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  1. Which period of (Western) history are you interested in?
  2. Who invented what ?
  3. Which form of colonialism was the worst ?
  4. BBC Special : Vietnam War
  5. Best invention for the past 200 years?
  6. Ultama Quest: Invasion of Manchuria
  7. Were the Crusades the first World War?
  8. Development of Communist Theory
  9. What if...? Number 3
  10. Clash of Civilizations
  11. Communism
  12. Huns Ended Ancient Times
  13. Do the winners of wars get away with crimes?
  14. book suggestions on Korean war crimes/atrocities, please
  15. book suggestions on Russian/USSR war crimes/atrocities, please
  16. Westernization of Asian countries and cultures
  17. What is the Oldest Business in the World...
  18. Dispel the myths : Arabic numbers
  19. Greatest Indian contribution(s) to the world ?
  20. What is the greatest empire ever existed?
  21. Greatest Egyptian contributions to the world
  22. Why do historians praise Hammurabi as a wise lawgiver?
  23. Greatest Ancient Egyptian contribution(s) to the world
  24. What the West does not owe to Islam
  25. What the West does not owe to Islam OT about days of the week
  26. Greatest Greek contributions to the world
  27. Greatest Israeli/Jewish contributions to the world
  28. Who are the Greatest warriors in history
  29. Atlantean Names, Valley of Mexico: Interest?
  30. Greatest Military Conqueror In History
  31. Most infamous man of the 20th century
  32. Top 25 most influencial people in human history
  33. In your opinion, who are the greatest Britons?
  34. Who do you think are the greatest Asians in history?
  35. Who are the greatest Germans in history?
  36. Greatest civilization?
  37. Is there such thing as an Arab race ?
  38. Is there such thing as an Arab race ? OFFTOPIC about the definition of race
  39. Offtopic : Was Hitler a Christian ?
  40. Who is the worst traitor?
  41. Who was history's greatest military strategist ?
  42. 20th century errors of Europe
  43. Walloon professor of physics explains that the Pyramids of Egypt are made of concrete
  44. Mughal India vs Qing China
  45. Hunter-gatherers more violent than farmers
  46. Homesick Samurai King, found in Cuba?
  47. List of World's largest empires
  48. Egyptian civilisation and ancient Egyptians
  49. Who is the greatest Dane in history?
  50. Wasp
  51. Flute in Hohle Caves
  52. Why did the Normans invade England ?
  53. protostant denomination
  54. Franks and the name of france
  55. Normans vikings
  56. Şanlıurfa city in Turkey
  57. Germanic tribes - founders of modern nations
  58. England`s colonization strength
  59. Religion in Normandy
  60. origin of dravidians?
  61. please help Mr Maciamo
  62. Anyone tell me?
  63. The Jewish Khazars
  64. The Kingdom of Tartessos.
  65. Did Duke William visit England in 1051?
  66. The fall of ORTHODOX England
  67. Pharaoh Tutankhamun OFFTOPIC about Tartessos and Hollywood
  68. Happy Birthday Earth!
  69. Hittites
  70. Veneti
  71. Proof ataturk was a Yörük Turkmen True Origin
  72. Is Latin America Western?
  73. Mummy Head (and brain) Identified as french king
  74. Were the Iberians considered Celtic by the Romans ?
  75. Who are the most aggressive Nation?
  76. European civilization in the midst of Asia
  77. What countries were dominated for a long time?
  78. Was Atlantis an allegory mankind’s deterioration?
  79. Tartessos found?
  80. was Spanish culture more influenced by Arab or Celtic civilization ?
