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  1. Ancient European DNA
  2. How do they test haplogroups of skeletons ?
  3. Using modern sequencing techniques to study ancient modern humans
  4. Study confirms Indo-European origin of U4 and U5 in Scandinavia
  5. Graves of archaeological cultures and DNA/Haplogroup results
  6. Fossil DNA points to new branch of humanity
  7. old DNA samples (Y-DNA/mtDNA) 500 BC to 1500 AD
  8. Adolf Hitler's Aryan theory rubbished by science
  9. About Trojan people and ancient Macedons
  10. Entire genome of extinct human decoded from fossil
  11. Bronze and Iron Age mtDNA from Romania
  12. Did amcient Civilizations knew about DNA?
  13. Most important ancient DNA that should be tested
  14. Searching for troyan DNA
  15. Ancient Dna Studies Wish List
  16. Mesolithic/Neolithic Greek DNA
  17. ancient Italian DNA
  18. Leopold III, Margrave of Austria 1073 A.D. = R1b Hg - early Germanic Dynasty lineage
  19. Are there according to you surprising results from the tested ancient y-dna?
  20. Prehistoric Danes to be genetically mapped
  21. Y-Adam(Perry) may be as old as 581,000 years????
  22. 37 complete mtDNA haplogroup H sequences from Neolithic & Bronze Age Germany
  23. maternal dna test results
  24. Iberian DNA haplogroups from 20,000-4,340 years ago exactly like modern Europeans
  25. New DNA results from early Pontic Steppe Kurgen people
  26. Egyptian Ancient Dna from the Old and Middle Kingdoms
  27. Ancient birthrates of Haplogroups
  28. The Khoi-San
  29. Ossetians and the Pamir Knot
  30. Two major new papers on Early Neolithic to Early Bronze Age mtDNA in Central Europe
  31. Scientists trace 19 living relatives of Ötzi
  32. Y-DNA of Sumerians?
  33. Early European Lineages
  34. Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europeans
  35. 4th ancestral population for North-East Europeans?
  36. Bones of King Alfred the Great believed to have been found at Winchester City Museum
  37. New thoughts on Indo-Europeans in the light of recent data
  38. Brown-skinned, blue-eyed, Y-haplogroup C-bearing European hunter-gatherer from Spain
  39. Need help identifying study on indo-european DNA in siberia
  40. Is there evidence of blondism at Afanasievo or early Tarim inhabitants?
  41. Revised Laz, Ancient genomes suggest three ancestral populations for Europeans
  42. More DNA from stone age European(Swedish) farmers and hunter gatherers
  43. southern Italian paper 2014-Sarno, Boattini et al
  44. 3000 - 9000 Year Old mtDNA from IE Homeland Area - ANE
  45. Bulgars and Avars in Campobasso Italy
  46. With which Y DNA was the proto caucausoid/mongoloid?
  47. Tibetans got gene for high-altitude adaptation from Denisovans
  48. The agricultural booming populations in Europe.
  49. Limitations of current genetic models
  50. Guessing Samara Results
  51. Mystery - records dating back to 1630 in specific region yet no DNA connections????
  52. Jack the ripper's DNA?
  53. Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europeans
  54. A Genome-Wide Study of Modern-Day Tuscans: Revisiting Herodotus's Theory on the Origi
  55. Any full genome study or any sort of study on pre exile Jews?
  56. 4 sources for modern Europeans?
