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  1. Are men and woman equal
  2. The way you walk betrays your identity
  3. Why do you love somebody???
  4. Hey men out there, do you act like typical males ?
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Why do you travel??
  7. How individualistic are you ?
  8. Giving/receiving help & presents
  9. Coming to terms with internalized cultural conflict - opinions welcomed!
  10. Would you chop your hand off if...
  11. For the men among us
  12. Which sense could you do without?
  13. What do you want to do with your body after you die ?
  14. what do you look for in the opposite sex?
  15. Le malade imaginaire (the imaginary sick person)
  16. Is your offspring's future one of your life's purpose ?
  17. Are you influenced by ads and commercials ?
  18. Do you forgive people easily ?
  19. Is "lying" a crime ?
  20. Whose humour do you like?
  21. Have good manners dissappered?
  22. Are you gifted ?
  23. What (outstanding) aptitudes do you have ?
  24. Shame-driven or Guilt-driven ?
  25. How do you perceive privacy ?
  26. Can you separate reason and emotions in your mind ?
  27. Can you laugh at stupidity/ignorance ?
  28. Mulitpe Choice: Are you an Otaku ? If so, what kind of an Otaku are you?
  29. The complexities of bullying
  30. Organ donation
  31. Reverse Culture Shock
  32. How would you do when facing robbers?
  33. Family oriented or .......?
  34. National obsessions transpiring from cinema
  35. Money Vs Happiness
  36. Myers-Briggs 16 personalities test
  37. Liars have proportionally more white matter in their brain
  38. Age of sexual consent?
  39. What matters for you when you choose a home ?
  40. The psychology of racism
  41. What manners do you agree/disagree with ?
  42. Are humans all born equal ?
  43. Minimum age of criminal responsibility
  44. How do you release stress?
  45. What should be the punishment for rapists and pedophiles ?
  46. You and (inquisitive) strangers
  47. Homosexuality VS Autism
  48. What does style of dress say about a person?
  49. Smoking poll, do you smoke?
  50. Intuition. Do you follow yours?
  51. Tiredness: how does one get rid of it?
  52. Cultural table manners
  53. Your Thoughts on Public Nudity
  54. How do you feel about Euthanasia?
  55. How do you feel about graffiti in public places ?
  56. Is homosexuality a reflection of society ?
  57. The weather or people; which puts you in bad mood ?
  58. What divides more people : gender, intelligence, religion or social class ?
  59. What your city or country best fits your personality ?
  60. How important is it for you to live in a nice house/neighbourhood ?
  61. What are your BIGGEST pet peeves?
  62. Do you care about your partner's job ?
  63. Conservatism vs liberalism : what is tolerance ?
  64. Emotional intelligence : myth or reality ?
  65. After Feminism, Masculinism ?
  66. What characterises people with high IQ's ?
  67. why does OCD disappear?
  68. How our choice of words betrays our thinking pattern
  69. How does one's name influence personality ?
  70. Slow Music
  71. Dating preference across racial groups
  72. Average IQ of nations
  73. Virile men preferred sexier in disease-ridden societies
  74. Right, Wrong and Morality
  75. Are you a verbal or visual thinker ?
  76. Psychology of Smell
  77. Soul Music
  78. Shyness.
  79. More cosmopolitan psychological studies show that many human traits are not universal
  80. Individualism, Autism, scientific minds and North European cultures
  81. Is autism really getting more common and what are its causes ?
  82. Beliefs, Spirituality, and why we believe.
  83. World control factor in our spirituality
  84. Beliefs Explained
  85. Postpartum Psychosis.
  86. What kind of people run business?
  87. The novelty wears out
  88. Whose Dreams?
  89. You cannot drive and kiss a pretty girl at the same time - Mindfulness
  90. Conceptions/Misconceptions towards People with Disabilities
  91. Anxiety and Autism
  92. Ostracism.
  93. What do you think causes violence?
  94. Delayed Depression Recovery in Adults Abused In Childhood.
  95. Girls Brains More Resilient?
  96. Paris syndrome & Jerusalem syndrome - funny mental syndromes
  97. Autism less common among asian more common among african and europeans?
  98. What your coffee order says about you
  99. Talk to strangers anytime you can.
  100. Can someone have high IQ without having at least some Asperger traits ?
  101. 10 common signs that you could have Asperger
  102. Do some cultures have more Asperger traits ?
  103. Research on Jealousy: Impact of Sexual vs Emotional Jealousy By Gender
  104. PTSD in the Ancient World
  105. Superstition,Ritual or OCD.
  106. Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?