  81. The American Civil War as a continuation of a lasting British division
  82. Futuristic technologies : Do they already exist ?
  83. Magna Graecia/Megale Hellas
  84. When asking 'which is the greatest empire', what do you define as 'greatest'?
  85. Who were the Thracians?
  86. Best and Worst of the Ancient Roman and Greek Writers/Geographers
  87. Richard The Lion Heart spoke only french.
  88. Animals on Flags
  89. Italy - Demographics throughout history
  90. Was it possible for Napoleon to conquer Moscow and win the war?
  91. Inglorious lives of our ancestors.
  92. etruscans
  93. Were the Goths related to the Scythians or Cimmerians ?
  94. Does China feel itself uncomprehended by the West?
  95. The most expensive coins
  96. Migrations humaines europ�ennes du n�olithique
  97. Greatest people in history VS greatest contributions to the world
  98. Who were the greatest Italians in history ?
  99. Who were the greatest Poles in history ?
  100. Who were the greatest Spaniards in history ?
  101. Who were the greatest Dutch in history ?
  102. Who were the greatest Austrian in history ?
  103. Who were the greatest Irish in history ?
  104. Who were the greatest European scientists?
  105. Faces - Photoshop Reconstruction
  106. The Picts
  107. "Northern" elites in Greece and Rome.
  108. (OFFTOPIC from Sea Peoples)
  109. Who were the ancestors of the Flemings and Wallons?
  110. UC Research Reveals One of the Earliest Farming Sites in Europe
  111. Proto Indo European, Semits and Central Asian
  112. Why the vikings raided only in UK mainly and in France?
  113. (offtopic from Venedi)
  114. Gauls in Italy (Mostly northern italy)
  115. Χαλυβες (chalybes) an unknown historical tribe. Iron age begining
  116. (offtopic from Indian contributions)
  117. Revolution.
  118. Alexander's dna can be found
  119. Researchers have found exact spot where Julius Caesar was stabbed
  120. Descendants of Alexander the Great’s army fought in ancient China
  121. Questions about Bronze Age Europe, circa 1500 BC
  122. Venedian / Vandili culture
  123. Timeline of North-Europe temperature shifts since 138 BC.
  124. Italy and Switzerland/Alsace migrations
  125. Great British Uppertendom v Deutsch/Dutch Untermenschheit...
  126. Two-Headed Eagle
  127. Earliest quote about Albanians.
  128. first i1 culture
  129. Goths in Europe
  130. Ancient Italic People
  131. Symbolism of Swans
  132. Vandals, who were they?
  133. Why Chineese, Indian and Russian Empire did nor collapse?
  134. Several Easter Island tablet chants deciphered
  135. I-E celts italics germanics in old times
  136. Old Europe (Vinca) language and culture in early layers of Serbian and Irish language
  137. Senseless Medievil Battle Tactics
  138. Who where the Sabines?
  139. Would Europe have been better off if Roman Empire had lived longer?
  140. More evidence that the PIE R1b people originated in the Maykop culture
  141. if you want to continue following the serbian - irish - vinca discussion go here
  142. forum or battle field in a school yard or nonsense play?
  143. Flemings in the Azores
  144. Are Vikings overrated?
  145. Favorite Historical Movies
  146. Longest lived empires/states in history
  147. Merovingians were not Germans but Sarmatians
  148. The Myth of Nations - Patrick J. Geary
  149. LYCHNIDOS – Golden Masks and Mercenaries
  150. How did the ancient Romans turn into Italians ?
  151. Fall of the Western Roman Empire
  152. Genghis Khan was part Turk , ancient Turks were white with red hair and green eyes .
  153. Etruscans, where from, Anatolia, Africa or Italy?
  154. The Jews of Kurdistan
  155. Link between Armenians and Etruscans.
  156. The Oenotrians
  157. When and how was modern Europe born
  158. Genocide history of Indo European whites in Central Asia by Mongols / Asians
  159. The Scotch Irish aka Hillbillies one of the Greatest people in American history
  160. Cashel Man - Implications?
  161. New map of the diffusion of the Copper Age in Europe
  162. Ashkenazi Jews
  163. Rise and fall of civilizations due to climate change.
  164. Civilization is a function of population density.
  165. Ancient kingdom discovered beneath mound in Iraqi Kurdistan
  166. Persian silk in viking burials
  167. websites
  168. Middle Eastern Union Ecomomic Community - Dream or Real?
  169. When hunter met farmer
  170. who was the greatest Roman Emperor and head of state?
  171. short history of Germanic tribes, Arminius, and Battle against Rome.
