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  1. Men with feminine faces more attractive, study says
  2. How much of a Neanderthal are you ?
  3. Are Italians more sexy because of their higher genetic diversity ?
  4. Neanderthal : facts and myths
  5. Alt Europa or Ancient Europe
  6. Whats the differnce between western mediterraneans and eastern mediterraneans?
  7. Brachycephaly
  8. Were first arrivals in Europe Khoisan race??
  9. Neanderthal - Australoid
  10. Race and IQ
  11. Do you have an "Anatolian bump" at the back of your head?
  12. Date of first huamn remains in the Philippines pushed back.
  13. In Italy, north–south differences in IQ predict differences in income,
  14. My average faces by countries (composite/morphes)
  15. Blood type and gender : are women more likely to be A and men O ?
  16. Old Slavs- racial question
  17. Ancient bog girl face reconstruction
  18. The concep of a "mediterranean" race/mediterranean genetics
  19. Anthropological study of the new people of sierra morena.
  20. Which European groups have phenotypical overlap with the Middle East & North Africa?
  21. Do Italians look more like Spaniards/Portuguese, or Greeks?
  22. How important are national/ethnic looks to you?
  23. Height of Dutch and American people
  24. Phenotypes of the Greeks
  25. Appearance of Finns versus other Scandinavians.
  26. Appearance of Sicilians relative to other Mediterraneans? (poll included)
  27. Clarification regarding Pontid and East Med subraces.
  28. Multiple choice; Where in Europe can Armenians and Georgians pass as natives?
  29. European Races
  30. Where can North Africans pass in Europe?
  31. World Map of the Penis Size Worldwide (country) by Country.
  32. Final thread.. which Europeans overlap with Levantines? Multiple choice.
  33. Is haplogroups I linked to the highest body height ?
  34. For Women: what features attract you most? Choose a picture
  35. For Men: Choose the features you are attracted the most
  36. metrics, old anthropology and haplogroups: 'dinarics' Y-I2a and history
  37. If hg. IJ folks were Cro-magnon who were R* folks?
  38. Are Austrians the same as Germans ??
  39. Interesting case.. where would you put her in europe?
  40. What is your cephalic index?
  41. Greeks; Who overlaps with them?
  42. Photographic file fenotípico of IBERIA.
  43. Who overlaps with the Iberians?
  44. Where would mexicans/central-americans' phenotype fit better in Europe?
  45. Assyrians.. what European ethnicities can they pass for? Choose all that apply.
  46. Phenotype variety... clashing faces
  47. The Mismeasure of Stephen Jay Gould
  48. What is the history of Blonde hair?
  49. Iranians.. which Europeans can they overlap with? (Multiple choice)
  50. Different eye shapes across Europe.
  51. mediterranean and so called levantine and semite looks
  52. Are mothers more likely than fathers to pass down their religion?
  53. Where would Iaquinta pass?
  54. Faces of Europe, averages on physical europe map
  55. Do folks in Europe have their own distinguish and unique race?
  56. Prevalence of Neanderthal Traits amongst Australian Aborigines?
  57. Your opinion of italians
  58. Origin of the Parisian in 1920
  59. Average height (male and female) among European nations.
  60. Romanians-descendants of Dacians?
  61. Hungarians-Slavic ?
  62. Concerning the article with red hair,@who wrote it
  63. Apperance of the illyrians
  64. Celts from Iberia
  65. reliability of metric studies comparing "same" populations of different times
  66. women breast and other shape questions in ethnies
  67. Ancient balts swarthy skinned ?
  68. OFFTOPIC: Kurds as Indo-Europeans & Indo-European haplogroups
  69. Bigfoot - Homo Sapiens and an unknown hominin hybrid?
  70. New tools help archaeology to trace ancient populations (bowel) movement.
  71. Human Phenotypes
  72. Cephalic index in Europe
  73. Europeoid subraces and types from V.V. Bunak
  74. Sicilians: Which groups overlap? (Multiple choice version)
  75. (OFFTOPIC about body size)
  76. Australopithecus sediba casts doubt on Lucy being human ancestor
  77. Reasons for economic success of certain religious, ethnic, and national groups...
  78. Hot Grerk-Roman Guys (Italy-Greece-Magna Grecia-Ancient classical look) tribute
  79. Greek-Roman female beauty (Italy-Greece-Magna Grecia) tribute
  80. Highest Life Satisfaction is in Switzerland! "How's Life?"
  81. Clyde Winters
  82. Chess and Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon connection
  83. Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews: Which non-Jewish ethnicities do they look closest to?
