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  1. Haplogroup I - How do I resolve this?
  2. Y DNA in Normandy
  3. New map of Haplogroup I (all subclades)
  4. New map of Haplogrpoup R1 (R1a + R1b)
  5. New map of Haplogroups E1b1b + G + J + T
  6. New study on Algerian Y-DNA & mtDNA (+ other Maghreban populations)
  7. Root of Y-DNA phylogentic tree revised to 338,000 years (before Homo Sapiens)
  8. Major new paper on Bulgarian Y-chromosomal haplogroups.
  9. L haplogroup in Europe
  10. Y-DNA haplogroup maps updated
  11. Large-scale new study of Croatian Y-DNA
  12. Pairing paternal haplogroups of Japan and Europe-- O and D/R and I...
  13. What is the most common Y Dna Haplogroup in Sicily and Southern Italy?
  14. Question about R1b and IE languages in Iberia
  15. Survey: were your turbulent as a child and aggressive as a teenager ?
  16. Hi, new to the forum. Just found out my haplogroup! J-PF7267
  17. Haplogroups that Turkish occupation brought to Ballkans
  18. J-pf7394
  19. dna of kent england
  20. Is there evidence of an ancient C-world?
  21. Really good DNA Evidence that the Scandinavian migration to Germany never happened
  22. Genetic history of Italy
  23. Genetic history of Iberia
  24. Where do the white kablye of north africa come from
  25. Map of Germanic paternal lineages
  26. englands germanic ydna
  27. Royals of Haplogroup G2
  28. Map of Celtic & Italic paternal lineages
  29. Possible Habsburg Y-DNA haplogroup
  30. R1b S28 and R1b S116 Best Bronze and Iron age warrior DNA marker
  31. Y-Dna results
  32. Europe's genetic ancestors: Cro Magnon, mid eastern farmers, Indo Euro warriors
  33. Germanic tribes Genetically and Historcalley
  34. Proto Balto Slavic Indo Iranien=Yamna culture=R1a1a1b
  35. The Indo-European migrations to Armenia
  36. Question about how to read phylogenetic trees in Y-DNA discussions
  37. Do you prefer Y-DNA maps with or withour country borders ?
  38. Estimating Germanic Y-DNA in Iberia
  39. Sardinian Y-DNA Phylogeny per Francalacci et al. 2013
  40. Toba and haplo D
  41. R1b L51-L11 Germanic Italo Celts: Rulers and conqueres of Bronze-Iron age west Europe
  42. Ydna - L
  43. Y-DNA tables are now sortable by frequency
  44. New phylogenetic tree of R1b-U106 (S21)
  45. 10,300ybp Y DNA!! and other DNA from America proves they are Native Amer's ancestors
  46. Y-DNA haploroups in Montenegro?
  47. Haplogroup I1 in Herzegovinians, Montenegrins and Kosovar Albanians
  48. Question : Rapport haplogroupe et type physique
  49. Haplogroup R1b page revised and translated in French
  50. Haplogroupe et histoire des migrations
  51. Y DNA spread by Indo Europeans (R1a1a1 M417, R1b1a2a1 L51) (R1b L23?, R1b M73?, Etc.)
  52. Y-haplogroups of the Volga-Ural region + Saami + Gotland
  53. I2a2b, R1a L664, and R1b S21 from 3,000ybp German Urnfield culture
  54. Where did proto Indo Iranian speakers ancestry orignate
  55. Haplogroup of people who developed the culture at Lepen Whirl-Serbia 7 millennia ago?
  56. The ancient Huns belonged to Y-haplogroups Q, N, C and R1a1
  57. Y-DNA haplogroups in Macedonia
  58. An analysis of Scandinavian Y-DNA
  59. J1 and E1b1b source of dark hair in central France??
  60. Chronology of Cro-Magnon Y-DNA
  61. Maps I would like to see !
  62. Haplogroup I and Warrior Cultures
  63. Influence of Y-chromosomal DNA mutations on behaviour and reproductory success
  64. New Brother clade of R1b P312 and U106: DF100
  65. Black Irish come from R1b Iranians?
  66. Lakes added to maps of Y-DNA haplogroups
  67. people of the brittish isles
  68. Kings of France may have been R1b-U106 after all (rather than G2a3b1)
  69. MNOPS: M and S Survivors of a Papau New Guinea Bottleneck?
  70. Uninhabited areas added on Y-DNA maps
  71. BIG Y DNA Test (Next Gen Y Sequencing) is here and at a reduced price!
  72. r1b u106 in france
  73. is france more germanic then england?
  74. New Y dna tree ?
  75. How to distinguish the Y-DNA of various Germanic invaders in England ?
  76. haplogroup I split during LGM
  77. Biallelic Markers
  78. the Cimmerians : R1a and I2a1 ?
