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  1. Cloning
  2. Chinese, Americans Truly See Differently, Study Says
  3. Would you try a gene therapy ?
  4. Malaria resistance and lazy genes
  5. Medical conditions and risk factors associated with mtDNA haplogroups
  6. Happy genes
  7. What part of us is genetically determined ?
  8. Medical conditions associated with Y-chromosome haplogroups
  9. Talking mice ? How human variant of speech gene changes a mouse's brain
  10. ABO blood group and disease resistance
  11. Negative Rh factor-implications?
  12. Male Ryukyu rat reproduces without a Y chromosome
  13. How much do genes control our behaviour ?
  14. Environmental DNA modifications tied to obesity
  15. City live helped humans evolve immunity to TB
  16. Gluten Intolerance/Celiac
  17. Serotonin transporter (SERT) gene linked to happiness, optimism and life satisfaction
  18. MAOA-L : Warrior Gene or Justice Gene ?
  19. Lower male voices linked to lower sperm quality
  20. Genetic mutations or traits permitting potential resistance to AIDS
  21. can AIDS - SIDA be healed?
  22. What Y-DNA haplogroups are associated eith the following deseases?
  23. Possible link between mtDNA haplogroup and cardiovascular diseases
  24. Network of 192 genes identified as underlying cause of autism
  25. Prenatal nicotine exposure associated with dyslexia
  26. Male Stress May Affect Offspring.
  27. Are you in favour of some form of Eugenics?
  28. The ethics of three-person IVF
  29. How could I kill myself if I am too scared to jump off a bridge or a tall building?
  30. Familial Mediterranean Fever in a Colonial American Family Cluster
  31. ADHD and genetics
  32. Genetic engineering, designer babies and gene therapy: would you do it ?
  33. Can acquired traits and aptitudes be inherited through epigenetics ?
  34. Assembling gods, one letter at a time.
  35. Are proteins bad for your health ?
  36. How much of us can we change through gene therapy ?
  37. FiT-DNA
  38. Is it true that ancient Greeks lived more than ...
  39. KL gene variant found to increase IQ by six points
  40. Scientists were able to create life
  41. Is happiness genetic?
  42. People Choose Spouses With Similar DNA
  43. Father's age at conception influences offspring's mutation rate
  44. Your genes will tell you what you should eat.
  45. Children With Autism Exposed to More Steroid Hormones in The Womb
  46. what is a sticky gene
  47. Delay aging with Oxytocin?
  48. Delaying Aging Process For Better Health
  49. Religion and Family Prevent Some Mental Illness
  50. Americans Are Sad
  51. Why Diversity Increases Selfishness
  52. Twin Studies Prove Intelligence Mostly Genetic
  53. Male facial attractiveness and masculinity may provide sex- and culture-independent c
  54. MtDNA haplogroup I may improve light absorbtion and sleep & cut risk of schizophrenia
  55. Turmeric compound boosts regeneration of brain stem cells
  56. Ebola
  57. Genetic Engineering, Selective Breeding, & Designer Babies.
  58. Two Genes Linked To Violent Crime.
  59. Do children with autism acquire the phonology of their peers? An examination of group
  60. Cooperation Is What Makes Us Human
  61. Mother's Soothing Presence Changes Gene Activity in Brains of Infants in Pain.
  62. Can blood types influence the probability of autoimmune disorders?
  63. Cancer Identified in 4500 year old skeleton in Siberia
  64. A Pill For Obesity?
  65. Have You Taken 23 and Me Test?
  66. 23andMe hair color results
  67. U.K. Says YES To Three Person Babies.
  68. Rolling tongue and Duchenne
  69. How Losing Bitter Taste Genes Led to More Food Choices, Inc. Starches
  70. Epigenetic Research Regarding Ants.
  71. Narcissism vs Self esteem in Children
  72. High Fat Diet Alters Behavior and Produces Brain Inflammation
  73. Blood Test May Help Identify Those At Risk From Fragile X Related Disorders.
  74. Mother`s Diet And Offspring.
  75. Adolescent Drinking May Affect Adult Behaviour.
  76. Did the imposition of the death penalty result in selection against violent behavior?
