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  1. Breast Cancer on Rise in Men, Study Shows
  2. false memories
  3. Long ring fingers indicate more virility, aggressivity or fertility
  4. How intelligent really are apes ?
  5. Autism epidemic ?
  6. The danger of mobile phones for health
  7. First-born children likely to have higher IQ than siblings
  8. Chimpanzees beat humans at visual memory tests
  9. The truth about female ejaculation
  10. The placebo effect
  11. Nutrition facts or hoax ?
  12. High testosterone linked to stingy behaviour
  13. Newborns' crying melody reflect parents' language
  14. Does diet or climate keep us alive longer ?
  15. Regarding human behavior and the tribe
  16. Tuesday 30th March (Beam Day)
  17. Skinput : use your own skin as a keypad !
  18. Scientists make cancer cells vanish
  19. Human semen is a natural antidepressant
  20. Voyager Enters Solar System's Final Frontier
  21. Testosterone reduces empathy
  22. Strong bones and teeth linked with high testosterone and male fertility
  23. Extremes in testosterone affect financial risk taking
  24. New Particle!
  25. Have you experienced ASMR?
  26. Are you wasting your life?
  27. Scandinavians Have Larger Brains
  28. Nature vs Nurture - Feral Children
  29. Racial classification - Is it racism or racialism?
  30. Important Scientific Proof.
  31. Air, almost nothing.
  32. How to define a species ?
  33. Can parents' strength of character influence the sex ratio of their children ?
  34. Migraine Headache.
  35. Running the 100m Dash in a Vacuum?
  36. Fat Burning
  37. Can homosexuality be caused by a mother wanting a child of the opposite sex ?
  38. Harvard professor wants Neanderthal baby?
  39. Are GM foods good for you? Why do we need them?
  40. Genetic Link to Craniosynostosis.
  41. Is free energy possible. Was Tesla right?
  42. Why does life exist? A new theory
  43. How many senses people have, 5 or 6? ....think again.
  44. Amazing video of inner working of weather.
  45. Curing addictions.
  46. Surprising Find: Live Bacteria Help Create Rain, Snow & Hail
  47. Stem Cells - the key to longevity.
  48. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Research Study
  49. What is Neuromelanin?
  50. The DNA Phantom Effect
  51. HIV pandemic originated in Congo in the 1920's
  52. Virus of 'stupidity'?
  53. Fungicide vs Oomycetes and Ascomycetes
  54. It's Official-Eat Your Broccoli (And Take Ibuprofen) If You Want to Prolong Your Life
  55. Hugs Help Protect Against Stress and Disease
  56. New Evidence That Musical Training Helps the Brain
  57. Can mobile phones effect our DNA?
  58. Thousand Year Old Anglo-Saxon Recipe Kills MRSA SuperBug Cultures
  59. Bumper of Łągiewka
  60. Thalidomide, anyone?
  61. Bacon Causes Cancer
  62. Is there any other information about intestinal flora in metagenomics studies?
  63. Death rates on the rise for middle aged white women, decreasing for men
  64. HIV information
  65. Deliberate cancer remission and never get cancer again! Are you interested?
  66. Primer on Medical and Population Genetics-Broad Institute
  67. How to interpret your microbiome (Ubiome) results ?
  68. E-cigarette---efficient or not
  69. Causal Link Between Schizophrenia and Specific Immune System Gene Variants
