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  1. Why is it that when Oriental folk say ASIAN
  2. Sports teams not nationalistic?
  3. How much do you feel the passing of the seasons ?
  4. Do you have eye problems ?
  5. What kind of cheese do you like to put on your pasta ?
  6. How do you eat your spaghetti ?
  7. Who will win the World Cup 2006 ?
  8. Do you use supermarket home delivery services ?
  9. All around Sports talk
  10. Would you eat haggis?
  11. French "Foreign Legion" team may not pass the World Cup preliminaries
  12. It`s hot!
  13. Do you like bagels?
  14. Full European semi-finals at the World Cup 2006
  15. What kind of music genre do you like or dislike ?
  16. Champions League
  17. Test your GQ (geographic quotient)
  18. What makes a racist comment/humor?
  19. French
  20. Personalised bank cards and stamps
  21. Who do you talk about controversial issues with?
  22. Confess your usual writing errors.
  23. Heart-wrenching true stories on video/dvd/big screen
  24. This is disturbing
  25. Universal beauty ?
  26. Which carmakers are popular in Europe?
  27. Which linguistic group is most active on Wikipedia ?
  28. What is your almamater?
  29. Just how reliable is the BBC ?
  30. Is beer a working class drink ?
  31. Anybody from Indianapolis, Indiana?
  32. What annoys you (about the news on TV) ?
  33. Hi from Texas
  34. I'm new here, and I thought I'd give you all a heads up about the UK
  35. Hello from Athens
  36. Hello from Tokyo
  37. "Gentleman" sports
  38. Real aims of the European Union
  39. Don’t Allow Your Weaknesses to Limit You
  40. Let's make fun of France TV
  41. European Super league?
  42. Newbie
  43. Greetings
  44. any techeis there
  45. any techeis there
  46. Where would you live?
  47. Mediterraneans want to be liked, Northern Europeans prefer... OT about Reinaert
  48. Post a song that you like...
  49. Greatest Spanish contribution(s) to the world ? OT about South America
  50. Greatest Spanish contribution(s) to the world ? OFFTOPIC @ ETA
  51. Ciao to everyone!
  52. Vikings had rare mtDNA haplogroups OFFTOPIC about Amerindians
  53. Hello from me!
  54. Random!
  55. The worst driver in Ireland...
  56. Link between haplogroup E and poor economic performance OT about the Aztecs
  57. Link between haplogroup E and poor economic performance OT about Knovas & Ferreiro
  58. Bloopers
  59. Hello from Colorado, USA!
  60. Is he French or Saudi or Lebanese or Italian or Scandinavian?
  61. Keegah - Introduction
  62. Where do police cars chase people for speeding ? (except in the US)
  63. What the Internet is saying about Eupedia
  64. Why do American kids call Santa Claus "Santa" instead of "Claus" ?
  65. Do you use Facebook and Twitter ?
  66. DAHIN family, Bouffioulx, Hainaut, Belgium.
  67. Why are so many unrelated hotels called Continental, Metropole, Bristol or Astoria ?
  68. Favourite Cocktail?
  69. (Offtopic from Baltic/Slavic split)