  172. Slavs or their relatives on the Balkan before V cen.
  173. filiation of the IE peoples of NW Iberia during the Bronze age
  174. A New Atlantis Theory
  175. Origins of the Indo-Europeans: the Uruk expansion and Cucuteni-Trypillian culture
  176. History of the ancient Greeks
  177. Historical politics geography
  178. Empires and migrations
  179. Done 10-day Free Vipassana Meditation Course-Experience TRUE peace FIRST time in life
  180. Andronovo Culture Burials
  181. Did the Roman Empire really end with WWI ?
  182. 17th Century Dutch Migration to America
  183. A link between Cossacks and Scythians?
  184. Iron Age British Steel
  185. (Offtopic) Ethnic identity of ancient Alpine peoples
  186. Alcohol Dependency in Europe goes up with increased ANE admixture.
  187. Earliest Footprints Outside Of Africa Found In Norfolk.
  188. Tomb Discovery at Dartmoor
  189. When did humans first...
  190. Dating of drawings in Cave of Lions
  191. What Happened To The Indo-Greeks?
  192. The impact of Asian "barbarism" in the European continent: thoughts
  193. Why some people believe that Alexander the Great was not Greek when ...
  194. Epirus: why some people say it is not Greek, while others support the contrary?
  195. Romans: the most cruel and most barbaric nation ever existed
  196. Hannibal Barca: is he the second best general of all times after Alexander?
  197. Favorite Lectures About Ancient Times, History Lessons.
  198. Alexander: a turning part of history
  199. The most important monument on Earth, your call ...
  200. Reminder: Crete is the beginning of the European civilisation
  201. Discovery of Boudicca's Tomb
  202. Mythology and History
  203. when did east meet west first time ?
  204. Half Asian =Master of military and conquest? Caucasoid / Mongoloid ruler of the world
  205. Reminder: almost the whole Mediterranean was a Greek Sea
  206. Why Macedonians of the ancient times were Greeks ...
  207. Years of glory
  208. Who were the Hyksos/Sea People ?
  209. Eleusinian Mysteries
  210. The most influential personas of antiquity
  211. Cyrus' Anabasis and the March of the 10,000
  212. Historic mementos
  213. Was Excalibur an Ulfberht like sword?
  214. Lyric poetry
  215. Lead in ancient Rome’s city waters
  216. Reminder: The Spartan women were using miniskirts and/or mini dresses
  217. International trade
  218. Social psychologist claims that European individualism originated in wheat farming
  219. Reminder: the end of Imperium Romanum ...
  220. Linear A
  221. Valerio Massimo Manfredi
  222. Estimating the casualties of war in ancient battles
  223. 29 May, one of the worst days in the calendar ...
  224. Masters of Fire-Copper Age Art from Israel
  225. Reminder: The Pythagoreans and Aristarchos of Samos ...
  226. The Bronze Age Collapse
  227. Why did Romans shave?
  228. Are Suabi behind two Galicias?
  229. Recreated Homes of the Builders of Stonehenge
  230. Reminder: we now live in labour slavery for ...
  231. short thread: Vikings: the new pictures set
  232. In case you go hiking in Switzerland
  233. Archeo-astrology
  234. Four Thousand Year Old Chariots Found in Kurgan in South Caucasus in Georgia
  235. Scientifically Proven That Croats are descendants of Serbs
  236. What is the first mention of the term dun in a place name?
  237. New Archaiological discoverie in Makedonian tomps, could be Great Alexander's family?
  238. Calendar
  239. Ancient Phoenician Shipwreck.
  240. Ancient Well sheds light on Etruscan and Roman civilization
  241. European border changes in the last 1000 years
  242. Bran Vran
  243. New Archaiological discoverie in Makedonian tomps - off topic.
  244. Tomb Of Grandmother of Qin Shi Huang Found.
  245. Indo-European origins
  246. Neolithic Necropolis in France Contains Twenty Monumental Tombs
  247. Ojkanje - old wolf singing
  248. Another Irish Bog Body.
  249. Sumerian dna
  250. Sun circles from mountain Devica