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  1. mt-DNA test
  2. mt-DNA of British people
  3. Eastern english people`s mt-DNA
  4. Lie about mtDNA haplogroup frequencies in Spain.
  5. Why have some mtDNA haplogroups declined so much since ancient times ?
  6. Question about Mtdna
  7. Mor information about this mtDNA subclades
  8. mt-DNA Nordic haplogroups
  9. rare mutations
  10. why arent there subraces attributed to mtdna?
  11. Identifying the original Indo-European mtDNA from isolated settlements
  12. Which mtDNA haplogroups could be associated with Indo-Europeans?
  13. what mtdna types accompanied the j2 e3b types of southeastern europe ?
  14. Mesolithic and Neolithic inhabitants of West-Europe
  15. Haplogroup U and Ursula
  16. First mitochrondrial sequences for Afghanistan!!!
  17. Sumerian, Reatic and PIE
  18. Daughters of Mitochondrial Eve
  19. Native American Genes found in Icelandic Families
  20. Roman mtDNA?
  21. Possible link between mtDNA and autism
  22. MtDNA of the Iberians
  23. How did Mtdna J and T come To Northern Europe?
  24. West Eurasian language family linked to mtdna Haplogroup U
  25. Why is mtDNA Haplogroup definition still based on CRS?
  26. "Icelanders descended from Native Americans"
  27. (mtDNA) haplogroups defining mutations
  28. Circassian or Muslim Caucasian mtDNA?
  29. Coughing
  30. MtDNA Haplogroups I and W
  31. mtDNA distribution in Iranian Kurdistan.
  32. Names of Mitochondrial DNA haplogroups
  33. Lies about Rhouda et al. 2006 study and MtDna in Spain
  34. Mitochondrial DNA variability in Bosnians and Slovenians
  35. The original Indo-European Mitochondrial haplogroup(s)
  36. Substantial East Eurasian Mt DNA in pre-kurgan population?
  37. MtDNA of famous people : more interesting than it appears
  38. New studies about Portuguese mtDna
  39. Henry IV of France's mtDNA lineage and cousins
  40. Full mtDNA sequences of the Poles, Czechs and Ukrainians
  41. Clans of MtDna family
  42. MtDNA J & T colonised Europe from the Near East in the late Paleolithic & Mesolithic
  43. Retracing the mtDNA genealogy of Louis XVI (haplogroup N1b)
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  45. Ashkenazi clade ?
  46. Prince William belongs to Indian mtDNA haplogroup R30b
  47. All Human Paleolithic and Mesolithic DNA ever discovered
  48. mtDNA R1A in Colinial Virginia. How?
