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  1. Genetic analysis of the Irish Travelers
  2. Genetic source of Unetice Culture.
  3. Fine scale population structure in North America: Han et al
  4. MDLP K16 Modern
  5. MDLP K11 Modern
  6. Were all Corded Ware groups the same people?
  7. Mexican DNA results
  8. Neanderthal genes affect testes and brain
  9. Do SE Asians have minor West Eurasian ancestry?
  10. How does this autosomal graph make sense
  11. Genetics of the Greek Peleponessus
  12. Prussian German GEDmatch results
  13. Conflict between Autosomal and M-DNA.
  14. Differential genomics and disease susceptibility along the Italian peninsula
  15. Autosomal differences FTDNA and GENO 2.0 (Genographic project)
  16. italian dna in the middle east?
  17. Excavating Neanderthals from the genomes of Melanesians.
  18. Middle Eastern and Judean autosomal results
  19. Ethnic Sorbs on GEDmatch?
  20. Eurogenes K15 Modèle Eurasian plotting
  21. Sex biased dispersals into the Indian subcontinent
  22. ancestry genetic communities
  23. MyHeritageDNA Beta
  24. Genetics of Negritos and related groups
  25. Europeans of aristocratic heritage tend to be genetically more similar?
  26. Sat-Okh, was he really part Native American?
  27. Lactase persistence-convergent evolution in Europe and Africa
  28. My Heritage?
  29. Mapping Germany's Genetic History
  30. Genetic Structure of France
  31. Pitcairn Islander GEDmatch results
  32. "MIDDLE_EASTERN", a Natufian zombie?
  33. The genetics of the Zoroastrians
  34. Canadian Inuits (n=43) in Eurogenes K36
  35. The O-O-A bottleneck and mutations
  36. WEGenes Calculators
  37. Ashkenazi ethnogenesis redux Xue et al
  38. MDLP k23b, Norwegians, finnish and saami
  39. MyOrigins 2.0
  40. South Slavs are Indeed Slavs
  41. Genetic history of Bantu speakers and relationship to African-Americans
  42. Ancestry DNA Genetic Communities
  43. Where did your ancestors live 15,000 and 4,500 years ago...Eurogenes K36
  44. Mediterranean migration layers in Sicily and southern Italy
  45. English wife FTDNA results
  46. Are Central Greeks and Peloponnese Greeks clustered with Cretans/Greek Islanders?
  47. puntDNAL K13 Global Admixture Proportions - Including Spreed Sheet (post 2-3)
  48. FTDNA My Origins Generic Results
  49. Sicily through GedMatch Harappa World
  50. 23andme and AncestryDNA, post your Southern European results
  51. My heritage Free upload
  52. Ludwig's Eurogenes K36 ancestry analysis
  53. Updated FamilyTree "My Origins" - Results Make No Sense?
  54. Turkic Calculator
  55. Comparing to ancient DNA
  56. The origins of the Finnic Peoples
  57. Ashkenazi Jews and the Balkans: Autosomal and Haplogroups
  58. Biological diversity of Early Medieval Slavs populations
  59. Gedmatch One-to-many question
  60. I'm new to this and need help re my DNA results
  61. Living DNA results of an Albanian
  62. Genetic differences in Belgium and the Netherlands
  63. Genetic variation in the Han Chinese
  64. natural selection vs genetic kinship
  65. DNAPlaza Neolithic Calculator Results
  66. GenePlaza Neolithic and Bronze Age Results (NEW)
  67. The Greeks really do have near-mythical origins, ancient DNA reveals
  68. Post your matches with Mycenaean samples
  69. Post your matches with Minoan Samples
  70. Bronze Age battlefield in the Tollense Valley in northeast Germany
  71. Srdceleva's Living dna Results
  72. Global 10 nMonte with Ancients: My results
  73. Modeling Greeks as mixes of ~250 ancient samples
  74. South Asian admixture in Japanese people
  75. Why Amerindians scoring Central Asians in their population sharing distance?
  76. Northeast African Genetic Variation
  77. Question about my wife's Ancestry and Gedmatch results
  78. (NEW) GenePlaza K12 Ancient Calculator Results
  79. The Genetic Diversity of the Americas
  80. Structure in populations in New Guinea
  81. Specific selection in Nilo-Saharan and Niger-Congo linguistic groups in Africa
  82. Blood types in ancient Europe
  83. Admixture in "White Africaners"
  84. Post Your Top Three K36 Components By Chromosone
  85. what does each k36 component mean?