  84. Were Hunter-Gatherers first communists?
  85. Macedonian Slavs: which people are they genetically closest to?
  86. Racial images of Turks
  87. Racial images of Albanians
  88. Racial Images of Greeks
  89. Racial Images of Armenians
  90. Racial images of Georgians
  91. Turks vs. Georgians: Which group is more European?
  92. Facial reconstruction of 5,500-year old 'Stonehenge man' may be wrong
  93. Mt DNA and energy production. Do Mt U people love to suntan?
  94. Predicted (Indo-)European faces
  95. Classification Request
  96. ANE admixture and nomadic gene.
  97. Blue eyes in Altaian Kazakhs
  98. amazing discovering in Georgia
  99. Origin of the basques (revisit)
  100. Collection of skulls.
  101. modern phenotypes: a try
  102. Hello Eupedia friends! I need your help!!
  103. Appearance and Vestige of Beaker Folk (A Proxy)
  104. Is Turanid Caucasian or mix race? In Turkey Mongoloid features and admixture is high
  105. Classification Request
  106. People of the Appennino Reggiano
  107. Please classify this lady
  108. Yet another classification request ...
  109. The women of the Italian cabinet 2014
  110. New human species discovered?
  111. Bros, I'm back with a new classification request
  112. You may know her, but classify according to your educational background ...
  113. What is your eye colour?
  114. Guessing Thread-People Who Have Fooled You
  115. Classify L.
  116. Bulgars face reconstruction and race
  117. Will Shaw find God in Prometheus II?
  118. What can you say about these people?
  119. Please classify the following people:
  120. Identity, association & genealogy.
  121. Fino-ugrian influences in Russian folk customs&lifestyle and so on
  122. Conflict in Sahara 13,000 Years Ago
  123. Lower Testosterone Levels Helped in the Development of Civilization
  124. Scotland's Redheads
  125. Looks and Evolution of Early Europeans
  126. Please "classify" this actress
  127. Evolution and Looks of Amerindians
  128. shapes and collective classifications: attempt
  129. The look of the three ancestral components of europeans
  130. Possibility of modern/recent hominid sightings?
  131. "Baskid" and "Keltic-Nordid" types in Europe, are they related?
  132. Classify the people in these two photos please!
  133. Do you perceive this look as "Slavic"?
  134. Cajuns (OFFTOPIC from Which is more European ? Finno-ugric...)
  135. Could you guess and classify this beautiful woman?
  136. What We Inherited From Hunter Gatherers. (The genetic memory of the past).
  137. German Dziebel's Out of America Theory For The Origin Of Modern Humans
  138. Photos of the Maltese people.
  139. What exactly is Neanderthal DNA?
  140. Forensic Reconstructions of Steppe Peoples
  141. Does this Arab girl have negro Ancestry
  142. Are there just two main phenotypes?
  143. Could someone "classify" these two young women?
  144. Dwarves, Elfs, Hobbits and Humans
  145. How would you classify these three men?
  146. The Passing of the Great Race - Madison Grant
  147. Mesolithic man; Loschbour brought back to life
  148. The Buonaparte family
  149. Population Density in Upper Paleolithic
  150. Were paleolithic hunter-gatherers on drugs?
  151. Glacial effect on Paleolithic and Mesolithic population.
  152. Bronze Age Warrior from Poland
  153. What ancient civilization would you associate her with?
  154. 55,000 Year Old Skull In Isreal
  155. Please "classify" the 2Cellos musicians and where they could "fit".
  156. A 2.8-million-year-old jawbone fossil unearthed in an Ethiopia desert
  157. Is eyes color just an adaptation to environment?
  158. will the mammoths come to live again?
