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  1. Albanian Gedmatch results
  2. K36/G25 with (more than) a touch of.....Funnelbeaker/ TRB!?
  3. Genetic isolates of Northeastern Italy redux
  4. Mytrueancestry.com
  5. What does a high percentage of DNA shared in the X chromosome (males) mean?
  6. I do not understand this result
  7. I do not understand this results
  8. Reduction of Yamnaya-like ancestry in North Europe since CWC
  9. Iberian/italian/Romania ? Not English
  10. Iraqi Arab on DNA test?
  11. Population history of the U.S.
  12. Polish DNA from studies on GEDmatch
  13. Substructure within Ashkenazi Jews
  14. Sardinian Gedmatch results from Cagliari
  15. GEDmatch® Genesis Kit Merge Tool - V0.0
  16. Signals of natural selection in indigeneous Americans
  17. Ethnicity Accuracy: Comparing your various raw data kits on Gedmatch
  18. Inflanty (Livonian) Poles on GEDmatch
  19. how to calculate your WHG, ANE and EEF precisely
  20. GEDmatch Cluster Program
  21. Any DNA studies on the Greko and Griko of Calabria and Puglia respectively?
  22. French or Spanish and English and Polish ? Help
  23. Archaic gene flow into SSA populations
  24. DnaGenics Horribilis
  25. Origins, admixture dynamics and homogenization of African gene pool in the Americas
  26. Population history and lactase persistence among Fulani Nomads
  27. Intriguing Near East autosomal results complemented by confusing mtDNA
  28. Native Americans
  29. The Genetic history of Crete
  30. Where to get dna data?
  31. Do we need a new subforum to talk about interesting DNA matches
  32. Impact of European colonization in the Americas
  33. Lithuanian autosomal dna paper
  34. Any La Gomera GEDmatch kits?
  35. Family Ancestry Living DNA-Test
  36. Help And Interpret For My Father's Results
  37. Grafschaft Glatz German GEDmatch results
  38. The Genetic History of France-updated version
  39. Identical triplets 23andMe
  40. Arbereshe ancestors?
  41. Admixtures
  42. I need help about Gedmatch for my Admixture.
  43. Hungarians have the most Ashkenazi admixture
  44. Post your PuntDNAL K10 results
  45. Middle Eastern Genetics through Yemeni Whole Genomes
  46. Impact of agricultural diet on Asian genetic diversity
  47. aDNA does not indicate Native American ethnicities but mtDNA is B2
  48. Insights needed on Greek and Albanian ancestry
  49. Lower Sorbian Global25
  50. Pygmy adaptation to their environment
  51. Genetic landscape of Scotland and the Isles
  52. Autosomal test but in haplogroups
  53. Post your Tolan K16 Neolithic from Admixture Studio
  54. Canary Islands K15 PCA
  55. Genetic impact of Ottoman Occupation on Central and SE Europe
  56. Phenotype mixture
  57. German surprised by her Native American ancestry
  58. Iranian Genetics
  59. Creating your own DIY Admixture calculator
  60. Genetic history of the population of Crete
  61. Scythian Irish Connection
  62. Anne Wojcicki's DNA results
  63. Memelland Lithuanians similarity map
  64. Lech Valley Bronze Age samples on GEDmatch
  65. New EHG / ANE map (Eastern Hunter Gatherers / Ancient North Eurasians)
  66. Ancestry Update
  67. Do you have early gray hair ?
  68. Slavic admixture in South Lithuania
  69. How did Proto-Indo-Europeans (R* R1b/R1a) lose Mongoloid characteristics?
  70. Balkans and Neolithic Farmers
  71. The Shetlands-Ultra rare variant load
  72. A bird’s-eye view of Italian genomic variation through whole-genome sequencing
  73. Albanian, Spanish and those who are interested...
  74. SAPDA ancestry test at Geneplaza.com
  75. Albanian Gedmatch Results
  76. West Asian source for Eurasian admixture in Ethiopians