Elite Minoan woman
  110. Bad time to be alive-490-574AD
  111. Bloody gladiator fresco from Pompeii
  112. Pontius Pilate-Not completely bad?
  113. Herculaneum House of the Bicentenary Reopened
  114. "Tombs of the family of Alexander the Great finally giving up their secrets"
  115. Witch Bottle
  116. Largest Anglo-Saxon Hoard ever found
  117. Indo-European, linguistic contnuity and new Y-haplos tree
  118. Digital Hadrian's Villa
  119. Illyrian remains in Balkans after downfall of antique civilizations
  120. South Albania or Epir.
  121. Tacitus's Annales translation: Elizabeth I identified as author
  122. How much infidelity was there in the 1800s.
  123. Resemblances between Moldavia(Romania land) folk customs and Baltic countries customs
  124. Surveyor's tool in mosaic from Pompeii?
  125. Early Christian Basilica in Ethiopia
  126. The Church and Global Psychological Variation
  127. Roman Road Building
  128. Myceneaan tombs found in Plylos
  129. Persistence of social status in Europe
  130. Roman and Anglo-Saxon burials from England
  131. Demon drawing found on Assyrian clay tablet
  132. First ever drawing of Venice
  133. Summary about the plague from ancient dna
  134. Admixtures in civilisations
  135. Who were the Illyrians?
  136. Did Bronze Age Aegean people have contact with the Indian Subcontinent?
  137. Recruitment and identity in the Roman Army
  138. Latin poem to a beloved pet.
  139. 2500 year old curse tablets from Athens
  140. The Red Army raped every German woman between 8 and 80
  141. Wall of bones under Ghent Cathedral
  142. Smiting gods in 12th century BC Canaanite temple
  143. Black Death mass grave found in England.
  144. 7th century BC Piceni Elite Tomb
  145. Behind the Bastards Podcast
  146. Early Italian-American history (1800s)
  147. Worst military defeats in Roman history
  148. Most prominent Roman families (gentes) in history
  149. Aegean and south Balkan map
  150. Did Minoans practice child sacrifice? Minotaur - Moloch connections
  151. The White N... of Europe
  152. Hidden Viking trade route emerges from the ice.
  153. Subterranean Roman aqueduct in Serbia
  154. More on the "Elongated head culture of Europe"
  155. Medieval long bow wound
  156. Gilgamesh Dream Tablet to return to Iraq?
  157. The first cities on earth
  158. Underground Roman city mapped by radar
  159. Yaws in medieval Lithuanian grave?
  160. Animation of the great city of Ur
  161. Scytho-Iranian arrowheads
  162. The fall of the western Roman Empire
  163. Whats the historical border in West Asia between Armenians, Assyrians and Iranians?
  164. Ancient Greeks Built Ramps at Temples of Healing
  165. Photo-real portraits of Roman emperors
  166. Grande y Felicisima Armada
  167. Scottish Iona's Monastic Past
  168. Tsar Bomba
  169. Photoreal portraits of ancient Egyptians from Fayyum.
  170. Why the ancient Romans free public baths also had a sauna system?
  171. Kristiansen on locating the split between Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Anatolian
  172. Teutons vs Julians
  173. Europe's Islamic Golden Age
  174. Insights into Spanish Flu Pandemic and Climate
  175. Life on the Steppe and North Caucasus
  176. "Battle of Tollenzee" revisited
  177. Urban vs Rural Living in Roman Dorset
  178. The Search for Alfred the Great
  179. Imperial Inscription from Septimius Severus
  180. New remains from Pompeii
  181. Islamic Cemetery NE Spain
  182. Serbian Headquarters of Roman Legion found
  183. Greek 2300 year old burials found
  184. Southern Bulgaria; a transept of its history from 1000 BC to the Byzantine Era
  185. An Altar to Pan in the Golan Heights
  186. Celtic Artifacts found in Slovakia
  187. Unsupervised Learning: Eric Cline and the End of the Bronze Age
  188. Anglo Saxon artifacts
  189. Counterfeit Bronze Age Currency
  190. Celebrating Saturnalia
  191. Aristocratic Late Roman Burial in London
  192. 3800 yo remains from Israel
  193. The Tocharians - Indo-Europeans of the East.
  194. Gregory of Tours on the 6th century Plague
  195. Bronze Age teeth show traces of exotic food
  196. Snack bar in Pompeii
  197. Romanization through Rome's Eyes
  198. 2500 yo Aphrodite Temple in Turkey
  199. What did ancient Rome look like?
  200. 60 tombs found underneath Cypriot street
  201. Faces of Scythian "King" and "Queen" reconstructed
  202. Oldest know song of all time
  203. Sultan's grave discovered in eastern Turkey