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  1. Map of ancient dna samples
  2. Ancient Genomes Review-Skoglund and Mathiesen
  3. Ötzi The Movie
  4. Top 5 Human Evolution Discoveries of 2017
  5. Insular Celtic Population Structure and Migration
  6. Enclaves of genetic diversity resisted Inca impacts on population history
  7. Hello
  8. Anatolian Hypothesis: Lord Renfrew still a partial holdout
  9. Pleistocene Alaskan genome reveals first founding population of Native Americans
  10. The evolution of modern human brain shape
  11. Oldest Human Fossil Outside Africa Discovered
  12. New DNA Results Released from the Paracas Elongated Skulls
  13. Higher-resolution analyses of the European admixture in Chinchorro DNA
  14. Origins and genetic legacies of the Caribbean Taino
  15. Population Turnover in Remote Oceania Shortly After Initial Settlement
  16. Understanding 6th-Cent Barbarian Social Organization & Migration thru Paleogenomics
  17. Beaker phenomenon and the genomic transformation of northwest Europe
  18. Przewalski horses are escaped Botaï horses
  19. Four pre-historic migration waves into South-east Asia
  20. Ancient Genomics Reveals Four Prehistoric Migration Waves into Southeast Asia
  21. Impact of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age on Iberia
  22. Modern humans interbred with Denisovans twice in history
  23. Reconstructing the genetic history of late Neanderthals
  24. Ancient genomes show the origin and spread of Siberian ancestry in Europ
  25. New paper on Basal Eurasian
  26. New standards for ancient protein studies set forth by multi-national research group
  27. Aryan theory is a lie or not?
  28. Sumerians Native Americans and Turks
  29. if you wanna create your own people
  30. Upcoming paper on Eurasian steppe population genetics.
  31. Ancient Mediterranean and West Asian Phenotype-Genotype mismatch
  32. Tech Tonic Podcast with David Reich: What we can learn from ancient DNA
  33. Messapian - Albanian connection
  34. Financial costs for ancient DNA extraction and analysis
  35. Gene linked to breastfeeding may have boosted survival of earliest Americans
  36. Newly announced (CHER): Centre for Human Evolution Research
  37. The peopling of the last Green Sahara
  38. (NEW) GenePlaza K15 UPDATED Ancient Cultures Calculator
  39. Can Fst values tell us something about the source of migration from unknown periods ?
  40. Lazaridis summary of Europe population genetics
  41. Gene Linked To Migraine Likely Propagated To Help Humans Adapt To Cold Climate
  42. Ramses II DNA?
  43. Ancient hepatitis B viruses from the Bronze Age to the Medieval period
  44. Controversial - The Idea of an Auburn Maritime People Spreading Civilisation
  45. Ancient genomes from Caucasus inc. Maykop
  46. Ancient genomes document multiple waves of migration in Southeast Asian prehistory
  47. New paper of P. De Barros-Damgaard
  48. Admixture Across Ancient Inner Eurasia
  49. Hitler's Aryan theory rubbished by science
  50. Ancient genomes from Iceland reveal the making of a human population
  51. Entire genome of extinct human decoded from fossil
  52. 3800-year-old Yersinia pestis genomes suggests Bronze Age origin for bubonic plague
