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  1. Incidence of mental disorders in Children and Adolescents
  2. Sex Differences in Personality
  3. Consanguineous marriages leading to fractionalization and corruption
  4. Curvy or more boyish builds in women?
  5. Do universities liberalize students?
  6. Memory in women vs Men
  7. Downsides of the ability to read the emotions of others
  8. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
  9. MBTI personality of countries
  10. Spiral dynamics - the evolution of human cultures
  11. Which country has the most post-capitalist culture (green vMeme of Spiral Dynamics)?
  12. Link between post-capitalist culture and higher happiness
  13. Which countries have the strongest blue vMeme (Spiral Dynamics)?
  14. What's your worldview/level of consciousness (Spiral Dynamics)?
  15. Which countries have the strongest red vMeme (Spiral Dynamics)?
  16. Which countries have the strongest orange vMeme (Spiral Dynamics)?
  17. Proportion of all vMemes (Spiral Dynamics) by country
  18. Family Instability fuels violence in young men