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  1. Origin of human was an African
  2. European Haplogroups
  3. DNA tests for genealogy, any good ?
  4. Iceland is only half Scandinavian
  5. France: an unexplored paradise for geneticists
  6. Haplogroups of European kings and queens
  7. explanation please to those questions
  8. Founder effect
  9. European Admixture: Y-DNA and MtDNA
  10. linking haplogroups to tribes
  11. Where do the Cro-Magon 's descendants live now?
  12. Share your DNA with the world
  13. Maciamo please help!
  14. Review of the evolution of migration theories in European prehistory
  15. False study ?? What do you think
  16. Y-DNA correspondence for mtDNA haplogroups
  17. African mtDNA and Y-DNA in Iberia
  18. maciamo what haplogroups would maltese peoples have?
  19. Basque
  20. What's the origins of the Pasiegos and the Cantabrians ?
  21. Origin of the Libyans
  22. Orcadians related to Siberians?
  23. Why it is wrong to assume that a haplogroup originated where it is most frequent now
  24. Do you care about finding distant cousins ?
  25. Circassians
  26. Croatian genetics
  27. With what ancient ethnicity do you most identify, and what has DNA told you ?
  28. Origins of European haplogroups
  29. haplogroups and peoples
  30. origin of Celtic and Germanic tribes
  31. Genetics Section of Eupedia
  32. The Results are in for Ozzy Osborne's DNA.
  33. Genetic make up of the British Isles
  34. Were the Aryan who ruled the Mitanni the same as those of India ?
  35. The Laz
  36. Alexander the great
  37. French Ethnicity
  38. Northern & Southern Azerbaijanian Haplogroups?
  39. Amerindian dna in ethnic norwegians.
  40. Genetics and Anthropology of Indian Brahmins- presenting a theory.
  41. Does anyone know what haplogroup cromagnons where
  42. Requests
  43. HowTo create DNA-Maps, Haplo-Trees Software
  44. guess the haplogroups of famous people
  45. ICHG 2011 abstracts are online
  46. An urgent question of my dna!!!!!
  47. Nuristani DNA studies?
  48. Modern Assyrians (split from "Were the Aryan who ruled the Mitanni"...)
  49. influence of demography, timing and founder effects on HG repartitions
  50. African American Y-DNA & mtDNA Haplogroup Breakdown
  51. R1b domination in West Europe due to immunity for some diseases?
  52. Napoleon I
  53. Dr Alice Roberts
  54. What mtdna haplogroups emerged w/ y-dna haplogroup I in the mesolithc?
  55. the earlist Germanic
  56. Hello
  57. Question about Bulgarians and haplogroups!
  58. Can haplogroup G2 be associated with early Celtic tribes?
  59. The Battle of Hastings and Haplogroup Rb1-S21 and Rb1-S28
  60. Does the Y-dna and mtDNA frequency distribution pages include recent immigration?
  61. Native Americans Hailed From Siberian Highlands, DNA Reveals
  62. How & why do SNPs and STR's change?
  63. haplogroups of historical and famous figures
  64. World Surname Profiler
  65. Austria's Y-haplo-groups.
  66. mtDNA Analysis Utility
  67. What do you think about?
  68. Your Haplogroup (are you pleased or disappointed with it?)
  69. Roman Emperor Y DNA
  70. Haplogroup Charts
  71. What ethnic groups have the least amount of Neanderthal genetic markers?
  72. High levels of Paleolithic Y-chromosome lineages characterize Serbia
  73. Scientists recover part of the genome of 2 hunter-gatherer individuals from 7,000 yea
