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  1. Primordial horseshoe crabs are the ancestors of arachnids
  2. Modern beer yeast emerged from mix of European grape wine, Asian rice wine yeast
  3. Share of population with mental health and substance abuse issues
  4. Medieval plague may have reached SSA
  5. Coevolution of visual behaviour
  6. Could Alzheimer's be a reaction to infection?
  7. Many shark speices on the brink of extinction
  8. 51,000 yo hepatitis virus strain in Australia
  9. Calorie intake and obesity
  10. Dairy consumption and height
  11. Fat, not meat, led to bigger brains.
  12. Tea, coffee and chocolate: which is better for health?
  13. Does creatine boost cognitive function?
  14. Dramatic drop in Cervical Cancer
  15. Three 'parents' offspring born in Greece.
  16. Tango Therapy for Parkinsons
  17. Vaccine for malaria
  18. Head injuries and neuropsychological deficits in criminals
  19. Effects of cannabis use in adolescence
  20. Gender differences in the brain of alcohol abusers
  21. Why embryo selection doesn't accomplish much
  22. Bedbugs evolved more than 100 million years ago
  23. Bacteria and chronic ulcers
  24. Why do men and women feel pain differently
  25. Are we eating too much salt?
  26. Homozygous CCR5-∆32 is bad news for longevity
  27. Birth weight predicts physical and psychiatric health in later life
  28. Why do women get more auto-immune diseases than men
  29. Gene linked to cannabis use disorder also linked to nicotine addiction
  30. How Does Plexaderm Work?
  31. Sex differences in the developing brain
  32. A Cure for Ebola?
  33. HIV found in 1966 tissue sample
  34. How did early Amerindians survive living so far north?
  35. Viruses and obesity
  36. Aspirin and Alzheimer's
  37. #1 Bad Science-Salt and Cardiovascular Disease 2019
  38. Always use high temperatures for washing
  39. Anti-depressants of little help for major depressive disorder
  40. Assortative mating speeding up evolution
  41. Statins do decrease the risk of cardio-vascular disease
  42. Cannabis doesn't seem to help with Autism Disorder
  43. Mom was right: Dress Warmly in Cold Weather :)
  44. Sexual desire in men versus women
  45. 90% of pancreatic cancer cells killed in 14 days
  46. The History of Measles
  47. Decreasing body temperature in humans since the Industrial Revolution
  48. Too much inbreeding among the Amish?
  49. Acne is a disease of industrialized cultures?
  50. Why do so many recent viruses come from bats?
  51. Wearable brain stimulation device for stroke victims
  52. The science behind Covid-19 - All you need to know
  53. Prolonged brain development in Australopithecus afarensis
  54. Why is mortality from Covid-19 higher in Italy?
  55. Immunity to COVID-19
  56. Coronavirus Transmission
  57. The evolutionary history of extinct and living lions
  58. Alzheimer's drug to miraculously restore blood vessels?
  59. Do some mosquitoes prefer human blood over other animal blood?
  60. Does regular physical exercice really increase life expectancy?
  61. Blood Alkalinity (antivirus info)
  62. How males develop
  63. Vitamin D supplements protect against coronavirus
  64. Sexual habits and certain kinds of cancer