  70. Hi from Lagos, Nigeria
  71. If you need a pick-me-up...
  72. Quality formal clothing brands
  73. favorit things
  74. The Etymology of "Chit-Chat".
  75. EUPEDIA best Forum
  76. Hello friends
  77. Info wanted for a story I'm writing.
  78. It's My Birthday!
  79. New Evidence that Jesus had a wife: Truth or Fraud?
  80. That's it bros, Joffrey is dead ...
  81. Can you solve the Rubik's cube?
  82. Bros, I feel that I will be attacked by squirrels
  83. Fountain pens: do you use any?
  84. Funny commercials
  85. In Honor of Mothers Everywhere
  86. "Happy-Pharrell"-The Globalization of Culture
  87. Weird Ads on Eupedia
  88. The survival of hunting and gathering in modern Europe!
  89. I'm Famous!
  90. Why does almost everyone here a Y-chromosome.
  91. Members' Pictures Thread (Photos about yourself)
  92. What music are you listening to?
  93. As the Flagmaker of Haplogroups, I solemnly request your opinion.
  94. Happy 2015!
  95. European beautifull road
  96. My dog wants to kill you
  97. Hello!
  98. Avatars
  99. Space Center
  100. I got a Joe Pesci complex
  101. Got me some Hoegaarden Belgian beer
  102. Anyone notice..
  103. Any Good news?
  104. Hello Everyone
  105. Disgusting Food of Europe Map
  106. Reindeer like bananas
  107. Celebrating with flowers.
  108. Book "Dolphins"
  109. I'll call you back
  110. blondes are smart but discriminated
  111. Cairo 1953
  112. help me please
  113. If you had to be an ethnicity other than your own, which would it be?
  114. What should i do ?
  115. For Foodies
  116. Technical post
  117. Child snatched by alligator at Disney World
  118. Spanish Language Music
  119. Fantasy and conspiracy about white pyramid
  120. Good bye to bank passwords
  121. don't criticize Erdogan
  122. Euro 2016
  123. About to play TIS-100...wish me luck
  124. Funniest video ever (NSFW)
  125. Frustrated & Scared
  126. a place with a Michelin star and a meal for 1.30 €
  127. Look but don't touch
  128. So I'm a baron now...
  129. Travelling soon! Need telecom manement help
  130. Wgy this page doesn't work?
  131. truffles Tuber
  132. DNA releases dog on death row
  133. In search for Aliens. Show us your favorite Alien.
  134. Popularity of Thanksgiving foods by state
  135. Reich lab has sequenced entire Indo European/Steppe genomes, results are in this vid
  136. Winnie the Pooh characters have psychiatric disorders
  137. the flying warehouse
  138. Turkish views on Atheist
  139. Genetic basis for veganism
  140. Putting the taste back into tomatoes
  141. If my mother(or father) married someone else, would I exist?
  142. Great war film
  143. Mahmoud Abou Zeid I urge the government of Egypt to do justice and release this young
  144. Posting pictures
  145. Cataholics rejoice!
  146. Interesting facts about the Unicorn Frappuccino
  147. New York and Long Island in springCentral Park-
  148. Where is the "coolest" place you've lived?*
  149. Songs to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in your life
  150. What movie have you watched lately
  151. Therapy cat for autistic child
  152. Some software development jobs are boring
  153. Age of sexual consent world wide
  154. Huge fire at hotel tower in London
  155. This is Sparta!!!!
  156. Happy Father's Day
  157. Another (van involved) terror attack in England
  158. Summer Solstice days
  159. Yesterday was national Mac and cheese day!! Favorite recipe?
  160. "The Game of Thrones"
  161. I'm going to beat alcohol..and restore my brain.
  162. Have you played Sid Meier's Civilization?
  163. Mandatory video everyone must see
  164. Totti's shirt is sent into space
  165. iPhone 7 plus is crap
  166. Human Mating Seasons
  167. I like Autumn (more than Summer)
  168. Will DNA prove bones are missing girl?
  169. The Italian Village of Bormida Won't Actually Pay You $2,100 to Move There
  170. Do you guys know what this means?
  171. What on earth has happened to anthrogenica?
  172. Who Do You Think You Are?/Finding Your Roots
  173. Almost fainted due to neck massage...
  174. Where do you get your news from?
  175. Christmas activities which should be banished
  176. The Walking Dead
  177. Supplements for liver and kidney health?
  178. New Year's Resolutions
  179. Draw something!
  180. Hauteville (Normans of the South) project ! incl DNA analysis !
  181. Tribute to Love for Valentine's Day
  182. The Caesars (2019 TV Series)
  183. Which Forum Color Style Are You Using?
  184. Celebrities or acquaintances with a parent or ancestor of Andalusian origin
  185. Is winter ever going to end?
  186. 'The First King' ('Il Primo Re') film about Romulus and Remus
  187. I accidentally cured my hearing issue in my left ear, but how?
  188. Happy DNA Day
  189. Do you watch The Big Bang Theory?
  190. Spring has Sprung! What flowers are in bloom in your area?
  191. Binge-Watching a TV Series (Good or bad for viewing experience?)
  192. AURA: Notre Dame Basilica Light Show (CA)
  193. "Black" mother gives birth to "white" child
  194. Pizza around the world
  195. The mayor who wants a 'sexy' police force in Lebanon
  196. BBC Don Coverage
  197. Fun Summer Songs
  198. Old Photos
  199. Sushi
  200. What's up with this Loki guy on TheApricity Forums?
  201. Classify me please ..identity crisis
  202. Was Afontova Gora an ancestor of Afanasievo
  203. Show me what you are eating!
  204. Happy Halloween Everybody
  205. A great dilemma
  206. Women of 50 are invisible to me
  207. Gossip in the Pop Gen World
  208. Perfumes and cosmetics distribuitors
  209. "Dawn of Man" PC Game set from the Stone-Age to the Iron-Age
  210. Croatian food in New York
  211. Sleeping aids
  212. Photos of your pets
  213. Are you finding jobs in Europe? Join Virtual Recruitment Job Fair
  214. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey (PC Game)
  215. Animals which have passed the "mirror" test
  216. Spring time
  217. What should i do ?
  218. Italian cuisine is the most popular in the world
  219. Happy St. Patrick's Day and St. Joseph's Day
  220. Some Help for Presentation Needed
  221. App to easily record phone conversations
  222. Pet Ownership by Country
  223. Recommendations-Netflix, Amazon, MHZ
  224. New beer from 220 year old recipe
  225. Do I have an epicanthic fold?
  226. Ever wonder why American tomatoes have no taste
  227. Interesting/beautiful visuals
  228. What does putting cameras on cats show?
  229. Why do dogs seem to look sad?
  230. For those who think cats are "soul less"
  231. https://copaamerica-final.com/
  232. https://copaamerica-final.com/live/
  233. Create Your Own DNA Avatar
  234. To attract more women, what should you carry?
  235. driver updater
  236. Family Origins
  237. Game of Thrones Weapons fact checked
  238. Heavy Drinking Increases when Uber arrives
  239. Share Your General Trivia Questions
  240. Merry Yule
  241. Car maker gender: which cars are more masculine or feminine?
  242. What do you like to drink?
  243. What is your muscle composition and post your best lift.
  244. 30 most watched music videos as of March 1, 2020
  245. The people that run Twitter are creeps
  246. Cooking from lockdown...
  247. Movies that are better than the Books they're based on
  248. Foods or condiments from other cultures you've learned to like
  249. A Total War Saga: TROY
  250. Favorite summer treat