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  1. North Wales E3b
  2. Is there E-V13 in the Middle East
  3. Hitler belonged to Near-Eastern Y-haplogroup E1b1b ?
  4. Hitler's Y-DNA?
  5. DNA study: Hitler had Jewish roots
  6. Source E1b1b1a3 V22 + haplogroup in Europe.
  7. New map of E1b1b in Europe and the Middle East
  8. E-M35 subclades in the Brabant region, Belgium
  9. Map - E3b distribution in Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  10. The Haplogroup E in Europe.
  11. E1b in Europe
  12. Did E1b1b cross directly from North Africa to Europe due to climate change ?
  13. Napoleon I belonged to haplogroup E1b1b1c1* (E-M34)
  14. E1b1b1a1b (V-13): Balkan or Middle Eastern?
  15. E-V13 and J2: Which came earlier?
  16. Distribution of E1b1b subclades in Italy (Boattini et al.)
  17. Questions about the European E1b
  18. Y-DNA Results and gentic distance.
  19. E1b1b1 / E3b / E-M35 / E-V13 in the UK
  20. Haplogroup E3b1a2 as a Possible Indicator of Settlement in Roman Britain by Soldiers
  21. New distribution map of Y-haplogroup E-M81
  22. New distribution map of Y-DNA haplogroup E-V13
  23. New distribution map of haplogroup E-M123
  24. Eurasian/European origins of E1B1B (All subclades, some older-some newer)
  25. New subclades ISOGG 2014
  26. E - V13 : slavery in the Balkans
  27. E1b1b1
  28. E1b1b in Southeast Europe 42,000 years BC, before any other, even Egypt's ERA?
  29. Was E1b1 very first inhabitants in Europe 42,000 YPD?...or Saami U5 haplogroup?
  30. DNA of ancient greeks and Minoans? ...E1b1b, J2, R1b or other groups?
  31. E-L241, E-L540, E-L17 and E-L143
  32. Where did E-V13 originate ?
  33. R1b1b above the "Limes"!?
  34. E1b1b above the "Limes".......!?
  35. E1b1b travelling from Maroc to Sicily, Bulgaria and destination Frisia
  36. Austeravia, Elektriden and E-V22
  37. Austeravia, Elektriden and E-V22 (corrected)
  38. DNA links pensioner with roman soldiers from kosovo
  39. Help about E1b1b1b2a
  40. E-V22 Here...
  41. expansion of E-V13 : a mystery
  42. E-M81 is now thought to have originated 13,900 years ago
  43. E-L117 Haplogroup info
  44. Messapian peoples : Possible Illyrian-E-V13 connection ?
  45. FTDNA confirmed me as E-L117
  46. E1 Y DNA tree - New study
  47. liguri v13
  48. E-V22: Neolithic pioneers from the Levantine!
  49. Thracian E-V13 ?
  50. E-V22: Neolithic Saharian settlers along the Nile!?
  51. Y-DNA haplogroup prediction tools
  52. About subclade of e-m81
  53. about a subclade of E-L117
  54. about the snps under E-L117
  55. Origin of PF1975/E1b-Z830-2nd
  56. Natufian E1b1b1 spoke proto Afroasiatic
  57. Haplogroup E
  58. The journey of CTS5856
  59. E1b1b is black?
  60. V-13 from Marsh Arabs/Iraq??
  61. E-m123*
  62. Major revision of E1b1b page
  63. Larry Page may belong to Y-haplogroup E-V13
  64. Is Giuseppe Garibaldi E-V13?
  65. M35 L-117 Z830 - please help me with the results
  66. EV13 from Central Asia
  67. E-V13 subclades in Greece
  68. M-183 in British isles
  69. Why Cruciani's data shows less E1b1b1 percentages?
  70. Local migrations of E-V13 subclades in the Balkans
  71. Y-dna time frames
  72. E-L542 from Madeira, all snps downstream negative except V27 not yet tested
  73. Albanian genetic ancestries
  74. New study concentrating on E-M2 and E-M78
  75. New Member Introduction S7461->B5022->BY5415
  76. Proposed quick and dirty method for TMRCA range, given shared parent clade
  77. Haplogroup ev-13
  78. Was E-V13 a major lineage of Hallstatt Celts and Italics?
  79. E-L117 among Irish Plantation families
  80. E subclade table based on 60K FtDNA samples
  81. Updated phylogenetic tree of E-V13
  82. E-L540 among Romani people?
  83. Y dna e-m5021
  84. E-PH1246 Y-DNA Inquriy
  85. Haplogroup of kings and queens
  86. E-l241
  87. Hitler and Einstein having the same Haplogroup
  88. Looking to discover my roots: E-V13 subclade E-L17 in Sicily
  89. about finder family E-L241
  90. about matches in E-L241
  91. E-L29 (M84) in Greece
  92. E-V22 , E-V13 and their relationship with Haplogroup I
  93. about Dorians civilisation
  94. E-V12 in the Levant and Italy
  95. CTS9320 families from Scandinavia.
  96. kurdish and kazan tatar EV-13
  97. About distance genetic
  98. The origin of E-L241
  99. E from the Alpes-Balkan region (68.000 y.a)
  100. E-Z5018 and Vatin culture
  101. Where did my grandmother's X chromosome go?
  102. E1b-A9723 any clue about my y-dna origins
  103. group E-V22
  104. How to know more about this branch?
  105. About The subclade of the Bizantic civilisation
  106. Which languages brought early EV13 into SE Europe?
  107. E-M293 haplogroup
  108. Dacians, Costoboci and CTS9320
  109. E-by7450
  110. E-L618/V13 and skull cult
  111. Ancient Pannonians and Ancient Illyrians....I2 and E-V13
  112. E-y161140
  113. How did E-V13 get into Italy? (speculations please)
  114. Iranian E-M215, M35-
  115. E-a24066
  116. why EPF2431 is rare
  117. Proto-Serb E-L540>A6295
  118. Chinese E-V13 CTS1273 ?
  119. Famous E1b1b members
  120. Kurdish EV13
  121. E-V13 Maps
  122. How many E-V22 in this forum?
  123. E-V1039 informations ?
  124. Cts1273
  125. Origin of E-V13 in Algeria
  126. North African E-v13 subclade ?
  127. E-V13-->E-Z5016-->E-Y138701* (E-BY4610*) North African (Algerian) Subclade?
  128. Was Franz Kafka E-M81 carrier?
  129. E-V13 in Northern Italy
  130. Very much in 'confused mode'
  131. SubgroupE-FT186965
  132. Missing Y-DNA markers compared to phylogenetic tree
  133. V13* or CTS5856*
  134. E-FT96633 Subclade (Italian?)
  135. Thread: E-V13 Frequency Maps and Data
  136. Kurdish EV13 - yseq
  137. E-V13 clades spreading with the Vekerzug Scythians
  138. E-V13 the South-East Urnfielder lineage
  139. Hi
  140. E-V13 origins: Candidate cultures and what we can read out of YFull
  141. E-l19
  142. E-V13 coming from Hatvan culture ?
  143. V13 was the paternal line with the highest proportion in the Late Avar age.
  144. E-BY3880 and FT171931-FT171969