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  1. Y-DNA H2 Haplogroup
  2. Y-DNA H2 Haplogroup
  3. FTDNA is in serious trouble
  4. VCF for kit 458058
  5. Italian DNA
  6. Y Dna lineages of Northern Iraq
  7. Please close my threads regarding FTDNA
  8. FTDNA Eupedia apology
  9. What is my Haplogroup (Effect of Ancestral SNIPS in Haplogroup)
  10. Northern Europe and filipinnes what?
  11. E-m81
  12. Y-DNA distribution across Brazilian regions and an intriguingly high % of Y--DNA I
  13. Y-DNA Haplogroup P-P295 , anyone else in this group?
  14. Ydna and Phenotypic variation
  15. Y DNA of Herzegovinian Serbs
  16. R1a1a1b1a1b1~2 L1029 - L388?
  17. Ydna merovingians e Charlemagne
  18. FTDNA Gave R-By3255, Any Help?
  19. If I match two subclades, which is correct and why?
  20. FTDNA Gave Me R-BY3255, Any Help?
  21. R-z326
  22. Ivan Mestrovic DNA?
  23. R1a1a1b2 and R1a1a1b2a separation date - Linking Yenisei Kyrgyz to modern Kyrgyz
  24. Mycenaeans R1a or R1b?
  25. Reasons For R1b Dominance In Western Europe?
  26. When did R1a1a1b2 separate from R1a1a1b2a?
  27. Haplogroup Q in Iceland
  28. Genetic traces of the Spanish Occupation of the Low Countries?
  29. Y Chromosome Mutation Rate
  30. New study finds difference in STR mutation rates based on Y haplo
  31. How to test haplogroups for my Sicilian ancestry
  32. Mediterranean Y-chromosome 2.0—why the Y in the Mediterranean is still relevant in th
  33. More Y Dna results from Italy
  34. R1b-S28/u152 in Sicily? A product of Romans, Lombards or Normans?
  35. Hey could someone help me with that its for a school project
  36. C2* cluster doesn't track back specifically to Genghis Khan
  37. Thraco-Cimmerians
  38. Albanian AncestryDNA results
  39. I2a2 in Scotland is not Germanic, but Neolithic British!
  40. Local migrations of Y haplotypes (subclades) in the Balkans
  41. Wrong Reference?
  42. I2a DIN Having both Dinaric south and north STR markers????
  43. Ftdna y12 - k-m9
  44. Spanish/Iberian/Southwestern European genetic influence and haplogroups in Sicily?
  45. Haplo Group I2c1a2a1
  46. I2a2a1c2a1a. CTS1977 I-P95
  47. How similar are Spaniards and Southern French people? Common ancestry?
  48. Age and TMRCA of common Slavic Y-DNA lineages
  49. New Y-DNA maps YFull 2018
  50. 2018 Family Tree DNA Y-DNA data (40K samples)
  51. What's your theory on your Y-haplogroup ?
  52. New to testing and this forum
  53. Estimating the arrival of humans in America using YFull
  54. Y-DNA Prediction help
  55. New map of Slavic Y-DNA
  56. Ancient East, West and North Germanics had different Y-DNA lineages
  57. Austria and Hungary
  58. Y-DNA Similarity Maps
  59. Who were/are the Bulgars?
  60. All Japanese emperors and shōguns and most daimyō shared the same Y-DNA lineage
  61. Q-M242 (Asian) in Italy
  62. an intense bottleneck in Y-chromosomes
  63. parthian dynasty
  64. Recognise I2b subclades from STR markers
  65. 2a L397 - Phoenician and Greek Colonization
  66. Modern Korean paternal genes
  67. Bagratuni/Bagrationi Y-DNA
  68. Greek colonizations
  69. Alexander the great was not a greek
  70. Whats the Turkic main hablogroup?
  71. Rajput Clans
  72. Haplogroup subclade R1b1a2a~2/R1b-PF7558 (R1b-PF7562, R1b-PF7563) in Italy
  73. Rębała's study about some Polish, German and Slovakian populations
  74. Why did I receive different Y DNA Haplo assignments from FamilyTreeDNA and 23andMe?
  75. Germanic countries Y-DNA
  76. Turks and Greeks are same
  77. Paleo-Amerindians from a Y chromosome perspective
  78. SNP Assurance Program
  79. Origin of Y-haplogroup subclade S21/U106
  80. Mutation rates?
  81. Italian DNA
  82. E1b1b in the Balkans (Question)
  83. Celtic Y-Haplogroups
  84. Y-Haplogroups of Germanic Tribes
  85. L1 haplogroup in Europe - YDNA
  86. Europe without Indo-European Invasion
  87. If you are taller than 183 cm (6 feet), then what is your Y-DNA haplogroup ?
  88. Haplogroup J-Z640 and the Levant Bronze Age
  89. T-CTS6507 haplogroup
  90. SNP Assurance Program
  91. can positive SNP's in raw data, identify individual ancestors.