  79. Tungusic Y haplotypes
  80. TMRCA's : Knortvedt vs 1000 Genomes
  81. Napoleon III was not related by blood to Napoleon I, and may be Talleyrand's grandson
  82. R1* history, put together by me!
  83. The basque language
  84. Does anyone here understand Arabic fluently
  85. How and when did C-V20 enter Europe
  86. Y DNA maps shaded based on total population rather than % population
  87. Half of the people with the surname Stuart or Stewart descend from royalty
  88. Just how important were Y-haplogroups E-M34, J1 and T in the LBK culture ?
  89. Sultans of the Ottoman dynasty may have belonged to haplogroup R1a or J2
  90. Haplogroup IJ, the seafarers’ gene? (Entertainment Post)
  91. Y DNA R1b and homosexuality
  92. E1a1, Jews and Natufians?
  93. J-L243 what does it mean ?
  94. U152* Now S20550+
  95. Y-chromosomal analysis of common Jewish patronyms
  96. J. Robert Oppenheimer belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup Q1b
  97. Migration routes of E and other haplogroups...
  98. direct connections with my R1b(U-152) among these people?
  99. 23aneMe haplogroup mutation mapper results formy R1b(U152). No subclades?
  100. Albanian Tribe and Clan (Fis) Y-DNA
  101. Rather high presence of R1b in Algerien Kabyle population?
  102. Endogenous Sardinian People and their DNA
  103. Haplogroup C
  104. Y-chromosome, hairiness and male phenotypical traits
  105. the new K ydna tree - 1st October 2014
  106. Which Y DNA is the most evolved?
  107. E+g+j+t
  108. Human Paternal Lineages, Languages and Envrionment in the Caucasus
  109. What is the most interesting Y-DNA haplogroup?
  110. Why Indo-Europeans have different Haplogroups?
  111. Im a I1* and U5a1a, what does that tell me?
  112. j1 m267 not p58 maps anywhere?
  113. Y-DNA of ethnic Poles from Greater Poland (West-Central Poland)
  114. New big paper on Catalan Y-DNA
  115. Y haplogroup and autism
  116. Bottlenecks in Y haplogroups
  117. U.S. race groups and haplogroups
  118. G2a Indo European?
  119. Y-DNA of Germans from Silesia, Pomerania, Pomerelia and Prussia
  120. Could Haplogroup Q in Europe be actually of Indo-European origin?
  121. suebi y-dna input in north portugal and galicia
  122. request to maciamo to put portugal's haplogroup table by regions
  123. The very interesting haplogroup j1b
  124. Y-DNA Haplogroups in Tatarstan
  125. Regional results from a national DNA research
  126. What is your y-haplogroup?
  127. Y-DNA of Arbereshe vs Albanians vs Southern Italians
  128. The great pairings of Y-DNA haplogroups in prehistory
  129. new Y calls from mesolithic/neolithic Sweden
  130. Q1a
  131. Ancient Thracians and Illyrians,their language,culture,was they barbarians?
  132. Genetics confirm migration of White Croats to Croatia
  133. Is R1b-L151 from Neolithic West Europe?
  134. The Iron Curtains' Affect on Our View of History...
  135. Puerto Rican Y DNA
  136. Y-Chromosomal Lineages of Latvians
  137. E1b1b1 and J2 in Balkans and Italy
  138. yfull age estimates suggest P312 expanded in 2000-2500 BC.