  70. 2,000 year old skeletons reveal migration to Rome during the imperial era
  71. Beneficial gut bacteria that produce vitamins B2, B9, B12 and K2
  72. Bilingualism changes the human brain in a good way
  73. Genomic Risk Prediction of Coronary Heart Disease
  74. Genomic Roots of Hair Diversity
  75. Children of Older Fathers Less Fit
  76. Our Future "Genetic Load"
  77. Importance of sleep. Dreams explained.
  78. Gut bacteria's role in neurotransmitter production
  79. Role of Fungicides in Autism, Parkinsons and Alzheimers
  80. Growing importance of the sun vitamin, D3.
  81. Microbes drive evolution of animals and plants. Darwin's theory is inadequate?
  82. Anti-bacterial soaps may do more harm than good
  83. BBC News: 'Secret' of youthful looks in ginger gene
  84. Meet LUCA-The ancestor of all living things
  85. Does skipping breakfast cause weight gain
  86. Evolution of caffeine
  87. Why did humans lose their hair
  88. Allergies-Why do Amish children suffer less from them?
  89. Genetically modified mosquitoes to be used in fight against the Zika virus
  90. Common causal Variants of Disease Eurasia wide?
  91. Increased blood flow caused growth of huminid brain?
  92. Obesity in 7 easy steps
  93. Male pattern baldness and genetic prediction
  94. Sugar industry paid scientists to promote fat, not sugar as tied to heart disease
  95. Did retroviruses help make us human?
  96. It's time to retire the five second rule.
  97. The neurological disease responsible for the death of Robin Williams
  98. Cancer Causing HPV virus from interbreeding with Neanderthals/Denisova?
  99. Dramatic decline in dementia/alzheimer's rates
  100. Children of older fathers have less evolutionary fitness
  101. Ancient Roman remains contain malaria parasites
  102. Origin and control of modern syphillis
  103. High Altitude Adaptation in Tibetan Mastiffs
  104. Oldest evidence of smallpox found in Lithuania
  105. Why can't monkeys talk?
  106. Leprosy bacterium found in European red squirrels
  107. Fat fuels the spread of cancer.
  108. Association between capsaicin and cognitive function
  109. Stomach Acid Blockers Linked To Infections
  110. Chemicals from 2 Mediterranean plants may delay neurodegenerative diseases
  111. Alzheimer drug regrows pearly whites!
  112. Can reading books prolong life?
  113. Mixed results for replicability of cancer studies
  114. Skin cancer, a mass destruction.
  115. Does weight loss surgery work?
  116. Water's capacity to remember
  117. The consequences of voluntary vaccinations for children
  118. Italy’s Struggling Economy Has World’s Healthiest People (Bloomberg)
  119. The key to curing disease
  120. Adaptation and the Duffy blood system
  121. Preemies and intellectual disabilities
  122. Eating cheese does not raise risk of heart attack or stroke, meta-analysis finds
  123. Is Goji really that bad?
  124. Global warming, Paris agreement, Ice Age and desertification.
  125. Faces recreated from monkey brain signals
  126. Studying cancer through genetic geneaology
  127. Autism risk increases with number of fevers during pregnancy
  128. Are we ready for possible global pandemics?
  129. "Scientists Unravel the Mystery of DNA Organization"
