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  1. Comparing ancient and modern populations-How to do a better job.
  2. Genetic Changes on the East European Plain from Stone Age to Bronze Age
  3. Michelsberger culture middle neolithic
  4. MtDna diversity on Central Siberian Plateau over 10,000
  5. Late Arrival of AMHs in South China
  6. mtDNA T2b7 in Bell Beakers?
  7. Microbiome of 50,000 yo Neanderthal
  8. Origins of Modern Human Ancestry
  9. Release of ancient dna sample data
  10. Mammoth molars yield the oldest DNA ever sequenced
  11. A unified genealogy of modern and ancient genomes
  12. Using Y-chromosome capture enrichment to resolve haplogroup H2 shows new evidence for
  13. Formulation of East Asian Populations