  139. Analysis of Norwegian Y DNA
  140. The nanai clan samar: The structure of gene pool based on y-chromosome markers
  141. Little problem
  142. The Spread of Haplogroups in Europe, Especially R1b
  143. Y-dna and Assault
  144. Y haplogroups correlation with number of sons, R1b, I2a-Din, E-V13, G2a
  145. Diffusion of yDna J2 into the Indian subcontinent
  146. New paper on Greek-Cypriot Y-DNA
  147. Tested great uncle's DNA his father was from Italy what do these results mean?
  148. Sub-type R1b-S7826
  149. Distribution of Y-DNA haplogroups among Bosnians from Serbian DNA project
  150. Haplogroup E-L117
  151. Y Dna Lineages in Brazil
  152. Tracing Y dna sequences
  153. Highly controversial theory about the spread of Indo-European languages
  154. Haplogroup N or N1c = Mongoloid ( is this proven already ? )
  155. Polish subclades of R1a and other haplogroups
  156. Information regarding Haplogroup I* subclades
  157. Sami R1a, R1b
  158. the origin of Iran neolithic
  159. European with Haplogroup J1
  160. Haplogroup G1 (M285)
  161. How accurate is this nevgen Y-haplogroup predictor?
  162. new study on Y-haplo N
  163. E1b1b E-M81 in Iberia: Neolithic, Phoenician or Moorish ?
  164. Origin the Dravidians?
  165. New paper: Eritrean Y-chromosome
  166. BAM file raw data
  167. Does Y-DNA influence one's looks after all?
  168. Do you believe that Y-DNA influences looks and behaviour?
  169. Japanese Emperors are D1b1a2
  170. Newly found famous Y-DNA individuals
  171. haplogroup DE
  172. Why when R and J haplogroups mix, the result are these people these appearances?
  173. Origin of Dravidian people?
  174. Suggestions needed for maps
  175. Y Haplogroup E2B1
  176. Haplogroup R1A1 in north africa
  177. True Filipinians - i.e. Indoeuropeans in the Philippines.
  178. Can anyone explain to a layman how exactly the I1a-DF29 and I2a-L4 are related?
  179. Maps for East Asia Request
  180. Two "most Polish" Y-DNA subclades do not belong to R1a
  181. An ignoramus asks... Britain before R1B
  182. (for fun) Latin names for haplogroups !!
  183. Italo-Celtic Y-DNA lineages in ancient DNA
  184. New map of Y-DNA haplogroups in East Asia
  185. R-Z327 Origins?
  186. Ukraine Y-DNA Map
  187. Maps of Europe’s ancient tribes and Y-DNA. Legit?
  188. What are the common caucasoid haplogroups?
  189. Can anyone explain the precise mechanisms for the proliferation of some Y-DNA as
  190. The tatars of eurasia: Peculiarity of crimean, volga
  191. Gene pool of Turkmens from Karakalpakstan in their Central Asian context
  192. The Peopling of Southwest Asia - Arabian Peninsula
  193. Greek Y-DNA in Italians
  194. J2-M172 in India as Neolithic marker?
  195. Y-chromosome phylogenetic tree redrawed by a Chinese team
  196. Question about haplogroup distribution maps
  197. Does the Y-haplogroup influence the appearance of the genitalia?
  198. Updated chronological tree of Y-haplogroups
  199. Amerindians and Germans?
  200. Misconception about Saudi and Yamani DNA
  201. Recent Wars and Bottlenecks
  202. Haplogroup Characteristics - R
  203. Looking for Karl Marx's Y-DNA haplogroup
  204. Age and TMRCA of Jewish lineages by haplogroup
  205. Migrations to Bronze Age Italy
  206. Haplogroup Database
  207. Y-DNA-Haplogroups of some prominent Afrikaners
  208. positive SNPs from different haplogroups?
  209. Lee Van Cleef possibly belonged to haplogroup Q
  210. Y-DNA Haplogroups of a Saudi Arabian Sample
  211. Some more famous Y-DNA
  212. Czech frequencies from the Y-GenoGraf database
  213. Y Chromosomal landscape of West Asia.
  214. Indian Subcontinent: 1291 individuals from key ethnic groups.
  215. Roman conquest of gaul
  216. Indo European Haplogroups
  217. Estimating the role of the Y Chromosome in brain function
  218. Are albanians of northern african descent?
  219. What's the relationship between cultures, language families, and Y-dna
  220. Ageing of YDNA method right?
  221. (!) Cephalic Index vs. Y-haplogroups in Europe
  222. How accurate is this map ?
  223. Is E-V18 dinarid ???
  224. L = Indus people?
  225. Haplogroup Charecteristics I1
  226. Prehistoric cemetery uncovered in Albania
  227. Common Y-DNA Ancestor Much Older than Previously Thought
  228. Which is the "Cohen marker"?
  229. Kura Araxes Expansion and the Y lines that can be associated with them
  230. Ydna of Central Asia
  231. Basques and Etruscans
  232. Y-chromosome variation in the genome-sequencing era
  233. Y-chromosomal analysis of Greek Cypriots
  234. Signals of Phoenician and Jewish influences in the Italian genome, concerned on J1
  235. East European and Slavic signatures in the Italian genome.
  236. Origin of R2a / R-M124 Haplogroup?
  237. SNP vs STR to know deep origins.
  238. Are majority of northern albanians just albanized serbs?
  239. Haplogroups Request!
  240. Slavic expansion and downstream clades
  241. Y-DNA Refutes Single-Origin Out of Africa Theory?
  242. Nikola Tesla was not I2a but R1a
  243. Celts
  244. Genetic characterization of 27 Y-STR loci with the Yfiler® Plus kit in the population
  245. R1b question
  246. Y Dna Q dispersal in Eurasia
  247. Galician (NW of Spain) Y-DNA
  248. Y-DNA and profession?
  249. R1b is native to Europe after all
  250. information