  74. Is there anyway this guy is related to me?
  75. West asians vs Mediterranean neolithic farmers
  76. How much European Y DNA or MTDNA do you think was left in the Crusades?
  77. What percentage of ancestry is enough to make feel part of an ethnic group ?
  78. What percentage of ancestry is enough to make feel... OT @ the meaning of ethnicity
  79. Religious theory to genetics - ydna & mtdna
  80. New Study: Man Possibly NOT Related to Neanderthal
  81. Does Cparse/Dry Hair mean anything?
  82. It is a miracle any of us
  83. Haplogroup N1b
  84. The rise of PIEs in the steppes --- From the Ural or from the from the Caucasus?
  85. DNA has a 521-year half-life
  86. Carbon Dating Gets a Reset
  87. The North African Neandertal descendants
  88. Previously unknown human population boom revealed by DNA
  89. Understanding R1b: M42, M168, M89, P128, M45, M207, P231, M343
  90. Howdy
  91. DNA from remains from Ireland?
  92. Huns, were they turkic, asian or indo european ?
  93. (OFFTOPIC from rise of PIEs in the steppes)
  94. Why no mtDna maps?
  95. Phylo-equivalency?
  96. Help for know my origins.
  97. How Old Prussian were the East Prussian Germans?
  98. Possible new cro magnon haplogroup?
  99. Haplogroup I in Finland
  100. Haplogroup I, is it European?
  101. New Findings on Neanderthal Admixture ( East Asians vs. Europeans )
  102. Geno 2.0 Sale
  103. Understanding indo-european y-dna
  104. (OFFTOPIC) Y-Haplogroups of US presidents
  105. maternal haplogroup J1c
  106. neanderthal
  107. i haplogroup hunter gatherers
  108. paleoethic european
  109. Ancient Welsh DNA linked to local villager
  110. Jewish people, where they are from?
  111. All Europeans are related back to 1000 years ago.
  112. italian genetics
  113. Dutch genetics
  114. less homogeneous "populations" are Italians and French ?
  115. Middle to late Neolithic 6,625-4,025 year old mtDNA and Y DNA from German
  116. Rome spread Middle Eastern and North African Y DNA
  117. Native Americans come from one Family that migrated to America 20,000-30,000ybp
  118. STUNNING DNA EVIDENCE Caucasians migrated to North America 15,000-20,000ybp
  119. Early Indo Iranien remains Y DNA, mtDNA, hair color and eye color
  120. DNA has possibly found Europeans long lost brothers
  121. New member's mtDNA and Y-DNA haplogroup inquires
  122. Ordering a DNA test in France is a crime punishable by heavy fines and jail time
  123. Physical differences, same haplogroup
  124. Haplogroups of the world
  125. Alpine genetic papers
  126. WTY - Walk The Y-Chromosome
  127. WHAT? Azeris are 5 - 29% Mongoloid? is this true?
  128. Supposedly Euro pale skin genes, almost as popular in Mid east and North Africa
  129. Origin and ancient history of red hair
  130. British ancestry almost all from Celtic and Germanic Conqueres
  131. Hello everyone
  132. A quick intro and a hello
  133. Is distinctive DNA marker proof of ancient genocide?
  134. Volga Tatars are predominantly Caucasoid
  135. Auvergne genetic history
  136. Can Scientific And Engineering Success Be Attributed To One Grioup? Your Opnion.
  137. Which city states in east balkans had the most I2.. Haplogroup during Hellenistic age
  138. Haplogroup P-M45 link to Mound Building?
  139. england haplogroups
  140. link between Black Sea flooding and haplogroup G2a ?