  53. Holocene human population history in North Asia using mtDNA
  54. David Reich: We’re trying to understand population transformations in Italy over time
  55. Rakhigarhi: DNA study finds no Central Asian trace, junks Aryan invasion theory
  56. Time Population Structure (TPS): New analytical method for dating ancient DNA
  57. Upcoming Papers ISBA 2018
  58. ICAANE Conference 2018
  59. Limits of selection against Neanderthal introgression
  60. Possible missing link
  61. Did Our Species Evolve in Subdivided Populations across Africa, & Why Does It Matter?
  62. Bones of Tsar Nicholas II Authenticated by DNA Testing
  63. Homo sapiens developed a new ecological niche that separated it from other hominins
  64. Evolutionary history and adaptation of a human pygmy population of Flores Island
  65. When did Homo sapiens first reach Southeast Asia and Sahul?
  66. [Aug 06] (NEW) GenePlaza K35 Bronze and Iron Age Calculator
  67. The puzzle of West Eurasian and SSA relationship
  68. Reconciling material culture with ancient dna
  69. Roots of Europe Seminar
  70. Was Afontova Gora an ancestor of Afanasievo/yamna, or not?
  71. The Legacy of Cavalli-Sforza
  72. Inner Asian maternal genetic origin of the Avar period nomadic elite
  73. Is Berzigerode Heimburg LN a part of Bell Beaker? puntDNAL K12 Ancient
  74. Yngvi-Frey king
  75. All Iberian men were wiped out by Yamna men 4,500 years ago
  76. Ancient genomes of Srubnaya, Cimmerians, Scythians and Sarmatians(Science, 2018)
  77. Neanderthal-like features in 450,000-year-old fossil teeth from the Italian Peninsula
  78. The Genetics of the Finns
  79. The Population History of Northeastern Siberia
  80. All humans are descended from just TWO people
  81. Question about Idaltu and Khoisan
  82. Ancient Fennoscandian genomes reveal origin and spread of Siberian ancestry in Europe
  83. Multiple episodes of interbreeding between Neanderthal and modern humans
  84. Was Neolithic Europe the source of the plague?
  85. The population history of the Canary Islands through ancient mitogenomes
  86. African population genetics and "Out of Africa"
  87. Population structure in Italy using ancient and modern samples
  88. Corded Ware roots of Levite DNA?
  89. Y Chromosome Sequences Reveal a Short Beringian Standstill, Rapid Expansion, and earl
  90. The spread of 'Steppe' DNA and autosomal best-fit analysis
  91. Shulaverian Hypothesis in Maps
  92. Barriers to crossbreeding with Neanderthals and Denisovans -discussion
  93. On the edge of Africa and Eurasia
  94. New human ancestor of Asian individuals.
  95. Leaked Uniparental Marker Data
  96. The peopling of the last Green Sahara
  97. Australopithecus sediba: No such thing as a missing link
  98. The ancient dna revolution in archaeology
  99. Mtdna and dating for Pleistocene hominin from Salkhit Mongolia
  100. Tracing Ancient Human Migrations with David Reich
  101. Question on eye and skin color
  102. Late Pleistocene human genome suggests central Anatolian origin for first farmers.
  103. News Article on Wang Paper - PIE is Anatolian again?
  104. What ancient dna tells us about caste-David Reich
  105. The monkey hunters: Humans colonized South Asian rainforest by hunting primates
  106. Neolithic & Bronze Age Orcadians on GEDmatch Genesis
  107. 550,000-year-old Neanderthal DNA
  108. Ancient Mongolians could drink milk without the LP gene
  109. Yamnayan decline
  110. Inbreeding among Neanderthals
  111. Latest Reich talk on ancient Dna
  112. Ancient dna of humans and their pathogens
  113. Early Levantine adventurers
  114. Mathiesen talk on selection in Europe at Brown University conference
  115. Podcast on Irish genetics over the past 10,000 years
  116. Jomon genome and East Asian population history
  117. Late Pleistocene human genome suggests a local origin for the first farmers of centra
  118. The Arrival of Steppe & Iranian Related Ancestry in Islands of West Mediterranean
  119. Migration to the Canary Islands based on Ancient MtDna
  120. The genetic history of Ice Age Europe
  121. The conflict between archaeology and ancient genomics
  122. Ancient Pathogen Genomics
  123. Woolly mammoths and Neanderthals may have shared genetic traits
  124. Movements and genetic change between the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age in the Levant
  125. New ancient species of human found in the Phillipines
  126. Ancient genomes indicate population replacement in Early Neolithic Britain
  127. DNA of ancient inhabitants of Poland and neighbouring areas
  128. West European Bronze Age
  129. The Arrival of Siberian Ancestry Connecting the Eastern Baltic to Uralic Speakers fur
  130. Decoding Jomon woman
  131. Steppe DNA South of the Caucasus
  132. The population history of northeastern Siberia since the pleistocene
  133. The Genetic "Dance" of Europe's Nations.
  134. Evidence of European ancestry in the Philistines (Feldman et al. 2019)
  135. looking for these ancient gedmatch kits
  136. Variation in human stature and ancient dna
  137. Mainly men migrated from the Pontic steppe to Europe 5,000 years ago
  138. PlexaDerm Reviews
  139. Are the best days of fossil DNA already behind us?
  140. Corsican DNA
  141. Doubts about the "Tanzania_Zanzibar_First Millennium" aDNA sample
  142. Jewish populations - a subtle distinction
  143. David Anthony on the Indo-Europeans-again
  144. Someone Help me with nMonte G25
  145. And is this legit/accurate ph2ter ironage 1000BCE nMonte G25?
  146. aDNA from the skeletons of Roopkund Lake reveals Mediterranean migrants in India