  159. Population of Indoeuropeans
  160. More Evidence of Cannibalism in Gough's Cave in Southwest England
  161. Reconstructions of ancient 2500 year old Circassian faces.
  162. Facial Reconstruction of the Franconian Lord of Moken 600 AD
  163. Facial recostruction of ancient 5900 years old Sicilian face
  164. Craniometrics and History - a tool or nothing?
  165. What are the evolutionary roots of attractiveness
  166. The People of The Arabian Peninsula ( Gulf Arabs ) Phenotypes
  167. Beautiful Arabian Gulf Women , Kuwaiti women
  168. Physical Anthropology or Hsitroy or genetics? to decide is the supervisors 'task
  169. Compare Facial features without: Eyes, Color, and Hair
  170. Reconstruction of Saxon Man's Face
  171. Evolution of smell-does pork smell sweet to you?
  172. Causes of death in Europeans
  173. Der Ewige Jude - not so eternal as it seems... :-)
  174. Khaleeji women / Gulf Arab women ( Kuwaiti women )
  175. Did ancient South Indians used to have curly hair?
  176. "Carbs Fueled Human Evolution"
  177. New Hominid found
  178. Cranial affinities of Mesolithic populations from Eastern Europe and Siberia
  179. Earliest modern human dated to 120,000 years ago found in southern China
  180. Sardinians
  181. Ancient, unknown cemetery uncovered in Dohuk
  182. beautiful Arab women video made by me
  183. Cephalic index of ancient populations and reconstructions
  184. Artist's Guide to Human Types by Joumana Medlej
  185. neolithic and metrics: some superficial observations
  186. When Natufians, the First Farmers, started farming.
  187. neolithic mutilation and killing site in eastern France
  188. Classify Taiwanese aborigines. Are they Ainu , Jomon , Polynesian, Caucasian ?
  189. Evolutionary Origins of Red Hair
  190. Height comparisons of modern Europeans
  191. human stature heredity and milieu
  192. Shaving Hair: Cultural Norm vs Personal Choice
  193. Surprising major difference in average face shape between Germans and Austrians
  194. Beetle and plant arrow poisons of the San peoples of Namibia
  195. Real Cannibals discuss the person they ate and why
  196. Warrior's 3,900 year old suit of bone armour unearthed in Omsk
  197. A Khoisan Bushman talks in English about the hippie lifestyle of his tribe
  198. Origins of Genus Homo - CARTA symposium 1/3
  199. The totally isolated tribes of the Andaman
  200. Ancient Albanian customs and traditions.
  201. Ice Age - metrics
  202. Neanderthals built mysterious cave structures 175,000 years ago
  203. BBs and skulls and strontium
  204. Average CWC skull metrics
  205. Gulf Arabs
  206. war before civilization
  207. "Camp stability predicts patterns of hunter–gatherer cooperation"
  208. Looking for pictures of people with very high percentages of an regional admixture
  209. Viking, phenotypes and old racial thought!
  210. Dutch men and Latvian women are the tallest in the world, new study finds
  211. Cimbri as a Bell Beaker phenomenon?
  212. Berbers are white and caucasoid people?
  213. Simona Molinari
  214. Europe's First Farmers Were Shockingly Violent
  215. Facial reconstruction of ancient Egyptian woman
  216. Facial reconstruction of Grand Princess Ingegerd
  217. Pigmentation of European Hunter Gatherers
  218. Gulf Arab women
  219. sports and race
  220. England would have seen a lot of people coming in
  221. 100-Year-Old Colour Portraits Of New York Immigrants
  222. How were Ukrainians and Southern Russians formed?
  223. Classify this man
  224. Phenotypes of North-western Europe a case study the Northern Netherlands
  225. What's the origin of Franco-German formality?
  226. G E R M A N S in Poland - facts, myths and legends.
  227. reconstruction of a 3.7 ka young woman
  228. European facial shape differentiation
  229. origin of brachycephaly
  230. Domestication can trigger complexity - Prehistoric Languages… and Prehistoric Minds
  231. Italians of the Diaspora
  232. Lucy, the missing link, fell off a tree!
  233. Reconstruction of PPN 9500 year old skull from Jericho
  234. Cromagnoid vs Brünnoid?
  235. If Azeris are European, why can't Turkey be part of the European nations?
  236. Eurabia project.. is it possible?
  237. Should Armenia be considered Middle East? Poll!
  238. Your physical idea of what Yamnayans look-like.
  239. Are North-East Europeans pysically/genetically closer to East Eurasians?
  240. classify Amazon and Jomon skull
  241. What will be the most common Y-haplogroup in Europe in the year 2050?
  242. Poland = San Escobar
  243. Why Spanish people look like the people of Yemen?
  244. Red Headed Turks
  245. Reconstruction of the face of an ancient Pict?
  246. What are the Hungarians?
  247. Does this drawing of skull shapes bear any resemblance to reality?
  248. If you had to live like a hunter-gatherer what lifestyle and location would you pick?
  249. Classify these Poles
  250. ANE substrate in NW European genotype and phenotype!?