  107. Preference for Dating Within One's Own "Race" in Europe
  108. Interplay of altrusism and attractiveness in female mate choice
  109. Less than 20% of parents supervise the online activity of their children
  110. Envious Monkeys/Envious Humans
  111. The 10% threshold: or how new trends and new ideas spread
  112. Old monkeys and old humans get pickier, less social and crankier
  113. Why You Should Avoid Wise-Sounding But Meaningless Quotes
  114. Personality traits and lifetime reproductive success
  115. Correlation between relationships and sleep problems
  116. Is Empathy Heritable?
  117. Do high numbers of young men destabilize societies?
  118. Heritability of character and personality
  119. Bias blind spot
  120. Both liberals and conservatives are intolerant of opposing viewpoints
  121. Fertility doctor uses his own sperm more than 50 times
  122. The Phylogenetic roots of lethal violence
  123. Americans choose emotional and political events as defining history in their lifetime
  124. What's like a gender fluid society?
  125. Most women experience orgasm during rape?- study claims
  126. With the rise of women's right civillizations may begin to fall - Sociological study
  127. How does the pre-frontal cortex control instinctual behavior?
  128. Why psychology as a discipline is a mess
  129. Paternal hormones and masculinity
  130. Why do women have rape fantasies?
  131. 8 Reasons why you need to find your girlfriend now
  132. Married men earn more money, have better sex and better health?
  133. Prevalence of personality disorders of men vs women in a Polish population
  134. Causes of group violence in British males ?
  135. How this psychologist's Facebook research helped Donald Trump win
  136. Woman lived as a man for over a year - surprising results.
  137. First physiological test for schitzophrenia and depression
  138. Old men and their desire to send the youth to wars
  139. positive sexual imprinting for eye color in humans
  140. Pew research on Orthodox Christians
  141. Delete please
  142. Heritability of Cognitive Empathy
  143. Older men have geekier sons, study finds
  144. Are perceptions of intelligence based on facial features accurate?
  145. Do feminists hate househusbands THEY created?
  146. Nikola Tesla on Women why he never married
  147. Psychological reasons why someone dislike an opinion or comment
  148. Women mature 11 years earlier than us men
  149. Correlation of divorce and certain occupations
  150. Are Men From Mars and Women From Venus?
  151. Heritability of Schizophrenia
  152. Psychopaths have a distinct preference for rap music
  153. Neanderthal Quotient and Personality Disorders
  154. Male aggression shaped by sexual competition?
  155. Depression Test
  156. Arachnophobia
  157. Music and Chess Do Not Enhance Cognitive Ability
  158. Gender differences in sensation seeking in adolescence
  159. Obsession with Safety Creates Anxiety
  160. Holiday Conversations in a Polarized World
  161. What Makes Us Human? Dopamine and the Cerebellum Hold Clues
  162. Are your spending habits indicative of your mental and emotional clutter?
  163. How to Create Addictive Experiences?
  164. How to Deal With Colleagues Who Deny Reality
  165. How Culture Affects Depression
  166. The Science of Dreaming: 9 Key Points
  167. Exposure to Heat Can Improve Mental Well-Being
  168. Fewer Toys for Children are better for Cognitive Development and Creativity
  169. Cultural Group Selection
  170. Baby Photos Increase Desire for Marriage
  171. Top 10 Cool Psychological Research Findings
  172. Nine Varieties of Positive Emotion
  173. Is Meeting Online Good for Marriages?
  174. Importance of Story-telling / How Your Brain Finds Meaning in Life Experiences
  175. Ideals of Maturity rooted in Religious & Philosophical traditions v Emotion & Impulse
  176. Playing Hard-to-get: A Defensive Strategy for Insecurity
  177. ADHD-physiology and how it stems from hunter gatherers
  178. the Boef anomaly
  179. Who's Pulling Your Strings?
  180. Toddler Moved to Tears by Moonlight Sonata
  181. The Type of Praise You Give Matters
  182. Writing Out a To-Do Lists May Help with Falling Asleep
  183. Practicing Mindfulness
  184. Can staying awake beat depression?
  185. Up to 27% of men report unwanted sex on college campuses (study)
  186. How serial killers capitalize on chaos, according to an expert
  187. Humans will actually react pretty well to news of alien life
  188. People find comfort listening to the same songs over and over, study finds
  189. Students who take Personal Responsibility are likely to Succeed, over Entitled Ones
  190. Imagined speech influences perceived loudness of sound
  191. Economic model of sexual access
  192. Brain connections in schizophrenia
  193. Research suggests creative people do not excel in cognitive control
  194. We are not addicted to smartphones, we are addicted to social interaction
  195. Can The Smell of a Loved One Relieve Stress?