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  1. Would you have your pet cloned?
  2. Eugenics is a Flawed Pseudo-Science
  3. Geno-discrimintation in the future?
  4. Irish-looking Tribes in Western China?
  5. Autosomal dna
  6. Percentage of genetic similarity between humans and animals
  7. Junk DNA, really junk or not ?
  8. Genetic clustering
  9. autosomal DNA
  10. Blood groups and races
  11. It can all hinge on a few fragments
  12. Negroid genes in Afrikaners
  13. Admixture in Latin America
  14. Neolithic Scandinavians were mostly lactose intolerant
  15. Racial recognition gene located on chromosome 7
  16. New study on Jewish genes
  17. Genetic roots to the village level
  18. Black parents...white baby
  19. Genitics: Do you want to live 800 years?
  20. FDA's problem with testing cos
  21. Irish Genome Mapped
  22. Genetic of Italy (also taken from Wikipedia)
  23. Is there a Liberal Gene?
  24. Brain Scans Reveal Difference Between Neanderthals and Us
  25. RH negative factor
  26. Compare Y-DNA and autosomal DNA admixtures : the Indians, Turks and Iberians
  27. Real-life Irish giants traced to 18th century street performer
  28. Non-African populations inherited substantial X-chromosome segments from Neanderthal
  29. Functions of paternal and maternal copies of same genes differ
  30. Prestigious European Funding Award for UCC Archaeologist
  31. Spring-Loaded Heels Gave Extra Step to Homo Sapiens(as opposed to Neandertals)
  32. origin en frequency of male pattern baldness
  33. 23 and Me Global Similarities
  34. DNA links between personality traits and facial features
  35. Has human domestication made us stupider?
  36. Can someone explain the peculiarities of this autosomal chart?
  37. Genetic structure of West Eurasians by Dienekes (April 2011)
  38. Genetic pcr dna test
  39. Linking ethnicity and biology
  40. Dienekes' Anthropometric Calculator
  41. DNA Shows Viking, Amerindian Link To Iceland
  42. Origins of the Indo-Europeans based on autosomal analysis
  43. European Genetic Distance
  44. Ukraine's genetics
  45. Autosomal DNA Testing to find out about your ancestral origins?
  46. Admixture maps and calculations
  47. West Eurasian admixture
  48. Create a genetic Map from all the others
  49. Admixtures
  50. Updated all autosomal maps
  51. Dr Doug McDonald BGA analysis results
  52. Relationship between Y-DNA & Autosomal in Northern Europe
  53. K12a admixture calculator
  54. Regional Iberian data (From Dienekes' Blog)
  55. Eurasia7 & World9 Calculators
  56. North-African admixture in Europe (Dienekes K12b, 2012)
  57. Italian mitocondrial haplogroups
  58. Dalmatian Serbian DNA result by DR Mcdonald
  60. physical features
  61. The Gedrosia component and the origin of R1b M269
  62. Neolithic farmers: Southwest Europeans or West Asians ?
  63. Neolithic Hunter-Gatherers from Sweden: Super Saami?
  64. Norwegian vikings and east-european admixture?
  65. Is "North European" a hunter gatherer or Steppic component?
  66. A new autosomal study has concluded that Native Americans arrived in 3 waves
  67. Where does one get Autosomal Testing?
  68. Norwegian admixture - Caucasus
  69. DNA Tribes Autosomal Results
  70. 1st Cousins with very different geographic origins?