  147. Has there been any genetic study on the Sarmatians over the centuries?
  148. DNA to solve mystery of Napoleon's general lost in Russia
  149. Genes reveal kinship between 3 victims of Mongol army in 1238 massacre
  150. The genetic origins of the Indus Valley Civilization
  151. Formation of Human Populations in Central and South Asia
  152. The genetic landscape of Ethiopia
  153. Pioneer of paleogenetics: Max Planck researcher Svante Pääbo
  154. The genetic legacy of pre-contact Puerto Rico
  155. Rome as a genetic melting pot: Population dynamics over 12,000 years.
  156. What Denisovans may have looked like
  157. Proto-Albanians and proto-Romanians (Y-DNA)
  158. D4J Mtd6
  159. DNA Land Mediterranian islander
  160. ETHNOGENE results
  161. Corsican analysis with Central and North Italians
  162. Adaptive evolution in humans-A Review
  163. Removing reference bias in ancient DNA
  164. Projectile-weapons enter Europe 20,000 years earlier than previously thought
  165. The genetics of the second plague pandemic
  166. Genomic game of thrones: Ancient DNA analysis of European and Asian royal dynasties
  167. Rare human mtDNA HV spread from the Near East /Caucasus during post-LGM / neolithic
  168. Adaptive archaic introgression
  169. Desktop and picture
  170. Sapiens origin in Botswana?
  171. A genomic dating tool
  172. David Reich anciant DNA and HIV resistence
  173. Moots: Ancient Rome Paper
  174. Where ancient DNA raw data can be found?
  175. Were other humans the first victims of the sixth mass extinction?
  176. The Justinianic Plague: An inconsequential pandemic?
  177. Human Self-domestication
  178. Early replacement of West Eurasian male Y chromosomes from the east
  179. Genetic Exchange-Iberia and North Africa
  180. Diverse genetic origins of medieval steppe nomad conquerors
  181. Antonio M. et al 2019 - Iron Age Samples Raw Data
  182. Ancient Italian DNA: an attempt to distinguish Italics from Tyrrhenians
  183. Genetic characterization of ancestral French populations using ancient DNA – ANCESTRA
  184. Genetics of the Levant since the Bronze Age-a Review with Marc Haber
  185. Upcoming Reich Lab paper on Viminacium etc
  186. New Reich Lab paper on ancient West Africa finds missing 4th branch of humanity
  187. How much DNA do you have from Archaic Humans and Extinct Human Species
  188. Eurasia became a melting pot during the Holocene
  189. Genetic history from the Middle Neolithic to present on Sardinia
  190. Iranian migration in the wesrern med.
  191. The Prehistory of Language from the Perspective of the Y-Chromosome
  192. Insitome Podcast: Ancient Egyptian Genetics
  193. Ancient Dna by Sirak 2020
  194. Updated data/paper on the Ancient Thracians
  195. Y-R1b came from Africa with Kushite languages - a challenging theory
  196. Ancient Tibetan mtDNA from last 5200 years partially contributed to present-day ones
  197. The Genomic Formation of Human Populations in East Asia
  198. A dynamic 6,000-year genetic history of Eurasia’s Eastern Steppe
  199. Is There Of Yamnaya R1a Y DNA?
  200. Gene-flow from steppe individuals into Cucuteni-Trypillia associated populations
  201. Ancient genomes reveal social and genetic structure of Late Neolithic Switzerland
  202. 89th meeting of American. assoc. phys. anthropol. abstracts
  203. Beginning of Proto-Indo-European Language
  204. Shift from G2 to I2 dominance and WHG resurgence between the Early_N and the Late_N
  205. Remains of 1st generation African slaves?
  206. What Was The Original Language of R1a1a?
  207. New DNA Study on Neolithic Populations in China
  208. History of dogs / history of men, by Pontus Skoglund
  209. İs there Para-Proto-Indo-European?
  210. Introduction of farming in Atlantic Europe
  211. Population Genetic Analysis of Neolithic to BA Human Remains from Trentino-Alto Adige
  212. Paleolithic to Bronze Age Siberians
  213. Ancient genomes from present-day France unveil 7,000 years of its demographic history
  214. Ancient genomes from Mesolithic & Neolithic France (Rivollat et al. 2020)
  215. Ancient admixture into Africa from the ancestors of non-Africans
  216. Results 1 to 9 of 9 Thread: Ghazan Khan (Chingiz khans heir) O-M175 / ancientDNA
  217. What's the relationship of Iberomasurians, Basal EUrasian and Ancient North Africans?
  218. Turkic/Mongolic has ancient West Eurasian CHG and Iran_N components
  219. PIE-like languages
  220. Sardinian-like admixture signal in armenians around the end of the bronze age
  221. cvvautoshop
  222. what is the R1 languages?
  223. Genetic and Cultural Differences between Jews and Greeks
  224. Populating and peopling of the North Caucasus
  225. R1a language before Proto-IE?
  226. Which uniparental markers are West Eurasian, Basal, ANA, East Eurasian etc?
  227. Nyishi and the original Chinese
  228. Lactase Persistence Over the Last 3,000 Years
  229. Family, parity and conquest in the Xiongnu Iron Age nomads of Mongolia
  230. What is the language of Comb Ceramic Culture?
  231. How inbred were our ancestors?
  232. Genetic Consequences of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in the Americas
  233. Origin of R1b
  234. Genetics and history of the Levant
  235. original langıages of R1a and original languages of R1b descent from common origin?
  236. R1b spoke Proto-Basque-like language originally?
  237. Ancient Y haplogroup databaseEl
  238. Homo Sapiens-deepest divergence
  239. The Genomic History of the Middle East
  240. Top 10 Best Room Heater In India
  241. Second Mill. BC Levant
  242. New paper: Ancient Egypt 18th Dynasty R1b, mtDNA K
  243. (1,315 aDNA samples) Vahaduo 3D PCA Dodecad Global 13
  244. The Eastern Steppe- A 6000 year old genetic history
  245. Non-West Eurasian DNA Studies from the Reich Lab Data Set
  246. The Roopkund Lake Greeks again
  247. Placing ancient dna sequences into reference phylogenies
  248. Human Population History in Vanuatu
  249. Genetic History of pre-contact Caribbean
  250. Human population dynamics and Yersinia pestis in ancient northeast Asia