  49. Y DNA and mtDNA percentages reveal things about gender roles and human nature
  50. Retracing the mtDNA genealogy of Valdemar I of Sweden (haplogroup Z1a)
  51. Chronology of European mtDNA
  52. How do I start understanding results?
  53. Updated data on Cypriot mt-DNA haplogroups (please correct maps)
  54. New map of East & North Asian mtDNA haplogroups in Europe and the Middle East
  55. To which ancient people can mtDNA haplogroups be linked to?
  56. MtDna questions
  57. Can detailed MT-DNA hgs be associated with certain linguistic population?
  58. Were mtDNA H2a1, I, R1a and W the haplogroups of the Maykop culture ?
  59. Could the Barbary Slave Trade Explain European mtDNA Haplogroups in North Africa
  60. another paper on Mtdna Iberia
  61. Build number 16 - released 19th FEB 2014
  62. New dedicated pages for mtDNA haplogroups
  63. Mutation in Coenzyme Q gene defines most major mtDNA haplogroups
  64. Lions' mitochondrial eve lived 125,000 years ago
  65. Sources from french mtHaplogroups repartition
  66. L3D3 or H5
  67. Neanderthal mtDNA Discovered?
  68. Analysis of over 2,000 HVR1 profiles From SouthWest Asia
  69. U7 mtDNA haplogroup
  70. What does that mean?
  71. Post mtDNA Data/Studies!!!!
  72. Part 1: Looking For mtDNA Diversity in West Eurasia
  73. Please Post mtDNA data
  74. Basque vs Danish mtDNA
  75. Arabian peninsula MtDna
  76. African MtDna Signatures in the Iberian Peninsula
  77. mtDNA haplogroup divergence dates
  78. Asia has 5 mtDNA gene pools
  79. Sardinian mtDNA
  80. Mapping Human Disperal from an Arabian Refugium using MtDna R0a
  81. Indepth Look at mtDNA JT
  82. New paper on mtDna in Iberia
  83. Y-DNA and mtDNA diversity
  84. New map of mtDNA haplogroup UK
  85. New page dedicated to famous members of mtDNA haplogroups
  86. Haplogroup R0 in Europe?
  87. Natural Selection Transformed European mtDNA?
  88. S. Asia's West Eurasian mtDNA
  89. North Africa's West Eurasian mtDNA
  90. Hello everyone
  91. Confusion over R0a
  92. Finnish mtDNA
  93. mtDNA phylogeny redrawed by a Chinese team
  94. Spain's mtDNA: Past and Present
  95. mtDNA from the western pontic steppe
  96. Maternal DNA study for Romania
  97. Siberian mtDNA, Past and Present
  98. Where did H11a come from?
  99. Origin and spread of mtDna U7
  100. MtDna "U" diversity in Serbia
  101. The distribution of mtDna H in southern Iberia
  102. Globular_Amphora mtDNA you didn't notice
  103. danish mtdna new paper
  104. Mitogenomes from Estonia
  105. Polish HG U5b1b1, Polish Lengyel mtDNA LBK-like
  106. Is there a possibility that I’m Jewish?
  107. Tomenable, Maciamo
  108. Balkans Smalkans
  109. The age of ULTIMATEness
  110. Out of Iran
  111. The evidence says one thing, they say another
  112. mtDNA K=UHG?
  113. MTDna - U1A1
  114. mtDNA RO?
  115. MtDna from Crete
  116. Mixed Haplogroup Matches
  117. neandertal signitures in human mtdna
  118. Pictish matrilineality, mtDNA, and the megalithic substrate of the language
  119. mtdna Haplogroup U1 /General/
  120. Hello
  121. mtDna only interests me
  122. Hungarian Maternal Ancestry
  123. Middle Eastern Mt Dna in North Africa
  124. What are the most common mtdna haplogroups in Eastern Germany ?
  125. My mtDNA Wiki report
  126. "Celtic" mtDNA in England
  127. Is it probably safe to say I'm HV0f?
  128. Mtdna h15
  129. What's your theory on your mt-haplogroup ?
  130. Anyone else with maternal haplogroup A4a1?
  131. 2018 FtDNA mtDNA data (17K samples)
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  133. 90% of species on Earth today came into being 100,000 to 200,000 ybp
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  135. How One Woman Brought the 'Mother's Curse' to Canada
  136. U4c1
  137. MtDNA Haplogroup R1a1
  138. mtDNA R1b
  139. Long-term matrilineal continuity in a nonisolated region of Tuscany
  140. N9a3
  141. Biparental inheritance of mtDna in humans
  142. Mtdna L3e2b
  143. Mitogenomic data indicate Inner Asian and Srubnaya components in ancient Hungarians
  144. Haplogroup U7 (mtDNA)
  145. mtDNA J1c
  146. El Aramo mine (Chalcolithic - EBA Asturias) mtDNA and Bell Beakers
  147. U2e1a
  148. Where'd did mtdna U9 originate?
  149. Exploring European ancestry among the Kalash population: a mitogenomic perspective
  150. Reich's first released paper of 2021: Mitochondiral Genome Diversity of Central Siber
  151. Complete mitogenomes document substantial genetic contribution from the Eurasian Step
  152. U1a1
  153. need help. about Mt R2
  154. Jameslick analysis
  155. The genomic origin of Zana of Abkhazia ( mtdna L2b1b)
  156. Haplogroup H is NOT Native to Europe?
  157. Inteligence is linked to mt-DNA Haplogroups?
  158. Location of Eurasian mt-DNA lineages
  159. mtDNA A23 in Galicia (Spain)
  160. Macro-haplogroup R and her subclades
  161. Are there more detailed mtDNA tests?
  162. Had anyone constructed a MTDNA phylogenetic tree?
  163. European mixture dominates in Latin America
  164. Cuba/Puerto Rico haplogroups
  165. Qin shihuang mausoleum:"greek" slaves tested T haplogroup
  166. The ancestors of Askenazi women in B. Beaker England and Spain
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  168. Phylogeography of Sub-Saharan Mitochondrial Lineages Outside Africa...
  169. 12% of al-Andalus women are non-Spanish
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  172. Digging into the admixture strata of current-day Canary Islanders based on mitogenome
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  174. Extraordinary selection on the X Chromosome