  71. Autosomal DNA
  72. New population isolates identified in the eastern Italian Alps
  73. Are Swabians related to Italians?
  74. Albanian Autosomal DNA
  75. How many children do we need to be sure to pass on all our DNA ?
  76. How accurate are Autosomal DNA Tests?
  77. Connecting the dots; DNA match prediction and genelaogy
  78. Human Family Tree discovered through globe13 austomnal DNA
  79. Turks with 10 - 25% Mongoloid admixture ( Turkish people autosomal DNA )
  80. New map of East Asian autosomal admixtures in Europe and the Middle East
  81. New map of Gedrosian autosomal admixtures in Europe and the Middle East
  82. New map of Caucasian autosomal admixtures in Europe and the Middle East
  83. Which one is the best (Dodecad, Eurogenes, Harappaworld)?
  84. High amount of mid eastern in Italy and southeast euro from Greco Roman age
  85. Oracle
  86. Basques not indoeuropeans?
  87. New map of Red Sea (Horn of Africa) admixture
  88. Are Gypsies Eastern European Genetically?
  89. Autosmal results for Slovak American
  90. What can autosomal calculators tell us about ancient Greek admixture?
  91. non local genetic components near the Caucasus Mountains
  92. Connection between autosomal results and Y-DNA
  93. Autosomal Results from Di Cristofaro et al
  94. What genetic test would you recommend for Eastern Europeans and West Asians?
  95. Turkish vs. Armenian Autosomal DNA - Compare and Contrast Results.
  96. Georgian vs. Turkish Autosomal DNA Tests: Compare and Contrast
  97. Time frame of autosomal tests
  98. Significant Iberian autosomal admixture on K36 in some Brits
  99. north sea
  100. SPA: Spatial Ancestry analysis
  101. Analysing Eurasian & African autosomal DNA from Lazaridis et al. 2013
  102. Phenotype and y-chromosom
  103. Light skin allele of SLC24A5 gene was spread by the Indo-Europeans (R1a + R1b)
  104. Are the classifications of coon,deniker and ripley valid?
  105. The mystery of Lactase Persistence (LP) in Europeans
  106. geo. plotting
  107. Ancestry composition update ( Serbs results)
  108. Mapping admixtures
  109. PCA mixes
  110. Ernesto Grandi Doug McDonald Results
  111. find DODECAD calculators outside GEDmatch
  112. Health Tips from Codis Autosomals
  113. FTDNA MyOrigins
  114. East Med and West Med autosomal maps
  115. The Gedmatch calculator that is best in seeing what's behind Ashkenazi ancestry
  116. To Africa from Eurasia
  117. YHRD ancestors
  118. Tatars autosomal genetics
  119. Results 1 to 2 of 2 Thread: R1b-CTS9219 post your Autosomal (auDNA)
  120. MDLP Project
  121. New calculator, K7
  122. Brittany and Western France today autosomals and sex mediated genes B.Secher blog
  123. Macro-Caucasians (Burusho and North Caucasians) came from Northern Eurasia?
  124. Modern populations and neolithic farmers?
  125. Fine-scale population structure in Europe. S. Leslie, G. Hellenthal et al
  126. Loschbour Man's Gedmatch ID
  127. england autosomal dna
  128. Genetics of Greek islands? Do different islands have different genetic results?
  129. Shriner et al. (2014) Genome-wide genotype and sequence-based reconstruction of the 1
  130. Analyze Mars' genetics
  131. GEDmatch Archaic Matches
  132. New map of Ancient Eurasian (ANE) admixture
  133. Eurogenes test, West Eurasia K8
  134. French results?
  135. Tracing back Phoenician & Arabic DNA in modern Spaniards using Haak 2015's admixtures
  136. Autosomal results of Neolithic genome from Iberia
  137. Yamna_K6
  138. Fine Scale Population Structure in the British Population
  139. Guess my origin, your opinion.
  140. Ancestrydna Caucasus Dna in Italy/Greece natives
  141. If autosomal dna defines appearence then...
  142. Carmi, Xue paper on "The Time and Place of European Gene Flow into Ashkenazi Jews"
  143. autosomal dna in north portugal
  144. Northern Route for Out of Africa based on Whole Genomes
  145. Vikings in Portugal
  146. Admixture of harra test
  147. Archaic DNA matches.
  148. Gedrosian+Caucasian - a single admixture?
  149. President Warren Harding proven by DNA to have had an illegitimate daughter
  150. Basque and Gascoyne originality - new surevey about France
  151. The South Asian Origin of the Roma
  152. Fine Scale population structure of Spain and genetic impact of historical invasions
  153. MDLP K13 Coming Soon to GEDmatch
  154. Genetic origin of modern Armenians
  155. How to find Common Pre-Historic ancestors
  156. Sardinia-Genetic Isolate
  157. Ralph and Coop IBD analysis of the British Isles
  158. share your puntDNAL K11 results.
