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  1. Modern Korean paternal genes linked to Han Chinese
  2. Anglo-saxon apartheid led to Germanic gene prevalence in Britain
  3. Genetics of the British and Irish people
  4. Genetic make-up of France
  5. Genetic history of Sicily : Greeks, Arabs, Normans and others
  6. German men find 3000-year old ancestor thanks to DNA test
  7. Does any one here have Mtdna j2b3 or I haplogroups?
  8. Genetic make-up of Europe
  9. Y-DNA haplogroups of ancient civilizations
  10. Y-DNA haplogroups of ancient civilizations OFFTOPIC about British I2
  11. Genetic impact of the Great migrations in the Western Roman Empire
  12. Hypothetical Y-DNA haplogroup map of Europe 2,000 years ago
  13. Y-DNA Tutorial : how to recognise I2b subclades from STR markers
  14. Romans, Alpine Celts and Belgae : close cousins ?
  15. strains and haplogroups
  16. Haplogroups and Civilizations
  17. Germanic countries Y-DNA
  18. Are haplogroups I and J2 close genetically ?
  19. Male fertility and sperm count influenced by Y-chromosome haplogroups
  20. IJK haplogroup
  21. English and Germans (The most closely cousins)
  22. Y DNA and surnames
  23. Jastorf culture
  24. Haplogroup Updates - PORTUGAL
  25. Y-haplogroup frequencies in Austria & South Germany
  26. Eupedia Ancient Ancestry Project
  27. Origin of Y-haplogroup subclade S21/U106
  28. Deep Clade Testing and "SmartMatching"
  29. Predicted haplogroups of early Middle Eastern civilizations
  30. New data on Slovak Y-haplogroup frequencies
  31. The available Y-DNA test
  32. family builder site
  33. Belgian Y-DNA from the Brabant Project
  34. J1 and J2
  35. please need a help
  36. Which country of those has higher percent of Y-DNA haplogroup I2a?
  37. Serb and Croat genes
  38. Haplogroup I and Germanic people
  39. My back bone test result has been resulted
  40. SNP Assurance Program
  41. Does Y chromossome affects our phenotype (physicall or psychic)?
  42. Race and Haplogroups
  43. so j1 arabian arabs evolved into I1 nordic scandinavians?