  57. Ancient human genome from southern Africa throws light on our origins
  58. Autosomal analysis of the genomes of Iron Age Britons and Anglo-Saxons
  59. About the Genographic Project results from Asturias (spain)
  60. Palasgians, pre Ancient Greeks...would their DNA be E-V13?
  61. Research by Dublin scientists reveals that ancient Europeans were lactose intolerant
  62. Laz 2014 or 15 Predicting Competition
  63. Hirisplex Hair-Eye color predictions for stone-age Europeans
  64. Human Paleogenetics of Europe-Brandt and Haak
  65. Autosomal from some historical populations?
  66. Information from bloggers VS. Information Published in Scientific Journals
  67. Ancient Dental Plaque And What It Says About Lactase Persistence.
  68. armenian paper on R1, J2 and G2
  69. Any new Lazaridis like study coming our way?
  70. One Million Mummies discovered in Egypt
  71. The new way to look at Ancient mtDNA
  72. Y-chromosome descent clusters and male differential reproductive success
  73. Y-STR Haplotypes of T1-R1 and Ancient Eurasian Dna Studies
  74. Origin and DNA of Turks
  75. Divergence of East Asians and Europeans
  76. The Anatolian Hypothesis
  77. PCA trends of Europeans and Near Easterners
  78. "Genetic Atlas" questions
  79. Autosomal analysis of Yamna, Corded Ware and Bell Beaker samples
  80. Red hair existed in pre-historic Europe
  81. Genetics, Archaeology & Linguistics support PIE homeland near Proto-Uralic homeland
  82. physically impossible, fuzzy data and marketing oriented factoids
  83. Newly discovered Harappa Civilization skeletons to be tested for Dna
  84. Is there any consensus on how Celtic DNA made its way to Western Norway yet?
  85. "Ethnic" composition of the Normans before they settled in Sicily
  86. New francalcci paper on Sardi or extension of old one
  87. New study on British origin
  88. Mezolithic-Neolithic vs. Chalcolithic-Early Iron Age Y-DNA landscape of Europe
  89. Catacombs of Paris
  90. Coming In a Few Days: 101 Ancient Genomes from Eurasia.
  91. 101 Ancient Eurasian Genomes Available Online
  92. Some early information.
  93. Where did Great Moravians go after the collapse of Great Moravia?
  94. What is the main haplogroup of Maykop culture?
  95. new ancient DNA from Vucedol and others
  96. Ancient DNA from Greece
  97. I1a bifurcating effect on the Lithuanian Y-N3 and mt-U5b prior to R1a1.
  98. Over 50 ancient R1a samples in the context of archaeological cultures
  99. Chekunova 2014: N1c and R1a samples of Proto-East-Balts (?)
  100. Autosomal PCA charts of ancient IE samples compared to modern populations
  101. Upcoming Ancient DNA papers from Italy
  102. for a balance or digest of last ancient DNA results
  103. New papers about the population history of North-East Europe
  104. New method using IBD segments used to clarify Neanderthal segments in humans
  105. The lingering load of archaic admixture in modern human populations
  106. What branch of R1a-M417 could Caucasoid mummies of Xiaohe belong to?
  107. Saltovo-Mayaki Results
  108. Sima de los Huesos specimen early Neandertals or related to early Neandertals
  109. Integrating New Evidence for the Origin and Spread of The INDO-European Languages
  110. First Genome of Ancient African Suggests Eurasian Stream Into Africa
  111. Part 2: 8,000 years of Natural Selection in Europe.
  112. Traits that were Selected for in the last 8,000 years
  113. Genetic History of Siberian and Northeastern European Populations
  114. More on the Genetic Cost of Neanderthal Introgression
  115. Teal people found: Caucasians!
  116. Early expansion of R1a-M198/M417 in the light of aDNA evidence
  117. 230 Ancient Eurasians
  118. WHGs and EEFs lived side by side for 2000 years, long preserving genetic distinctness
  119. What is PIE - language or culture - clarification urgently needed
  120. Distribution map of Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroup in and around Europe circa 8000 BCE
  121. Update: Natural Selection in the Last 8,000 Years
  122. interpretation of last surveys results about transition Meso-Neolithic-Bronze