  141. I Need Your Advise
  142. Automosal DNA test conflicting one another?
  143. A paternity puzzle...
  144. Hapolgroup origins - individuals
  145. What is a PCA plot really?
  146. Are Uralic language speakers more closely related to Altaic speakers than Europeans?
  147. Funny DNA Result.
  148. Why isn't "A" the most common y-DNA haplogroup?
  149. 9th Annual International Conference on Genetic Genealogy
  150. Mal'ta boy had autosomal genes present in populations with Y-haplogroups M, P, Q & R
  151. Did agriculture develop thanks to the original carriers of macro Y-haplogroup K ?
  152. Sima de los Huesos – Atapuerca
  153. Baffling 400,000-Year-Old Clue to Human Origins
  154. Correlating haplogroups with ancient admixture
  155. Correlating the mtDNA haplogroups of the original Y-haplogroup J1 and T1 herders
  156. Retracing the mtDNA haplogroups of the original R1b people
  157. SLC24A5 light skin pigmentation allele origin
  158. Rosses and Y-DNA Haplogroups
  159. New paper on Italian DNA 2014
  160. Iberian searching Iberian
  161. Getting more from genetic testing
  162. What should population geneticists at universities be researching? My recommendations
  163. Postive for both R1a and R1b?
  164. Early Iberians in mexico and california
  165. Hello from Michigan
  166. Speculative Southern European ancestry on 23andme
  167. King Erik the Holy, unearthed and to have his DNA tested
  168. Please help this is my Y-DNA - Standard Y-STR Values and thats all I know. THANKS
  169. Roman Descent in South Germany?
  170. Greeks have no brothers in Europe
  171. New global analysis of Y-chromosomal haplotype 2014
  172. Fallmerayer was wrong ...
  173. The Science of Blonde Hair
  174. Which DNA studies are reliable and which ones aren't?
  175. DNA from the Bronze Age Altai reveals signs of ancient admixture
  176. Proposed Y-dna marker changes
  177. Makin a map of EEF, WHG and ANE admixtures in Europe. Please post your data.
  178. The Mediterranean route into Europe (Paschou et al. 2014)
  179. New study claims that Irishmen descended from Turkish farmers
  180. ancient Adriatic cave findings
  181. swiss genetics
  182. Doubts about J2, G and E3b
  183. Bell Beaker As Intrusive Population
  184. Missing H ydna
  185. What is the DNA of the indegenous Basque people?
  186. What is the DNA of the indegenous Saami people?
  187. Anyone else here mtDNA H1j8?
  188. The Huns
  189. Study on Muslim & Christian Balkan people
  190. Hessian genetics
  191. Japanese genetics
  192. revised EEF-WHG-ANE
  193. AIMs Overestimate Admixture
  194. Kelteminar culture >> Pit–Comb Ware culture,,, which haplogroup did they had?
  195. Genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula
  196. Ancient DNA from Hungary-Christine Gamba et al
  197. Heritability
  198. Hello, and some info and questions
  199. Is Haplogroup C6 in australoid ? found in La brana australoid
  200. Structure of Ydna December 2014
  201. Genetic Admixture Tools?
  202. Europe, West- and South_Central Asia and the unnatural gap..
  203. Frequency of blood type O throughout the world
  204. will old age stop human evolution?
  205. Can this Iraqi lady pass in Greece?
  206. What haplo was among people of Keltiminar and among people of Pit-Comb ware cultures?
  207. Scytho-Sarmatian and Alan DNA in todays European population.
  208. Genetic history of the British Isles
  209. Post what haplogroups you think i am?
  210. Flemish DNA
  211. Are Balkanites the purest Slavs?
  212. Lombards on the move - austria/hungaria
  213. 23andme and FtDNA
  214. age estimates by YFull
  215. Origins of the Armenians during the Bronze Age
  216. Central italian ancient genetics
  217. Mesolithic source of Pale pigmentation in modern Europe?
  218. How to achieve info on genetic past
  219. further continuation of Haak paper 2015
  220. Rh minus
  221. Haplogroup F bottleneck could have happened in SE Asia
  222. P haplogroup - The father of YDN q and R groups
  223. British origins
  224. Haplogroup G1 rare and interesting
  225. Was the teal admixture of Yamna brought to the steppe by Y-haplogroup G1 ?
  226. Y DNA Haplogroups associated with MtDNA Haplogroups
  227. P haplogroup - The father of YDN Q and R groups
  228. Slavs and Plague
  229. neanderthal admixture in Europe
  230. Expansion of European patrilineages
  231. DNA of Iberians from Europe
  232. New human ancestor species from Ethiopia
  233. Germany/ Anti-Communist/ Religion
  234. Genetic prehistory of domesticated cattle similar to People migration
  235. Very advanced Indoeuropeans - cows reveal their history! :-)
  236. Global counting of hg
  237. Northern-Centrism: Just Stop It!!
  238. New paper on E - early pastoralists in the African continent
  239. Neolithic western Carpathian Basin - 356 pages
  240. Indo european hypothesis
  241. Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini - Ydna G2a
  242. holmesr923
  243. Effect of Neolithic Farmers on modern European population?
  244. Genetic signatures of the Hellenic colonisation in southern Italy and Sicily
  245. In what does iberia set apart from other countries in europe?
  246. Tuscany had a middle age admixture event?
  247. New (July 3, 2015) Allentoft and Haak Analysis Comparison of DNA
  248. The hidden Americans
  249. Faces of Real Arabs from Arabian peninsula ( Arabian Gulf People )
  250. Arabs from Bilad Al-Sham - Shami Levantine Arabs