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  1. British food, no longer the butt of jokes
  2. European food culture from a North American point of view
  3. Rice in European food
  4. European fruits and vegetables
  5. European cakes
  6. What is the best food in Europe?
  7. Belgian chocolate & pralines
  8. History of European food
  9. Cuisine : mashed potatoes for every taste
  10. European style soup
  11. Pre-20th century food companies that have survived to this day
  12. What European food DON'T you like ?
  13. Seasonal food in Europe
  14. Ideas for quick and easy recipes
  15. Street food vendors of Europe
  16. What is your favourite kind of chocolate
  17. Belgian Snackbars
  18. Flemish and Walloon eat different things for Christmas
  19. World Pastry Cup & World Cuisine Contest
  20. The great standard!
  21. Sweet Rice Origins???
  22. Why don't the French drink fresh milk?
  23. Lithuanian food
  24. Welsh cookie recipe...
  25. Election - choose the best Beer
  26. Polish food
  27. Please list some best resturants in London
  28. To Bless My Love, Please Cook This Chinese Dish
  29. Hi!
  30. Andalusian cheeses
  31. Fruits and vegetables in Andalusia and the rest of Spain.
  32. New here
  33. The best restaurants in the world are overwhelmingly European...
  34. A culinary trip through Europe
  35. Trees, vegetables, cereal cultivation and prodution in europe (geographic production)
  36. ice cream bread
  37. Memorable Meal in the Lunigiana
  38. Maltese food
  39. Is wine making traditional in your country?Name a few traditional wine varieties
  40. what is the most popular dessert?
  41. Easter Holiday Meals
  42. Question for european visitors... what surprised you the most about american restaura
  43. Kompot and borsch
  44. Michelin stars
  45. Recipe for classic, basic "white" risotto
  46. Parkin
  47. Turkish cuisine - cheap vacations in Turkish riviera
  48. What is the most delicious European dish?
  49. Easter rice cake-Torta di riso
  50. New Jamie Oliver cooking series
  51. Two foreigners and their love affair with arancini
  52. Ragu alla bolognese
  53. Christmas cakes from around Italy
  54. Phil highlights great food in Spain and Portugal
  55. Is this a good recipe for moussaka?
  56. Arancini
  57. Pasta consumption around the world
  58. The Apple Strudel from Inglorious Basterds
  59. Sunday "gravy" from "Goodfellas"
  60. Panigacci-The Journey of Discovery (By other Italians!)
  61. Olive oil
  62. What are some ancient Antolian and ancient Persian foods?
  63. Origin of Ice Cream
  64. What's the origin of ravioli or dumpling type dishes in Europe?
  65. Origin of Pasta
  66. The "real" spaghetti and meat balls
  67. Post good NW European food
  68. Lasagna North vs Lasagna South
  69. Panettone French Toast
  70. Vegetable soup with pastina
  71. Baked German Potato Pancakes?
  72. Everyday Russian dishes
  73. Torta d'erbi-Savory Vegetable Pie
  74. Italian Shepherd's Pie (with mozzarella)
  75. Chicken recipes
  76. Lasagne Emiliane by a Michelin star chef
  77. Anthony Bourdain in Emilia Romagna
  78. Modena-Best Food in Italy?
  79. The Croissant versus the Cornetto
  80. Pasta e Ceci by Gabriella Pession
  81. Cotolette alla bolognese
  82. Tuscan White Bean Soup
  83. Bomba (spicy pepper & olive oil spread)
  84. Focaccia alla genovese
  85. Why Portuguese Food is Hiding Everywhere