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  1. Classify these Poles
  2. ANE substrate in NW European genotype and phenotype!?
  3. LBA Steppes and big phenotypical mess
  4. Nose Shape and Climate Adaptation
  5. Turkish
  6. Guess the ethnicity
  7. DNA dating: the molecular clock
  8. Heading towards the New Man: The Evolution of Homo Sapiens and the Fate of Humanity
  9. Cultural Traits in Europe: Persistence and European Integration
  10. "African genes are dominant"
  11. Droit du seigneur "right of the first night", real or not ?
  12. Why are men of the Dinaric Highlands so tall?
  13. Classify Me
  14. how do albanians look to you ?
  15. Difference between africans and arican americans ??
  16. Gene-culture coevolution
  17. Guess his origin
  18. Dravidians
  19. Bell Beaker phenotype and the flat occiput
  20. WEGENES Ancestral Face
  21. Guess and classify the type (state racial type)
  22. Pastoral societies
  23. Mediterranean Race–Problems of Classification
  24. What do you think of my average faces (ethnicity morphes)?
  25. Reconstruction of 15th century BC head of Egyptian official
  26. Anyone know who this is or became?
  27. The geographical concept of Europe mirrors the genetic concept of Europe
  28. Racial differences in Body Odour
  29. Cranial variation in samples from Roman Imperial cemeteries
  30. Reconstructed face of Pictish man
  31. Actual living human examples of the "Classical" phenotype?
  32. Does blood type predict personality and human behavior?
  33. How Tall Are You?
  34. Modern hunter-gatherers rarely nap and only sleep 6.5 hours a day in average
  35. Subdivisions of Polish people
  36. Isolating WHG, EEF, EHG, CHG Traits
  37. Body Hair-Why did we lose most of it
  38. Are they more Western or Southern European looking?
  39. Predictions for eye color
  40. Mating patterns in Sunghir-UP people 34,000 years ago
  41. Genes responsible for Nose Shape
  42. Pigmentation variation in Africa
  43. 2D4D digit ratio of European nations, gender equality and appearance.
  44. Celts and Curly Hair
  45. Hair colour
  46. Earliest Genes For Blond Hair dates back 16 000 B.C
  47. No evidence that female preferences for masculine faces is tied to hormonal levels
  48. Italy breakdown of YDNA, MTDNA, Autosomal
  49. "Origin" [or "Ethnicity"] of "Frizzy" hair
  50. Should Russians be considered European?
  51. Are Swiss Germans more related to Swiss Italians or Danes in terms of ethnography?
  52. Are Ulster Scots Celtic?
  53. Scandinavians are the healthiest in old age
  54. Why did all Germanic people had red hair?
  55. Classify Ukrainians
  56. Nordic/Corded phenotype came from EEF?
  57. Examples of beautiful Mediterranean women
  58. What is an ethnicity?
  59. Can you classify these Southwest French?
  60. Classify these Serbs
  61. Are Swiss Germans considered to be ethnically German?
  62. Ancient Baby Teeth from North Chile
  63. Classify Thomas Gottschalk (with DNA results)
  64. Walking styles
  65. Tribal Arabians
  66. The World’s Biggest Family Tree
  67. Looking for help in "classifying" this woman
  68. Classify Greek Chef
  69. Classify attractive looking Italian Chef Sonia Peronacci
  70. Kabyle Berber woman + her Gedmatch results
  71. Milograd culture
  72. Is race just a social construct?
  73. Recent reconstruction of Jomon woman
  74. When did ancient humans first "speak"
  75. Admixture and Adaptation in Human Evolution
  76. Metrics taxinomic anthropology and DNA - Steppes and I-E? use?
  77. Substantiating German heritage
  78. Have a guess where this guy is from
  79. Greeks form a genetic cline between the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean
  80. New map of average male body height in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa
  81. which hablogroup am i look like?
  82. Phenotype of the East African Maasai
  83. Culture may be encoded in dna
  84. Polish Phenotypes: North to South
  85. Sardinians: Phenotypical variation
  86. Map of Kashubians
  87. Is there any difference between Moravian and Bohemian phenotypes?
  88. The Jews of Madagascar
  89. Polish minority in Slovakia / pre-WW1 Hungary
  90. The Mystery of the Albanian Xhubleta
  91. Selection on SLC 24A5
  92. am i white?
