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  1. haplogroup J2
  2. New map of haplogroup J2 (Y-DNA)
  3. j2a4a ancient nation
  4. J2a3h2a1 (L70) from France: Neolithic, Jewish Diaspora or What?
  5. j2b1 m205 and ancient tribes
  6. Information on the Genetics/J2 page
  7. Map of J2b and it's two major clades
  8. Haplogroup J2a in the Fertile Crescent and Europe
  9. The spread of various subclades of J2 from the Middle East towards Europe
  10. The Armenians, fathers of the Etruscans.
  11. Interested to learn how many have Hunt surname and Haplogroup J24a -- anyone?
  12. Link between Elymians and Elamites?
  13. Distribution of J2 subclades in Italy (Boattini et al.)
  14. The fifty sons of Lycaon.
  15. J2 Population Size Estimates
  16. Cultural Anthropology of Haplogroup J2
  17. Haplogroup J2, Romans, Christianity and Viticulture
  18. Haplogroup J2 M172 Quotes & Links
  19. Missing Link: Ancestral Mediterraneans
  20. Famous J2 Individuals
  21. J2 Civilisations and Bull Worship
  22. Haplogroup J2 and the spread of the Alphabet.
  23. Haplogroup J2, Romans, Christianity and Viticulture, OFF TOPIC
  24. New map of haplogroup J2b (M102)
  25. Maps for J-M67,J-M92 and J-M530
  26. Phylogeographical Analysis of the J2b2 M241 Geno 2.0 Heatmap
  27. Haplogroup J2, Greeks, Phoenicians and Mesopotamians.
  28. Haplogroup J2, Thracians, Illyrians, Phrygians, Vlachs and others.
  29. J2 Haplogroup is it related to Austria,Bosnia,Serbia,Croatia ?
  30. Haplogroup J2b1 - M205 ("Balkan cluster")
  31. Your theoretical opinion about my Y-STR results
  32. Could Frank Zappa's haplogroup be J2 ?
  33. Ydna "J2" found in Merovingian era graves in the Netherlands
  34. J2 Haplogroup in ethnic Uzbeks
  35. J2 Haplogroup in ethnic Uyghurs
  36. Late Bronze Age J2a1 found 1110-1270 B.C. Ludas-Varjú-dűlő, Hungary.
  37. J2a/J2 in Iron Age Altais and Russia
  38. Hg J2 M172 middle/late neolithic Hungary. (Sopot & Lengyel Culture)
  39. J2-M172 Y-DNA found among remnants of Napoleons army in Kassel, Germany.
  40. the expansion of J and obsidian
  41. Mesopotamia/Isrealite J2
  42. J -l398
  43. New map of Y-haplogroup J2b1 (M205)
  44. Haplogroup J2b-M205
  45. Identifying the Roman subclades of J2a1
  46. BR2 Late Bronze age
  47. J-M241 English & French Ancestry
  48. Actor Adam Sandler may belong to Y-haplogroup J2a1
  49. J2 in Italy
  50. J2a- L25>F3133>A5360
  51. J2b2-L283 (proto-illyrian)
  52. J2b1-M205 introduced to Eupedia
  53. New map of J-M241>L283 (J2b2)
  54. Why the name Greco-Anatolian?
  55. British an Scandanavian
  56. J2-L70-Z435 - theory that it is Israelite haplogroup
  57. J1 and J2 subclade table based on 60K FtDNA samples
  58. J haplogroup of Phoenician and Greek colonizations
  59. J2a L397 - Phoenician and Greek Colonization in The Mediterranean
  60. Jpf5456
  61. Question about Y-DNA
  62. Did anyone test with Living DNA?
  63. J-PF5456 questions
  64. J2b2-L283 Northwestern corner of Iberian Peninsule
  65. Which J2a subclades can I possibly belong?
  66. I need a bit of information (Ethnicity: Albanian, y-haplogroup: J-L283)
  67. J2-z44439
  68. Helix: J-Z467 / Ancestry: J2a1b (also J2-M67)
  69. J2 is a major Indo-European marker
  70. J2-l24 in albania
  71. Introduction new member (Y-DNA: J-L283)
  72. J2 in Austria and in Germany
  73. J2 Problem
  74. New J2 Samples
  75. J2b2 L283 PH1602
  76. Ancient J2 samples in Europe, Pre-Phoenecian
  77. J2 in Central Asia
  78. J-L70 Confederate Brigadier General
  79. J-L70 Templar Line? (According to my paternal genealogy)
  80. J-L70 - a much needed update
  81. J-L70-Z435-PH-3882 PH2575 J-Z39057 J-Z28739 Norman-Anglo Irish Essex, England
  82. J2a in Albanians
  83. Need help
  84. J2a-Z435 from BA collapse
  85. J-z40772
  86. Notable J2b-L283 Members
  87. J-y16842
  88. J-m67