  92. Ancestors' Y-DNA haplogroups
  93. Ashkenazi Jewish R-L266
  94. R-M479 Haplogroup Migration
  95. One probable cause of the increase and decay of haplogroups frequencies?
  96. Age of R1a and R1b
  97. What does this specific Haplogroup say about my ancestry?
  98. West Slavic R1b
  99. Royal Scythians
  100. News about Rurikid Y-DNA: Ingegerd cheated on Yaroslav I
  101. Haplogroup G2c
  102. King Richard III
  103. J-z1842
  104. I-cts6397
  105. Hello! I'm a new member here
  106. Early European migrations into the Near & Middle East?
  107. German Regional Y-DNA Distribution
  108. Y-DNA of Sephardic Jews
  109. Can you guess my ethnicity by picture?
  110. Wich is haplogroup more likely related to people with strong neanderthal traits ?
  111. If Basque are paleo-Europeans then why do they have the highest percentage of R1b?
  112. Haplogroup of Ancient İranian dynasties
  113. Hauteville Family R1b or I2?
  114. SNPs that define haplogroups, are functional ?
  115. Arpad Dynasty
  116. Main Y-haplogroups on the territory of Dacia 2000-3000 years ago.
  117. J-m267 / j-cts5368
  118. Numbers and percentages of YDNA carriers in the Balkans countries.
  119. Analysis of Y chromosome haplogroup Q
  120. Haplogroup K among Serbs and Bosnian Serbs
  121. Could a founder effect occur today or in the future?
  122. Simple and clear explanations of a physics teacher about haplogroups inheritance.
  123. Y DNA of Issyk kurgan?
  124. J1-by38105
  125. Western vs Eastern Andalusia Y-DNA
  126. Hello everyone!
  127. Malisor and N Albanian clans and their origin
  128. Y Chromosomes of the Kalmyks
  129. Tillya Tepe
  130. King John II of Aragon
  131. Y DNA of Muslims/Bosniaks from Sandžak
  132. What does genetics say about the origin of Germanic people?
  133. Just enter into Eupedia world
  134. I2 in Peloponnesus, Greece. Origins?
  135. Albanians = Illyrian
  136. Y dna of House of Plantagenet
  137. Why Zoroastrians (Tehran) have no R1a?
  138. YSTR mutation rates and TMRCA through Italian pedigrees
  139. Byzantine Emperors?
  140. Haplogroup-phenotype correlation
  141. Does genetics prove Iran/Armenia is the original land of Indo-Europeans?
  142. What were Y-lineages of the Illyrians of Italy
  143. Balkan genetic influence in Slavic peoples
  144. Urnfield culture and R-Z93
  145. Basque, Iberian, Etruscan, Rhaetian,... Y-DNA haplogroup
  146. Where in Europe I Originated
  147. Haplogroup of revolutionary leaders
  148. IJ and I, how they evolved
  149. European Citizenship to Natives
  150. Dutch Y dna
  151. R1a and R1b
  152. Haplogroups O, D and C in Europa
  153. Chest/body hair (y dna?)
  154. A question regarding race/ethnicity and haplogroups
  155. I1 and U106 - always Germanic or speaking language ancestral to Common Germanic?
  156. Chart of YDNA by Country
  157. Haplotypechanges
  158. Haplotypechanges
  159. Does something as "haplogroup R1c" exist?
  160. QR & IJ, the bedrock of West Eurasia
  161. Dalmatian Serbs Y dna
  162. Could there be any R* basal haplogroup people be still around today?
  163. How can I learn to accept my haplogroup results...
  164. Beginning of Proto-Indo-European R1a?
  165. Where to find yDNA results from different testing companies?
  166. Arbereshe(pre 1500 Albanians) Y-DNA Vs (post 1500)Albanian Y-DNA. Big Differences!
  167. Where did haplogroup L-M20 originate?
  168. Y-DNA Haplogroups of U.S. Presidents
  169. y C in West Eurasia
  170. Ming dynasty emperors Y-dna
  171. How did Q get to Scandinavia?
  172. A New YDNA Heat Map
  173. Ancient DNA & Surname Research
  174. Common Y-DNA Haplogroups among balkanians and Scandinavians
  175. Yan emperor and huang emperor:possible leads
  176. Is there any famous person who have R1b-V88 or other basal R1b?
  177. This might be sorta in the wrong section but i need to ask you about something
  178. A Southeast Asian origin for present-day non-African human Y chromosomes
  179. Haplogroup of Timurid and Genghisid dynasties?
  180. R1a1 Norse dispersals in Britain
  181. Autosomal genetics and Y-chromosome haplogroup L1b-M317 reveal Mount Lebanon Maronite
  182. Which test should i take 23andme or LivingDNA for Y DNA test
  183. What Haplogroup were the Neanderthals?
  184. Comparision Study of Iraqi populations In Middle-Euphrates with Haplotype reference
  185. Y-DNA haplogroups of the Founding Fathers of the United States
  186. Y-DNA haplogroups of prominent leaders of the American Civil War
  187. Greek islander with... R-YP417 haplogroup?
  188. Y-DNA haplogroups of Scottish clans