  77. Gene Loss Creates Eating Disorder- Related Behaviour In Mice.
  78. ADHIB and alcoholism-independent evolution in Europe and E.Asia
  79. Why Do Mosquitoes Like Me Best?
  80. Correlation of Light Eye Color and Alcohol Dependence
  81. Possible Discovery Of Sixth DNA Base....
  82. Grains, celiac, non-celiac gluten intolerance
  83. DISC 1 gene correlated with mental iillness changes brain structure and connectivity
  84. Correlation between ability to delay gratification and white matter brain connections
  85. Blue eyes maybe linked to alcoholism
  86. Small Change in Plague Bacillus Altered Human History
  87. Hope for those with celiac disease
  88. Female Infertility
  89. Study Finds Association Between Traumatic Brain Injury and ADHD
  90. GM food- forbidden or not?
  91. Neolithic Europeans suffered from Leukemia
  92. Enrichment of Genes for Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Founder Populations-Finland
  93. Genetic Links to Schizophrenia-New Hope
  94. Genome-wide autozygosity is associated with lower general cognitive ability
  95. Relationship between IQ and "Success"
  96. Detection and interpretation of shared genetic influences on 40 human traits
  97. What does preferring your coffee black say about you?
  98. health data 23andMe
  99. Evolution of sex differences in the genetics of disease
  100. Milk Wars: Goat, Sheep or Cow
  101. Severe Maternal Inflammation Implicated in Autism
  102. Genetic Variants Which Make People Early Risers
  103. No alcohol at all for women during pregnancy
  104. Viking adaptation to worm infestation linked to lung ailments
  105. Legacy of Admixture with Neanderthals
  106. Convergent Evolution of Gene for Decreased Risk of Alcoholism
  107. Oxytocin Can Improve Compassion in People with PTSD
  108. Some cultures genetically wired for a Vegan diet
  109. Malaria evolved 100 million years ago
  110. Endogamy and disease in South Asia
  111. Can genetics influence when people lose their virginity?
  112. Drinks with high-fructose corn syrup could be making people stupid
  113. Genetic Associations for Migraines
  114. Mitochondrial Dna in evolution and disease
  115. Nutritionists versus the General Public-What is healthy food?
  116. New Paper on Consanguinity in the Middle East and its effects
  117. Cloning a Neanderthal, for or against?
  118. Heritability of ADHD among Swedes
  119. Genome of Justinian's Plague
  120. Redheads need more anesthesia to go under?
  121. IN 20-to-40 years human reproduction won't be through sex
  122. Donor dna to correct gene defect
  123. Deep sequencing of 10,000 human genomes
  124. Cluster of Gigantism in Ulster, Ireland
  125. Running endurance adaptations in humans?
  126. Disease susceptibility along the Italian peninsula
  127. Does music learning affect intelligence?
  128. Does the blood type strictly determine my ancestry?
  129. First real gene therapy "cure"?
  130. Does your Y chromosome haplogroup influence your personality?
  131. Higher sex drive in rhesus negative women
  132. Small increase in zinc intake leads to less dna deterioration
  133. Genetic mutation found for cleft palate and associated heart disease
  134. Update on genetic engineering
  135. Sleep is for forgetfullness
  136. Rogue Genetic Engineers
  137. Genetics of Male Pattern Baldness
  138. Heritability of human traits based on 50 years of twin studies
  139. Hemochromatosis-its evolutionary cause
  140. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome IS a real illness
  141. People With ADHD Have Different Brains
  142. First sickle cell anemia "cure"
  143. help interpreting this promethease result?
  144. Getting older gracefully.
  145. Genetics of Heart heart disease and long living
  146. Genetics and Malaria
  147. Vegetarianism may be favored by modern European genes.
  148. Neanderthal Immune System & Modern Europeans
  149. Neanderthal Genes and the Modern Brain
  150. "A genome-wide association study for extremely high intelligence"