  159. The Italian Genome-Fiorito et al 2015
  160. Inside my own NextGeneration analysis: clues and hints?
  161. Human Diversity Shaped by Long Distance Dispersal-Limited Effect of LGM Contraction
  162. Making sense of autosomal ancestry profile
  163. Eurasia K10 CHG Calculator
  164. Admixture events: when did they happen?
  165. Convergent Skin Lightening in East Asia
  166. Five Ancestral Components in India
  167. Post Formal States Here!!
  168. A Major Word of Caution About Ethnicity & Admixture Calculators
  169. Modelling Admixture with D-stats
  170. Ashkenazi ethnogenesis in eastern Anatolia?
  171. Large Scale LN/BA Replacement in All of Europe
  172. Black and White multiracial twins ?!
  173. Unveiling the Ancestors of Middle Easterners
  174. Bene Israel have both Jewish and local Indian ancestry
  175. Modelling Admixture with PCA
  176. Why is haplogroup U1 (mtDNA) absent in the pics/discussions?
  177. Recent Natural Selection in British populations
  178. Adaptation in UK pop at genes influencing blood pressure reveal pop structureAnalyzin
  179. Effects of Migration and Assortative Mating on Admixture and IBD Analyses.
  180. Help with FTDNA Autosomal/Family Finder DNA Results?
  181. Strange results - R1A and R1A marker positive?
  182. Admixture into and within SSA-Busby et al
  183. amateurs Work on Lazardis 2016 genomes
  184. Do all Europeans have Semetic admixture?
  185. Time and place of European admixture into the Ashkenazim-Xue et al
  186. Another paper taking down the Elhaik theory on Ashkenazi origins
  187. Combined Genetic/Linguistic Tree-Pavel Duda
  188. Mixed up do I have European genes?
  189. Genomic analysis of Andamanese provides insights into ancient human migration into As
  190. How British are you? Whatever that means...
  191. Non-pure Mongoloid. Cambodians, Mongolian, Thais , Southeast Asian.
  192. Post your DNA Land results
  193. Ancient Eurasia K6
  194. Holocene Ancestors of West Eurasians
  195. midlle eastearn and Near East admixture in a Spaniard?
  196. Mongols / Mongolian Turks caucasian average DNA: 1%. 5%, 10% , 15% , 19% ?
  197. Lactase Persistence along the Italian peninsula
  198. Multiple loci influencing face morphology
  199. Denmark is homogeneous genetically
  200. Commercial DNA tests have difficulty determining ancestry
  201. My Dr J.Douglas McDonald results
  202. A coherent definition of race
  203. Upcoming paper on the Irish Travelers
  204. Upcoming paper on Sardinian genetics
  205. Which has greater autosomal genetic diversity: Europe or China?
  206. Na Dene descend from paleo-Eskimo migrations
  207. Post your PuntDNAL K15 results
  208. HarappaWorld Gedmatch, post and compare your admixtures to ancient and contemporary.
  209. Why current admixture maps can be very deceiving
  210. Turkmen closer to Azeris , Turks or to Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks ? ( DNA, Mongoloid )
  211. Ancestry from Europe's Last Hunter Gatherers persist in the Northern corner of Europe
  212. Melanasians carry DNA of unknown extinct hominid (not Denisovan)
  213. North African genetics and recent migrations
  214. K = 14 admixture anciant SW Asia, steppe, Europe - your comments
  215. My Doug McDonald results
  216. Classify me (Chinese guy)
  217. Customs Problems
  218. How "Slavic" are South Slavs?
  219. How to know more with an autosomal test ?
  220. How inbred are you?
  221. Why humans don't have more Neanderthal genes
  222. Population averages of Czechs
  223. Post your puntDNAL K8 African only
  224. teal CHG component in Yamna and Afanasievo arrived during Khvalynsk period
  225. My first Autossomal Results - Help with Admixture Maps
  226. Gedmatch: high hunter gatherer real or bias!?
  227. Dr Mcdonald results, can you help me?
  228. Is there a reason the rest of the autosomal maps aren't showing up on this page?
  229. Post your Gedrosia K3 results
  230. Population History of Sardinia
  231. need help interpreting DNA results
  232. WEGENES Update
  233. Why does Georgia have the highest amount of "west asian" (middle-eastern?) DNA?
  234. What's your opinion on this blog post on inbreeding in Europeans?
  235. Genetic distance from West Eurasian groups (Using Gedrosia K9 Calculator)
  236. Problematic samples from Balkans! Are they for real?
  237. How accurate are FTDNA My Origins?
  238. Controversy over 23andme's new ancestry timeline
  239. FTDNA Advanced Matches: match in Y-DNA12 and in Family finder in the same time
  240. Genetic Structure of the Armenian Population
  241. post your Gedrosia Eurasia k14 results
  242. Post your MDLP K23b Oracle results
  243. Post your puntDNAL K12 Ancient Results
  244. Gedrosia Ancient Eurasian and K6 and K3 mistake?
  245. Basal Eurasians
  246. Ethnic Pole from Lwów (Lviv) - GEDmatch results
  247. Coding Variants for height
  248. Why autosomal admixtures is always linked with Y-dna Haplogroups ?
  249. DNATRIBES admixture maps and results
  250. recommendations for places to upload raw data?