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  1. I2a2 M423+
  2. Sarmatians, Serbs, Croats and I2a2
  3. I2a2 lineage of Cucuteni-Tripolye Culture
  4. I2A abnormality?
  5. The founding and migration of I2a2b
  6. why were I2a people exterminated in Italy and not in the Balkans ?
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  11. I2c frequency and diversity maps
  12. I2a2b-Isles and Ireland
  13. How did I2a-Din get to the Balkans?
  14. i2b1 Y-DNA Haplogroups
  15. Y haplogroup I2a1 or I2a2?
  16. Categorization of my Specific I2A2A (M223)
  17. Searching for famous I2 carriers
  18. I2a2b Isles B1 Nance
  19. Hg I cultures at end of paleolithic
  20. New phylogenetic tree of Haplogroup I2
  21. Is it possible to determine if...
  22. i2a p.37
  23. Confused
  24. Serbs and Croats origin from Germanic Scirii and Hirri?
  25. I-m423
  26. I2 found in Egyptian Mummy
  27. I2a and Printed Cardium Pottery culture?
  28. Timeline of I2 from Russian sites
  29. 2 new Snp's in Isles L161
  30. I2a-Din came to the Balkans and Dinaric Alps with the Thracians, Dacians & Illyrians
  31. Haplogroup I-M26
  32. I2a2b in Greece: Native or Slavic
  33. i-m223 percentage
  34. 12a2a* CTS616
  35. Ancestors of I2?
  36. I2a2a1b1 (Z2054) Roots
  37. I2a2a3 Concentration in Campobasso, Italy and surrounding villages/towns
  38. Just found out I'm I2b1 / I2a2a
  39. Need help with my results
  40. Neolithic I Samples from the Balkan.
  41. results query
  42. Origin & Spread of I, I1, I2, and further downstream Subclades.
  43. New member with questions (of course)
  44. The Official "I2 LGM refugium of origin" poll -- Let the debate begin !
  45. I2a1c
  46. M223 - Upgraded to 32 Markers. Help identifying which one I belong to?
  47. L126 and Finland
  48. New I-Z161 Member
  49. Sardinia - Vinca I2a1 + Beaker R1b >> Nuragic culture
  50. I2a1* ancestors from northern Spain
  51. I2+R1a+R1b Contact Area = PIE Urheimat
  52. Was I2 the ones who created methiliths in western europe
  53. New and looking for help
  54. I-L161 Isles found in ancient Neolithic DNA in Spain and Germany
  55. I2a2a (M223) found in Megalithic Spain
  56. I2a-Y T1a1b-mtDNA
  57. Latest Tree
  58. I2a1 or I2a2
  59. I2a-Din distribution among East Slavs
  60. I2a1b2a1a2a1c
  61. I-M223/I2a2a in Sweden?
  62. I2b/I2c and eastern Epigravettian
  63. I2a2a3 (M223+ Z161+) References
  64. I-l126
  65. I2a2a (M223) Mainhaplogroup of the Suebi (elbgermanic tribes)?
  66. I2a I-4882 new subclade A7358
  67. Spain M223
  68. I2a2a (M223) found in Megalithic Spain Update on snp
  69. Beginner Question about M423
  70. I2a1b2a1 (I-CTS10228) - a strong marker of Slavic expansion
  71. I2a2a-S185
  72. Author Stephen King belongs to Y-haplogroup I2a2a
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  74. I2 (?) subclade help please
  75. I2a2 and spread of red hairs ?
  76. Was I2a-CTS10228 (dinaric) an ancient Slavic king ?
  77. I-A5913 branch dinaric south
  78. I-f3145 y-dna
  79. From Doggerland to the Ural?
  80. British I2 is a Neolithic Remanent
  81. I2a-Din in Motala12?
  82. I2a-Slavic (former I2a-Din) as a slavic marker present in non-slavic populations
  83. Knez Dervan's Serbia and the Ethnogenisis of Balkan Serbs
  84. I-CTS10228 Dinaric subclades and distribution
  85. Results in: A2512
  86. I2 subclade table based on 60K FtDNA samples
  87. I2(I-S17250) birthplace
  88. j-PF7412 jz515
  89. New Here: Basic Questions about I-F3145
  90. Y Haplogroup by autosomal DNA testing
  91. I-M223 in Romania
  92. 23andMe results, how can I get the result of wich ethnic group I am part of?
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  94. I2b in Iran
  95. Are South Slavs more Balkan Native than Slavic?
  96. Confusion Regarding Danish heritage and DNA Haplogroup
  97. I2a-Din has spread in Europe from the Balkans.
  98. Bronze Age Outer Hebrides with Megalithic Y-DNA haplogroup I2a2a1
  99. New here and need some help - LivingDNA test
  100. I-m223 >i-l701 > i-s12195
  101. Continental 3B in Scotland Information Request
  102. Were I2a Slavs part of the same tribe?
  103. I-Z2069 (I2a2a1a2a1)
  104. Could I2a have been Scythian?
  105. The Proto Vikings of the North Sea Coast and I2a3 (I-L233) patrilineal ancestry
  106. Haplogroup I in the Mesolithic
  107. P78 and Ashkenazi Jews with German surname
  108. Haplogroup I resulted in the Great Height of South Slavs
  109. Someone know origin of I2a I2-PF3573
  110. Have any questions about y I been resolved?
  111. I-M223 in SE Ulster/SW Scotland?
  112. The origin of the Dinaric marker
  113. I-Y37834 in Russia
  114. Curious about Result implications
  115. Interpreting BigY results
  116. Who were the original inhabitants of North Fennoscandia?
  117. Any thoughts about I-L1287 haplogroup on 23andme and LivingDNA?
  118. Maciamo's I2a2/I2a1b (P214) YDNA Map - How Up-to-Date Is It?
  119. M223 in Iraq
  120. How can I find the new names for each different subclade/haplotype according to isogg
  121. I-y16473