  130. Genetic disaster from polygamy
  131. Genetic determinants of common diseases
  132. Genetic correlation between neuroticism and other traits
  133. New antibody attacks 99% of HIV strains
  134. Vegetative-state patient regains consciousness through vagus-nerve stimulation
  135. Autism-How Heritable Is It
  136. Caffeine consumption and sleep disruption
  137. Omega 6 fatty acids and Type 2 Diabetes
  138. Link between obesity and Caesarian section?
  139. Is social science a pseudo science?
  140. Rare mutation protects against aging
  141. Cystic Fibrosis
  142. AI-controlled brain implants for mood disorders tested in people
  143. U.S. scientists take step toward creating artificial life
  144. Heritability of Suicide
  145. 'Super Horses' With Edited DNA Could Be Real By 2019
  146. Lack of sleep boosts levels of Alzheimer's proteins
  147. Speed-Breeding Crops: New Green Revolution
  148. New Brain Mapping Technique Highlights Relationship between Connectivity and IQ
  149. Study of 385-million-year-old shark suggests humans and sharks shared common ancestor
  150. Neuroscience predicts decision-making in moral dilemmas
  151. Why fiber is good for you
  152. Evolution of the First Animals
  153. What species is most fit for life?
  154. Epigenetic Supersimilarity of Identical Twins
  155. Building Blocks of Life: Meteorites transported Water and Organic Compounds to Earth
  156. First primates cloned in China
  157. Extremophiles and the Beginnings of Life on Earth
  158. The Composition of Super-Earths
  159. The Brain can Assign Value to an Object in less than a Tenth of a Second
  160. The Ancient Origins of Neural Substrates for Land Walking
  161. Brain imaging helps redefine intelligence
  162. Humans blink strategically in response to environmental demands
  163. A comprehensive genomic history of extinct and living elephants
  164. Chimps, Bonobos, and Humans may share a Common Body Language
  165. Fossilised plant leaf wax provides new tool for understanding ancient climates
  166. Are we living in a virtual reality?
  168. DNA CHANGES in SPACE and in non 'earth' conditions
  169. Astronomers discover galaxies spin like clockwork
  170. Obesity dulls the sense of taste
  171. Why aren't humans 'knuckle-walkers?'
  172. Genome of the American Cockroach
  173. Monkeys use tools to crack nuts, shuck oysters
  174. Another downside of weight gain: toenail fungus
  175. Researchers learn why aquatic mammals need to be big, but not too big
  176. Knuckle-Cracking
  177. Interstitium: New Human Organ Discovered
  178. Is there life adrift in the clouds of Venus?
  179. Roasting Cocoa beans can preserve both chocolate health benefits, and taste
  180. Ancient origins of viruses discovered
  181. Altering silkworm genes to cause addition of useful protein into silk production
  182. Whole-genome sequencing of the blue whale and other rorquals
  183. Genetic adaptations to diving discovered in humans for the first time
  184. Dogs and humans share similar gut bacteria
  185. No more hugs?
  186. Earth BioGenome Project aims to sequence DNA from all complex life on Earth
  187. Neanderthal vs human brain using computational anatomy
  188. Dark chocolate may temporarily boost vision
  189. First XDR typhoid is on the verge of being untreatable, spreading globally
  190. Want to remember your dreams? Try taking vitamin B6
  191. Scientists find the first bird beak, right under their noses
  192. Five Genetically Identical Cloned Puppies
  193. Mars’ growth stunted by an early giant planet instability
  194. Large Predators Rebounding and Re-Colonizing Unexpected Habitats
  195. How CRISPR can be used to detect any kind of cancer and microbial infection
  196. Neuroscientists find first evidence animals can mentally replay past events
  197. Memories could be stored in neuron's nucleus rather than in the synapses
  198. Genomic info linking extinct giant ground sloth to modern species
  199. Could recent supernovae be responsible for mass extinctions?
  200. Week-end "lie ins" could be good for your health
  201. Are yawns really contagious?
  202. Oxytocin and vasopressin equalises social dominance among primates
  203. The Genetics of Human Behavior
  204. FADS1 and adaptation to agriculture
  205. Improved ape genome assemblies provide new insights into human evolution
  206. Humans have unique skin compared to other mammals
  207. Sea urchins are essentially one single compound eye
  208. Natural History Museum to digitize 80 million specimens
  209. Jahai hunter-gatherers' sense of smell
  210. Are Smarter Animals Bigger Troublemakers?
  211. Dogs understand what's written all over your face
  212. At any point in life, people spend their time in 25 places
  213. More clues that Earth-like exoplanets are indeed Earth-like
  214. "Experiment.com": Crowdfunded Research Projects
  215. First-ever color X-ray on a human
  216. Cancer rates today 100 times higher than in Ancient Egypt
  217. Earth's Moon may have had life in the distant past
  218. Mediterean Diet against modern 'diseases and symptoms.
  219. Bad Science-Salt and Cardiovascular Disease
  220. Google DeepMind's AI can detect over 50 sight-threatening eye conditions
  221. Water-worlds are common: Exoplanets may contain vast amounts of water
  222. Variants for Schizophrenia in a Finnish population
  223. Rare intermediate fossils give insight into evolution of bird-like dinosaur
  224. Gut bacteria enzyme can turn A, B and AB blood types into O type
  225. Lifetime cannabis use examined.
  226. Heritability of TB progression
  227. Resting heart rate vs activity by country.
  228. Large gender difference in navigational ability?
  229. Taking an aspirin a day
  230. Ovulation is linked to sexual motivation, not mate preference
  231. The scent of attractiveness
  232. New test measures men's fertility
  233. Six tiger subspecies confirmed
  234. Scientists Extract DNA From Seabiscuit’s Hooves To Figure Out How He Was So Fast
  235. How to see the problem of genetically modified food?
  236. The Genetics of Taste
  237. Multi-drug resistant infections
  238. ADHD-significant risk loci found
  239. Battling "super-bugs"-good news?
  240. Effect of consuming non-sugar sweeteners
  241. Delayed adaptation favors coexistence
  242. Step forward in understanding human feet
  243. Gene environment interactions in autism spectrum disorder
  244. Germs in your gut and brain diseases
  245. Genetically Modified and Non-GM Foods
  246. Great White Shark Genome Decoded
  247. De Novo mutations
  248. Left Handedness and Combat
  249. The Red Frankenstein.
  250. These Are the World's Healthiest Nations