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  1. Politic is parentless!
  2. How much should MP's be paid ?
  3. Which government would you prefer.
  4. Should Artists and Celebrities be able to express their Political Opinions?
  5. Left vs. Right: Political Discussion
  6. Do you accept easily criticism about your country's system or government ?
  7. A Dictator's Dilemma (to be or not to be)
  8. What is the best type of government?
  9. Required length of residency for naturalisation in developed countries
  10. International politics
  11. Politicians - Do you like 'em...or loathe 'em?
  12. What's your political compass result?
  13. Could a country give unrequested citizenship to someone in order to control them ?
  14. what would you do when you were the leader of your country?
  15. Should foreigners be allowed to run for public office in a country?
  16. What are the criteria defining a country ?
  17. Nationality VS Citizenship
  18. Women heads of state/government around the world
  19. I.D. Cards
  20. Should Marriage Be Up To The Government To Decide?
  21. World's Smallest Political Quiz
  22. Gini coefficient : inequality between the rich and the poor
  23. The rewritten rules of marriage and divorce
  24. Best form of government?
  25. Socio-political views
  26. Why GDP per capita does not reflect a population's wealth
  27. What would you like your local government to improve ?
  28. Positive Discrimination vs Meritocracy
  29. How much do laws influence a country's culture ?
  30. Is democracy limited to the legislative ?
  31. Liberalism & Conservatism : different meaning in Europe and North America
  32. Why such double standards when it comes racism ?
  33. French Foreign Legion
  34. War with Iran: Will Europe join in with the USA?
  35. UN seeks world ban on indoor smoking
  36. EU Single Market - built to last?
  37. Call for Applications - Cultural Diplomacy in Europe: A Forum for Young Leaders
  38. The Treaty of Lisbon and the New Face of the EU: The "United States of Europe"?
  39. EU resource online
  40. Failed states index 2009.
  41. General Election
  42. Bilderberg Group
  43. What are generally common aspects of European conservatism?
  44. Government of Mexico cuts corruption 10%
  45. Is Europe Superpower?
  46. World Poverty Map 2010
  47. South versus North Korea.
  48. George W. Bush a great man?
  49. Statistics Unleashed
  50. Discussing European missile defense program
  51. Did Al Qaeda bring the West down?
  52. Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan: two's company, three's none
  53. Ghimpu
  54. Pick your president...
  55. A question of nationality?
  56. What do u Europeans think of America
  57. European Citizens' Initiative
  58. Samuel P. Huntington - The Clash of Civilizations
  59. Machiavellianism in International Relations - The Prince
  60. Corruption perceptions index for 2013
  61. Free and independent Kurdistan is coming soon.
  62. what can someone say after that?
  63. Most honest taxpayers in the world.
  64. ISIS enshrines a "theology" of rape
  65. Conservatives of all ilks were lying all along
  66. Propaganda? Scary Stuff.
  67. A perfect storm coming to Near East!
  68. Vote for a president of USA. 2016 election.
  69. should Turkey remain in NATO ?
  70. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj's Political Prophecy for year 2016
  71. USA 2016 Presidential election support by European ancestry
  72. 'Inside Job' the 2000 Global crisis
  73. Post your Political Compass test results
  74. Quebec mosque shooting
  75. Visa Waiver Program Improvement ...
  76. Slavery and non-consensual sex in Islam is not a subject of priority
  77. religious wars in Europe : the wet dream of Erdogan
  78. Turkish voting in the embassy in Brussels stab 3 Kurds
  79. Robert Mugabe goodwill ambassador apointed by UN
  80. European and Indigenous
  81. Trump says his "nuclear button" is "much bigger" than Kim Jong Un's
  82. the FISA memo
  83. Illegal Immigration: It's About Power
  84. UC Berkeley will pay $70G to conservative group to settle free speech lawsuit
  85. Recent International Geo-Political Developments
  86. 11th Anniversary of Kosovo's Independence
  87. Istanbul-Post Globalization
  88. The left's historical amnesia about communism
  89. Europe from Left to Right in latest parliamentary elections
  90. Steven Pinker on political beliefs
  91. Do the Hakkas run China?
  92. What is populism?
  93. Far Left-Wing Americans want to dismantle statues
  94. Democracy, Islamophobia, Islamofasim
  95. Map of E-Government Development Index
  96. Joe Biden's Presidency
  97. "WOKE" America
  98. When police forces grow, homicides drop and low-level arrests increase
  99. USA to Outlaw Abortion
  100. Re-invention and re-science
  101. Vote for a president of USA. 2024 election.