  93. Sicilians: Phenotypical variation and similarity to other ethnic groups
  94. More German or Balkan looking?
  95. Vajunites - connection to Slovenia?
  96. Modern Italians who resemble busts from the classical era
  97. DIfferences in height not as affected by selection as previously thought.
  98. MyHeritage DNA Balkans category refers to the dinaric / epirotic race?
  99. Patterns of relatedness between IE ethno-linguistic families?
  100. Why girls love darker males?
  101. Free MyHeritage gross uploads to other sites
  102. Find many romanians with Greek DNA?
  103. Classify this man from Basel
  104. Classify Me (Italian) !!
  105. Eastern (Kresy) Poles in modern Poland
  106. GIS Datasets and Google Maps of ethnic groups
  107. Depigmentation snp 24A5 result of additive hard sweep in Europeans
  108. Reconstructions of famous historical figures
  109. Need to feel confident and proud
  110. Historically Slavs were only a small part of Europe's population
  111. Population size of Ancient Germanic Tribes
  112. Has Violence Declined Over Time?
  113. Family Ties in Western Europe-Persistent Contrasts
  114. Matrilineality
  115. Distinct facial expressions represent pain and pleasure across cultures
  116. Faces by latitude (my morphes)
  117. Skeletal abnormalities in early humans
  118. Vintage Italian photos
  119. Do you think that Romanians are genetically a gypsy Slavic mixture?
  120. What is the genetic composition of the romanians?
  121. Cousin Marriage Rates Explain More Than 50% of Variation In Democracy
  122. "Whiteness" in Classical Art
  123. Aromanians vlachs - The native population of Greece, Macedonia and Southern Albania
  124. Revised reconstruction of Bronze Age Scottish woman based on analyzed snps
  125. What "Santa" or St. Nicholas looked like?
  126. Genome wide study of hair color
  127. Skin lightening allele in Khoe-San
  128. Kingdom of Prussia: ethnic and religious structure in the 1800s
  129. An interesting map of the human population today.
  130. Thoughts on my dad’s ethnicity?
  131. What did the Early Jews of the Western diaspora looked like?
  132. Skin depigmentation alleles in Native Americans
  133. Reconstruction of Ancient British people
  134. Documentary about "dark skinned" first Swedes
  135. PIE music?
  136. Classify Achavanich Ava with GEDmatch results
  137. Did proto-Eurasians have wavy hair?
  138. Is this a True Nordic type?
  139. U.S. Immigration Commission on the Poles, published in 1911
  140. classify Qin shi huang
  141. Ethnic map of the Balkans from 1889
  142. Albanian faces
  143. non-dental affinities Ibeomaurusian, Levant and Europe from Paleo to Neol-Chalcolithi
  144. Real Spain´s nordids (for those that keep posting the wrong ones).
  145. Ancient Egyptian Phenotype
  146. Andalusian Blondism- Family studio
  147. Why so much interest among Spaniards on blondism/Scandinavia?
  148. 100% European but don't look white.
  149. Natural Selection for Stature in Pygmies
  150. See the face of a man from the last gasps of the Roman Empire
  151. East European German admixture in Germany after WW2 - where they settled
  152. Kashubian protest against the Treaty of Versailles in Bytów on 16.05.1920
  153. Guess the ethnicity of this XIX century gentleman
  154. The evolution of Bipedality
  155. Why do humans have round heads?
  156. Lower fertility in Europe started in France before industrialization
  157. New discovery about the age of H Sapiens in Europe
  158. Kosovar Albanian height among tallest in Europe and the world
  159. What bothers you about your people/nation?
  160. Strange bone protuberance on my skull
  161. Genetic similarities and differences between Bosnian Croats, Bosnian Serbs, and Bosni
  162. Classify me; recent
  163. Face of Druid woman?
  164. Mysterious Europeans
  165. Do I have an effeminate appearance?
  166. Ethnic Map of Ancient Europe
  167. Map of Roman Europe 180 AD
  168. North Italians have small faces and weak chins? Don't think so.
  169. Pigmentation of Sintashta
  170. Slavic-speaking fishermen on the island of Rugen in 1890
  171. Phenotype doesn't necessarily correlate with specific levels of ancestry
  172. Classify my friend:
  173. Time for some fun: Guess this man
  174. Classify this man. He belongs to an indigenous group in extinction.
  175. Phenotype Twins
  176. classify a beautiful girl
  177. classify this gentleman.
  178. classify him
  179. Guess ethnicity of this guy
  180. Classify this man who is wishing a Merry Christmas to all.
  181. Classify him (myHeritage results revealed after)
  182. Faces of Edinburgh people from the past
  183. Classify him
  184. Passionate kissing is not a human universal
  185. social networks help devellop new tools
  186. What did humans eat before the Neolithic?
  187. Faces of Brazil
  188. Do Australians retain archaic phenotypic characteristics?
  189. Thread to enjoy singers from different nationalities / ethnicities
  190. Black/mixed- celebrities with light eyes!
  191. Is it common to have so many hair color variations during your life?
  192. Guess his nationality / ethnicity. he is a singer.
  193. Guess his ethnicity
  194. Portuguese women.
  195. Atrantic med or gracile?
  196. What would "pure" versions of these genetic components like?
  197. Dumb Thread:How much influence is there of ENA on European phenotypes
  198. Classify (just the ones you find interesting)
  199. some wrong reputations or stereotypes about physical aspect of populations
  200. Classify Actor
  201. Crimean Tatars: What phenotypes are present?
  202. Dark hair was common among Vikings, genetic study confirms
  203. Comparison of pictures of famous people as children and adults
  204. Am I Brachycephalic.?
  205. Portuguese bullfighters
  206. Why not a tread to admire beauty contest winners? Post your favorites.
  207. Restoration of the Apoxyomenos
  208. Guess her ethnicity
  209. Roman Emperors First Century CE
  210. Are Italians discriminated against in Australia?