  86. An excellent article explaining FST
  87. Post all your 3-Populations Approximations
  88. Iberian?
  89. Native North Americans on GEDmatch
  90. Population structure in Finland
  91. Asian in a European American?
  92. Judging automosal result
  93. Recent adaptive gene flow in Africa
  94. Polish DNA Project
  95. World wide distribution of lactase persistence alleles
  96. Genomes of African descent Maroons of South America
  97. Autosomal Analysis of People of Peru
  98. Ancient Affinity Maps
  99. The Genetic Legacy of the Indian Ocean Slave Trade
  100. Balkan Turks Autosomal DNA
  101. GeseDNA Results!
  102. Why my hairs turned RED out of black?
  103. (NEW) GenePlaza K25 and K29 Modern Calculator Results
  104. In which region of the world did your blood type originate?
  105. Ancenstry Informative markers
  106. Irish DNA Atlas: Revealing Fine-Scale Population Structure & History within Ireland
  107. Genetic borders in Europe
  108. Are rarer traits headed for extinction?
  109. Genetic variation as a function of geography
  110. One Family One World Regional DNA Projects
  111. Personalized DNA Clothing
  112. Relatively few of your genealogical ancestors are your genetic ancestors
  113. Ancestry dna Eurogenes K13 match
  114. Genomics of South Africa
  115. DNAland mege file system
  116. K12 (Ancient): Jarawa-component in a NW European a Paleolithic marker!?
  117. Genetic study shows some evolutionary changes humans are currently undergoing
  118. Autosomal Analysis of North Eurasia-Baikal to the Baltic
  119. puntDNAL K12 modern
  120. Asian Admiture in Icelanders
  121. what is the genetic makeup for the swiss ? specifically swiss germans .
  122. Does anyone know why i cant post my results on here?
  123. Can someone help me trace my Mediterranean ancestry to Italy ??
  124. Chauvet Cave France
  125. Ged one to many matches
  126. Post your Iberian Jewish results
  127. Gedmatch Calculators
  128. Latin American genetic structure (Native, Euro, Converso & SSA clusters)
  129. I need help for results
  130. Confused DNA results, Please help!
  131. Surnames and Genes in Sicily and Southern Italy
  132. Genetic Diversity of Svaneti in the Caucasus
  133. French individual kits wanted!
  134. I'm new and need expert opinion :)
  135. What ancient group are Belgians closest too?
  136. I Need Your Help For My Mixed Result
  137. Strong selection for African ancestry in Madagascar
  138. Turks are Anatolians under the hood?
  139. New autosomal analysis of Iberia
  140. Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past
  141. 2 Gedmatch results from Greece
  142. Human genetic variation
  143. Time and place of European admixture into Ashkenazi Jews
  144. what race am I? if it's a three way tie? and what are north Africans?