  44. New haplogroup migration map
  45. Haplogroups age need adjustment after study finds Y-DNA is evolving fast
  46. Settlers of Finland
  47. Prevalence of J2 and E-M78 among ancient Ionian Greeks ?
  48. Indo-europeans in North East Asia ? 2,000 year old male found
  49. Prompt from what haplogroups consist Y-DNA "white"-not europeans: USA, canadians, aus
  50. Can I use data from NG Genographic Y-DNA test to determine my subclass?
  51. I need to see a picture of Y-DNA the regions of European countries
  52. Bosnians/ ethnic groups there
  53. Belgium & Luxembourg Y-DNA Project : participants needed
  54. Pharaoh Tutankhamun, Akhenaten and Amenhotep III were R1b
  55. Turkic replacement of IE languages in Central Asia
  56. Germanic/ Celtic ancestry of the English
  57. New haplogroup I2a map
  58. DNA Subclades
  59. the genetic atlas
  60. haplogroup L, the rarest in Europe
  61. Phylogeography of French male lineages
  62. mutations
  63. Genetic of Piedmont and Lombardy
  64. Grimaldi family's haplogroup
  65. The haplogroups hidden behind other haplogroups
  66. Mein Gott! I'm...German?!?!
  67. Alsace - Y-DNA Erbland Surname Project
  68. Y DNA and English surnames
  69. how accurate haplo prediction is with 20 markers
  70. Giants and I haplogroup
  71. WHAT DOES MEAN ZERO in jewish haplogroup?
  72. Uyghur y-dna
  73. Haplogroup I in southern Spain
  74. Y-DNA Ethnic Turks in Bulgaria
  75. The original Proto-Semitic marker
  76. Haplogroup D in UK and Europe...
  77. Distribution of R1b-subclades in Europe
  78. Deep clade testing?
  79. Mutation rates?
  80. Horvat surname and haplogroups
  81. The Normans
  82. Male genetic infertility problem: HRSS and/or MESA??
  83. Manduka Family History-haplogroup I1
  84. How did Y-DNA haplogroup Q enter Scandinavia?
  85. About Basques and Slavic people
  86. Question about Y-DNA testing
  87. A major Y-chromosome haplogroup R1b Holocene era founder effect in Central and Wester
  88. R1* in North America, South-East Asia and Australia
  89. Haplogroup I (M170)
  90. Y-DNA Upgrade from 37 to 67 markers
  91. The "Norway Anomaly"
  92. New data from Montenegro and Serbia
  93. Azerbaijan
  94. Genetic analysis of the presumptive blood from Louis XVI, king of France
  95. Breakdown of Y-DNA distribution in Belgium by province
  96. Is there a Eastern Europe y-dna database in English?
  97. Columbus DNA Origin
  98. Who were Scythians?
  99. Wales / Cymru
  100. order of populating Europe
  101. Results of research of the University of Kiel?
  102. question about methodology
  103. Sarmatians
  104. Europe before the Indo-Europeans
  105. sea peoples
  106. Y-dna of Brabant
  107. Indo-Aryans
  108. Roman Y-DNA
  109. origin of people of Scotland and northeast Ireland
  110. Characteristics of Haplogroups??
  111. British: Celtic and Germanic origins
  112. Battle of European R1a vs. R1b
  113. Germanic settlement in the southern Balkans ? ?
  114. Culture, genetics and history
  115. how can we see genetic trace of tribe moving to distant location?
  116. Happy New Year
  117. Types of and locations for DNA tests
  118. An Approach to ancient Thracian DNA
  119. Revision of Serbian Y dna
  120. Macedonians
  121. Research Methods
  122. Haplogroup C in northern America and Na-Dene Languages
  123. IE language originated from who?R1a or R1b?
  124. Who were and are the Greeks and their DNA
  125. Who were and are the Serbs and their DNA
  126. Who were and are the Bulgarians and their DNA
  127. Who were and are the Albanians and their DNA
  128. Y-dna & genealogy
  129. Is there any connection of Ydna with Bald, alopekia
  130. Languages, haplogroups, and tribes
  131. Old Europeans are R1b, R1a, I and N (Kalevi Wiik)
  132. Illyria
  133. Netherlands Y Chromosome Project
  134. Fatal Error in Bosanska Krajina
  135. who were Slavic people?
  136. Turkish Dna, Research of Haplogroups C, E, G, I, J, L, N, Q, R and T
  137. Friuli , Carni, Ladin and Raetia
  138. Beginner questions about Y-DNA
  139. Y-DNA Haplogroups in Iraqi Kurdistan
  140. who are the pommeranians?