  123. So it's official that Original Turks , Xiongnu, Huns, Gokturks were Mongoloid?
  124. Discontinuities in Y-DNA in Europe's prehistory
  125. Toward a New Lexicon for Ancient Samples
  126. Basque genetics aren't reliable
  127. Prehistoric DNA from Iran (upcoming study)
  128. Eurasians Adapted to Eating a Meat Diet then a Plant Diet
  129. Understanding Which Ancient DNA Lineages Survived to Modern Times
  130. Ancient DNA England: Iron age, Roman-Gladiator, and Anglo Saxon
  131. Y-DNA descendants / relatives of La Braña (C1a2) in modern Europe
  132. Thuringia - just correlation or causation as well?
  133. World's oldest founder effect in Nubia!?
  134. C.S. Coons Races of Europe 2.0 or E1b1b1a3 in Northwestern Europe...
  135. Demographics, Caution, and the Orthodoxy: The Posth Study on Euro mtDNA
  136. Ancient DNA Symposium
  137. A real life Stone Age battle
  138. Ancient Y DNA from Sudan
  139. Evidence of the earliest known substantial human conflict
  140. Proto-Indo-European homelands from 1653 to present-day
  141. Human Adaption As Seen Through the Use of Ancient Genomes
  142. Who are the RISE baSin people?
  143. How much impact did slavery have on ancient gene pools in Europe ?
  144. Ancient MtDna and the Peopling of the Americas
  145. Just the opposite (R1a, R1b, IE)
  146. Luwian studies
  147. Y-DNA haplogroups in Silesia before WW2
  148. The lost Y-DNA (a case of deportation)
  149. T1a1 individuals from Karsdorf descend from Upper Paleolithic Survivors
  150. Mapping ancient R1b
  151. Maternal Genetic Ancestry and Legacy of 10th Century AD Hungarians
  152. New Faculty of Ancient DNA Studies - Greece
  153. Upcoming paper on medieval North African dna
  154. Surprising genetic similarity between Poles and Latvians
  155. Who brought distinct clades of Z93 to India? (just L657 came with Indo-Aryans?)
  156. Dark skin consumes more energy, fair skin evolved to save energy for other organs (?)
  157. Are lots of Greeks and Italians descendants of ancient Phonecians?
  158. Seven mitochondrial gene pools ("races") of the world
  159. Light skin genes: SLC45A2 has EHG origin, SLC24A5 has CHG origin (?)
  160. Not only did people from the east repopulat europe, so did their dogs?
  161. Ancient dna and human evolution
  162. Tepe Hasanlu F38 belongs to R1b1a2a2-CTS1078/Z2103 ( Zagros - Iron Age )
  163. Ancient genomes with DNA.Land
  164. Khvalynsk admixture in India and among the Kalash people?
  165. East Baltic DNA Coming Soon
  166. Three papers about ancient Iberian DNA
  167. Summary of population genetics of Europe
  168. aDNA from Natufian Hunters to Bronze Age farmers (14,000 - 3,400 BP)
  169. The "Big Picture" of Y-DNA distribution ca. 8000-5000 BC
  170. Ancient DNA reveals Europeans in Pre-Columbine Peru
  171. Upcoming paper on yDna of North Eurasia
  172. Brachycephaly..zation of the Steppe by 4500BC.
  173. Upcoming paper on ancient dna from "Mesolithic" cemetery in Britain
  174. Slovakia: thousands prehistory DNA samples wait to analysis
  175. The Shrunken Head from the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel
  176. Are NonMetric Dental Traits a good proxy for aDna?
  177. David Reich's summary of the population history of Europe
  178. Upcoming ancient DNA from North-Eastern Europe
  179. Male biased migration in Polynesia
  180. Migration from the Steppe to Anatolia was 6000-5000 ybp (4000-3000 BC)
  181. Comparing Mesolithic and Neolithic genomes using the Eurogenes K36 calculator
  182. African admixture in ancient Germanic/Scandinavian people
  183. Dodecad & Eurogenes admixture of Late Copper & Early Bronze Age genomes
  184. Druze History
  185. Ancient Iranians had Sintashta-Srubna ancestry, but perhaps not Yamna ancestry
  186. Ancient Australian DNA
  187. 23 and me relatives???