  145. Armenian/Azerbaijani - Can anyone help me with understanding my results please
  146. When was the Ashkenazi bottleneck?
  147. Genetic admixture of Balkans, Southern Europe
  148. Celtic admixture and science in Britain
  149. Albanian DNA.land Mediterranean Islander 100%????????
  150. Subsaharian ancestry in Spaniard, noise?
  151. French DNA
  152. Amerindians are significant Western shifted genetically
  153. Share your DNA Land Ancestry Composition
  154. Share your Gencove Ancestry Composition
  155. Share your WeGene Ancestry Composition
  156. Share your GenePlaza K29 admxitures
  157. Are these results ok for someone with Italian ancestry?
  158. Sephardic Jewish influence on Mediterranean populations
  159. Mephisto's Grand K12 Modern Calculator
  160. Demography and adaptation in the Himalayas
  161. Ralph and Coop on Italian genetics revisted
  162. The formation of the Middle Eastern Cline
  163. Amerindian ancestry in America's three major groups
  164. A multidimensional view of West Eurasia
  165. Genetically Southern French and most Iberians are almost identical
  166. Samples from Eurogenes calculators
  167. Population isolates in Latin America
  168. Testing for "Autosomal Genetics", which side did i get this from?
  169. Jewish Genetics-A review
  170. Help with placing on map?
  171. Greece was emptied a few timεs because of plagues, who was imported to replace them?
  172. Has there been any development on LivingDNA's German project?
  173. Blood groups distribution in Europe - seems related to races
  174. Eurogenes Hunter_Gatherer vs. Farmer Admixture Proportions
  175. New from Geneplaza K14 Ancient Cultures Admixture Calculator
  176. K36 Eurogenes
  177. Ashkenazi Demographic Boom after the Bottleneck
  178. Does anybody know anything about the Gagauz?
  179. Does anybody know anything about the Gagauz?
  180. Help with DNA Results
  181. LivingDNA Accepting Uploads
  182. Chinese, Malays and Indians in Singapore
  183. Autosomal admixture: North Turkey-related ancestry
  184. Neanderthal DNA and Basques
  185. Who is more Germanic: Person A or Person B
  186. Mixed Ethnicity Results
  187. Afrikaner genetics redux
  188. I've been wanting for years to know where my origins come from.
  189. Confused about my GEDmatch results differing from Myheritage?
  190. Sardinian Genetics
  191. Do you have any Pomak or Thracian Bulgarian Gedmatch Result?
  192. Recent demographic history of Uralic speaking populations
  193. Migration and genetic variation
  194. Xcode Life Origin 2.0 update
  195. Population genetic structure of China
  196. Xcode Life's Origin 2.0
  197. Help me understand my gedmatch results
  198. Rare African sequences illuminate history of early humans in Africa
  199. Genes and Social Stratification in Great Britain
  200. 23andme Ancestry Compiosition Update
  201. Geneplaza K29 and K35
  202. Help And Interpret My Results
  203. Effects of sexual selection on evolution through female choice.
  204. Is this noise or not ?
  205. My LM Genetics K36 Report
  206. Shared ancestors since the 1400s between populations
  207. Effective population size in open and isolated European populations
  208. Is central heterochromia (two colours inside the same eye) that rare?
  209. Population Structure and diversifying selection in the Netherlands
  210. Dr Doug McDonald BGA
  211. Albanian MyOrigins II results
  212. Anyone else having trouble with Gedmatch?
  213. Genetics of Indus Valley Populations
  214. Are all modern blue/green eyes from the same two mutations or have there been multipl
  215. "Widespread" Jewish converso ancestry in Latin America
  216. Ancient Eurasians Heterogeneity by Daniel Shriner
  217. african admixture in Europeans
  218. Ongoing recent evolution and Neanderthal legacy
  219. Cuban autosomal genetics and pigmentation
  220. K36 Chromosomal Analysis Report by LM Genetics
  221. Ethiopian Genetic Diversity
  222. White Brazilian (Me) - GEdmatch Results Eurogenes K13 and MDLP K16.
  223. cuban autosomal genetics and pigmentation
  224. Weird results? (GEDMATCH) I am Norwegian, but ...
  225. Family Finder (Publish your results)
  226. Genetically, what does the Balkans mean? (for MyHeritage)
  227. Southeast Europe: Neolithic to Modern days transition
  228. Population history and gene divergence in Native Mexicans
  229. Wondering What South Asia Is Acting For In WeGene Results
  230. Evolutionary history and adaptation of a human pygmy population of Flores Island, Ind
  231. Highly atypical gedmatch results.
  232. North Italians are genetically closer to French, Germans than to South Italians.
  233. How much East Med do you score?
  234. Caribbean Population History
  235. Genetics of Ibiza-a genetic isolate in the Western Mediterranean
  236. New paper about auDNA of current Iberia
  237. Question in regards to admixtures.
  238. Proto-Scythian results
  239. Academic Bangkok Thai GEDmatch
  240. Best Single Population Matching for Self and Closest GEDMatch Kits (Eurogenes K13)
  241. Post your MDLP K16 Gedmatch results
  242. Substructure within Ashkenazi Jews
  243. Why is North African or "Moorish" influence so weak in Iberia?
  244. At what shared DNA threshold are the DNA matches noise?
  245. Wondering if it is noise even after phasing ?
  246. Which regions/countries are these gedmatch results closer?
  247. The Munda-Austroasiatic speakers of South Asia
  248. Gedmatch result from Catanzaro, Italy
  249. Resurgence of Neolithic Britons
  250. Tuscan Gedmatch results from Poggio a Caiano