  141. Were the Croatians originally Slavic?
  142. Romans, Alpine Celts and Belgae... OFFTOPIC about J2b and Indians
  143. Haplogroup G and italic people
  144. Looking at European genes : Paleolithic vs Neolithic
  145. What differences are there between the celts of Gallia and Germania
  146. Link between haplogroup E and poor economic performance
  147. Did you know that Kurds(Kurdish PeoPle) are Europeans?
  148. If R1b comes from the east why it didn't bring I2a2 with it?
  149. According to Lothar Kilian and A. Hausler: no immigrants for the dispersion of I.E.
  150. Galician (NW of Spain) Y-DNA
  151. Percentages of Different Haplogroups in Northern Europe
  152. Y-DNA haplogroups of Greeks by region of origin
  153. Scots, how Celtic are they?
  154. Ancient Old Prussians
  155. Surnames associated with Y-DNA haplogroups
  156. New map of haplogroup Q
  157. Updated Y-DNA frequencies for Spanish regions
  158. Italian DNA
  159. Haplogroup I in Ireland?
  160. Updated all haplogroup maps for Caucasus and Kurdistan
  161. Vlach haplogroups & deep ancestry?
  162. Are the modern Poles related to the Sarmatians?
  163. Celts and Haplogroup G/J
  164. Slovenians , west-slavic, south-slavic or celtic
  165. Who were Vandals?
  166. Lombard DNA in Italy
  167. Scythian/Sarmatian DNA, your thoughts.
  168. Poll: What will Ötzi's Y-DNA haplogroup be?
  169. What could be meaning of diferences in haplogroup % of Baltic nations
  170. 1200BC Invasion of Southeast Europe
  171. How much Turks and Slavic influence the Greek genetic pool ?
  172. Tsar Nicholas II Y-DNA with more markers, quite close to my profile
  173. Who are Hungarians?
  174. Updated Y-DNA maps
  175. New mtDNA & Y-DNA frequencies for the Basques
  176. Pharaos were Europeans
  177. Presidential DNA Signatures - is there a list somewhere??
  178. Flemings, Walloons, and Y-DNA
  179. Distribution of Y-DNA haplogroups by States in the USA in percentage
  180. Albanians (OFFTOPIC Macedonians)
  181. Y-chromosome HG: tables new scientific papers (frequency/distribution maps Europe)
  182. The Paleolithic Remnants: a map
  183. Haplogroup G from the Levant (early farmer), R1b & J (herders) from East Anatolia
  184. Haplogroups in Albanians
  185. montenegro dna
  186. The Sarmatians in Britain!
  187. Percentage of Arab genes in Western Europe?
  188. Updated Neolithic migration maps
  189. Dedicated haplogroup pages
  190. which haplogroup had Doggerland people?
  191. The Maykop Culture folks belonged to G2 and J2 & J1 haplogroups!
  192. Neolithic patrilineal signals, repopulation, and the Armenian Plateau
  193. Bahamian Y-chromosome Signatures
  194. More precise R1b subclade estimates using Nordtvedt's methodology
  195. Two relatively recent papers on the Caucasus (I haven't seen them posted here)
  196. Could R1b have moved from the Black Sea to Portugal to found the Beaker Culture ?
  197. Suggestions please
  198. Bosnia - haplogroups in three main ethnic groups
  199. Understanding Haplogroup L subclade L2A
  200. Separate maps for J2a and J2b?
  201. King George V son = my grandfather??
  202. What is your opinion about dacians?Were they south slavs or goths?
  203. Germanic settlement in the Balkans confirmed
  204. Original Haplogroup(s) and homeland of the Proto-Afroasiatic peoples?
  205. Normans, Gallo-Italics and Lombards DNA in Sicily
  206. The value of deep clade/SNP testing
  207. Lituanian I2a2*
  208. correlation between R1a and Q as indicator of population spreads from Ukraine area...
  209. tribal names continuity theory revisited
  210. Deep Y-DNA subclades tested in Northern Spain & Gascony (including R1b subclades)
  211. OFFTOPIC from Y-Subclades Northern Spain & Gascogne
  212. Eupedia Y-halplogroup maps and frequencies in Ile-De-France and Center France
  213. Origins of Y-haplogroups in Spain and Portugal?
  214. The human Y-DNA tree has a new root
  215. Is there any difference between Kosovo Albanians and Albanians from Albania?
  216. Bell Beakers from Germany: Y-haplogroup R1b
  217. Kosovo Albanians Haplogroups?
  218. Photographic records of Y-DNA lineages
  219. Major new paper on haplogroup G : new peaks in NW Caucaus, Palestine & Corsica
  220. Kurdish yDNA from some participaters we have so far.
  221. what I would like to know
  222. Y-DNA fitness marker , what is it?
  223. Weird Ydna. Son think he is an alien.
  224. Jefferson's ydna marker , Why so much controversy
  225. Extreme Y-dna chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) results
  226. Is hg. R* mixed with the Denisovan DNA in Central Asia?
  227. R1a, R1b (Offtopic from Illyria)
  228. a few questions by novice
  229. DYS marker numbers, what do they tell
  230. Y-DNA Contributions from historical migrations/invasions of Great Britain?
  231. Alleles, which are the most important?
  232. IJ*-samples in large study Iran
  233. Pretani, what or who are they
  234. Median-Joining Network divergence estimates for Haplogroups
  235. Help with haplogroup
  236. Founder effect and other terminologies
  237. Kittler test, what is it for?
  238. Facebook Groups for Y-DNA Haplogroups
  239. Short Version Haplogroup markers
  240. Explaining the colours used for Y-DNA haplogroups on Eupedia
  241. Were the Irish pure R1b before the Viking and British invasions ?
  242. Can someone help me with a shoes question?
  243. New subforums for main Y-DNA haplogroups
  244. Humanity's common paternal ancestor may have lived as early as 350,000 years ago
  245. Haplogroups of your entire family
  246. Georgian Y-DNA
  247. Any up dates on SRY 2627
  248. Roman DNA distribution
  249. Need help, Very confused
  250. Kosovo Y-DNA