  151. A case of "mother's curse" among Quebec's pioneers
  152. Assortative Mating in Admixed Latin American populations
  153. Fathers pass on four times as many new genetic mutations as mothers
  154. Stargardts Macular Dystrophy
  155. How do ADHD people think? Read this for a realistic explanation
  156. MENA countries and genetic variants for disease
  157. Genetics of Personality Development
  158. Genetic testing of embryos-Ethical considerations
  159. Ebola survivors still immune to virus after 40 years
  160. Finland To Sequence 10% (500,000) Of Its Population In 6 Years
  161. Gene editing staves off deafness in mice
  162. Weekly Fish Consumption Linked to Better Sleep and Higher IQ
  163. DNA-Based Flu Shot
  164. Researchers find clues to AIDS resistance in sooty mangabey genome
  165. Hepatitis B in 16th century Europe and HBV evolution
  166. Obesity linked to Mutations in ADCY3
  167. Alcohol Damages DNA
  168. Fast-Food Causes Epigenetic Reprogramming in the Immune System
  169. Pathogen for Major Epidemic That Ravaged the Aztecs
  170. Simply Breathing Can Spread the Flu, New Study Suggests
  171. Gene Therapy is no longer a pipe dream
  172. A Virus-Like Protein is Important for Cognition and Memory
  173. Sensory sensitivity and autism
  174. Why aren't you a lefty?
  175. Gordon Gallup claims human and a chimpanzee were succesfully interbred 100 years ago
  176. Scientific breakthrough: Chinese scientists clone 2 female monkeys
  177. Do the East Asians smell better?
  178. Increased stress on fathers leads to brain development changes in offspring
  179. Genetic study suggests humans may be evolving in a way that prevents alcoholism
  180. Omega fish oils don't improve children's reading skills or memory, study finds
  181. Study: Pain's origins differ in males and females
  182. Researchers Pinpoint Gene Responsible for Autism
  183. Can't sleep? Could be down to genetics
  184. How the sickle cell anemia mutation protected the world from malaria
  185. Autism's social deficits are reversed by an anti-cancer drug
  186. Alcohol dampens brain waves associated with decision-making but not motor control
  187. Hep C compounds alcoholism's effect on brain volume
  188. Early life experiences influence DNA in the adult brain
  189. Does space really change your DNA?
  190. Viruses can evolve in parallel in related species
  191. Forecasts of genetic fate just got a lot more accurate
  192. Scientists discover gene controlling genetic recombination rates
  193. "All of Us": US Government seeking 1 million people for massive DNA & health study
  194. Scientists find fear, courage switches in brain
  195. The cerebellum and trial-and-error learning
  196. Researchers take key step toward growing human organs in laboratory
  197. Tac2 Controls a Distributed Brain State Induced by Chronic Social Isolation Stress
  198. How human brains became so big
  199. 400 million year-old fish helps researchers understand HIV
  200. The Neurology of Spiritual Experiences
  201. Genetic risk for autism
  202. 'Gut instinct' may have been the GPS of human ancestors
  203. Y dna showing in a woman
  204. The evolution of juvenile susceptibility to infectious disease
  205. "Unfair twist of nature"?
  206. Single protein found to trigger most known genes associated with autism
  207. Genes that regulate how much we dream
  208. Genes are key to academic success
  209. Tracing back the ancient origins of Cystic Fibrosis
  210. Hepatitis E: World's first human case of rat disease found in Hong Kong
  211. I1a1 and ancestors
  212. DRD4-7R frequencies by location?
  213. Researchers discover information about a gene that helps define us as humans
  214. Miscommunication between patient and doctor can lead to misdiagnosis of genetic disea
  215. Is "happiness" or a "sense of well being" genetically based?
  216. The Genetic Architecture of Thinness
  217. Nature vs. Nurture
  218. Gender stereotyping doesn't affect math scores
  219. Genomelink: Genetic Personality Trait Results
  220. Advanced paternal age and early onset schizophrenia in offspring
  221. What is romantic love from an evolutionary genetics perspective
  222. Heretability of self-control is 60%
  223. Superpowers through evolution
  224. Double Cousin Marriage and Offspring: What are the genetic issues?
  225. A genetic basis for insomnia
  226. Gene therapy cures infants with "Bubble Boy" immune disease
  227. The ape that understood the universe
  228. Risk scores for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder predict creativity.
  229. Gene editing fixes cystic fibrosis in mice
  230. Ratio of diabetes to prevalence of obesity
  231. Genome-wide differences in gene expression between male and female mammals
  232. Gene for finding things cute
  233. Immune System and Mental Health are connected
  234. Post your Worrier Versus Warrior results from yourdnaportal.com
  235. Dementia-Can you modify your risk?
  236. Psychiatric disorders and myelin thinning genes
  237. Genes and same sex behavior
  238. Extreme Inbreeding in the UK Biobank
  239. Chinese scientists attempt to cure HIV with CRISPR gene-editing
  240. Cure for lupus through genetic engineering?
  241. Local adaptation predicts type of psychiatric disorder?
  242. Testosterone and Gender Differences in Athlethics
  243. Man who had transplant finds out months later his DNA has changed to that of donor
  244. Gene-Editing to Disrupt both Latent and Active Herpes Virus
  245. Patterns in mate choice?
  246. Does having more boys than girls run in families?
  247. Native Americans show little selection at FADS locus
  248. HTCC as a highly effective polymeric inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2
  249. mtDNA up/downregulates autosomal genes related to cancer, methylation and immunity
  250. Influence of poverty on epigenome