  188. Ancient American DNA
  189. Trying to find my father
  190. U5a1b1 in Spanish Bell Beaker
  191. Yamnayans in North Russia
  192. Modern human origins: multiregional evolution of autosomes and East Asia origin of Y
  193. Mountain communities in Central Italy: A genetic insight
  194. GEDmatch kits of Bell Beaker men with R1b-DF27 & R1b-U152
  195. European Palaeolithic expansion shown by resequencing of non-recombining X-chromosome
  196. from western Yamna to Europe : a I2a2 + R1b-M269 joined venture ?
  197. Was Afontova Gora an ancestor of Afanasievo/yamna, or not?
  198. Sardinian Mitogenomes-Past and Present
  199. Natural selection in the first Americans
  200. Holocene selection in Europe for variants associated with General Cognitive Ability
  201. Leak? Iberians are "30% Kurgan"
  202. Afanasievo was R1b1a2
  203. Farming in Estonia was brought through migration
  204. The Genetic History of Northern Europe - Another Begemoth DNA study on Baltics
  205. MtDna from Mesolithic Sardinia
  206. Paleolithic and Mesolithic migrations in Europe and Siberia
  207. Mediterranean Europe major source of European Neolithic?
  208. The study of human Y chromosome variation through ancient DNA
  209. Ancient dna from southeastern European Neolithic
  210. Ancient Egyptian dna-Kraus et al
  211. Principal component and qpAdm analyses confirm European admixture in Chinchorro DNA
  212. Failure to replicate sex bias in steppe migrations
  213. revision of origins? funny thing on Eurogenes blog
  214. Early Neanderthal Presence in Europe: Aniene River Valley in Rome
  215. Pre-Columbian & Modern Native Americans in Eurogenes K36
  216. Kent England
  217. Neanderthal and Denisovan dna found in "mud"
  218. My Famous Cousins?: Common Ancestors Shared with Great Figures
  219. L = Indus people?
  220. U3 (mtDNA) = Ancient Egyptian?
  221. The genomic history of southeastern Europe-Mathiesen et al
  222. The Population Genomics Of Archaeological Transition In West Iberia
  223. mtDNA C4b in Europe
  224. The kurgan was empty
  225. Potential hominin affinities of Graecopithecus from the Late Miocene of Europe
  226. Genetic history of the Indian subcontinent
  227. David Reich speech on ancient dna
  228. Great maps from "Indo-european demic diffusion model" 06.2107
  229. Ancient genomes from southern Africa
  230. 8000 years of mtDna continuity in the South Caucasus
  231. Genetics of Mesolithic Scandinavia
  232. GEDmatch, list of ancient samples with kit numbers.
  233. "Ghost" Species contribution to Modern Sub-Saharan African DNA
  234. How ethnically diverse was British Isles?
  235. Scythians and Sarmatians on Gedmatch
  236. Maternal genetic continuity in northern Mesopotamia since the Neolithic
  237. Genetic evidence for Early Modern Human Presence in Sumatra 73-63000 years ago
  238. 7000 Year Old DNA Found in Artsakh Cave Matches Genes of Modern Armenians
  239. K36 Ancient oracle
  240. Open Access Isotope Database for Ancient Samples
  241. Natufian Ancestry found in Ancient Tanzania /Prehistoric African Population Structure
  242. New Planck-Harvard Center for Study of Ancient Mediterranean
  243. Easter Island's Polynesian Genetics
  244. Neanderthal Ancestry in Western Asia
  245. 9.7-million-year-old hominin tooth fossil found in Germany
  246. Neanderthal introgression reintroduced ancestral alleles
  247. Is there some link between R1 and a Paleolithic Prothrombin mutation
  248. Mobility in ancient Europe
  249. Parallel paleogenomic transects reveal complex genetic hx of early Euorpean farmers
  250. Map of ancient dna samples