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  14. Corded Ware / Iranic-Aryan split of IE?
  15. Philosopher David Hume belonged to Y-haplogroup R1a-L448
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  17. Slavic R1a clades.
  18. New map of haplogroup R1a-M458 (Y-DNA)
  19. New map of YDNA haplogroup R1a-CTS1211 (aka M558 or Y93)
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  36. R-yp276
  37. FTDNA Y-DNA Results
  38. Ashkenazi R1a1a-new Behar paper
  39. Map of R1a for ethnic Serbs in Serbia and Republic of Srpska
  40. why turks have most higher r1a?
  41. R1a-M458-L1029*
  42. New Member
  43. Moshe Dayan
  44. How to divide Slavs from Balts, and vice-versa before 6th century?
  45. L664 in England
  46. Who were R1a-M458 and what was their language most likely?
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  49. Q-l712
  50. R1a-L1029-German or assimilated Polabian Slav?
  51. The community from which today's thriving R1a lineages emerged
  52. R1a-Z282 without deeper subclade?
  53. Same age for R1a and R1b?
  54. Collapse of the first R1a empire
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  58. R-m512
  59. R-f2935
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  65. R1a-Y17491
  66. Norse viking or fairy tales?
  67. R1a-CTS1211 > CTS8816 > Y2902 > YP3994 in Albania and in the Balkans
  68. Sintashta must have spoken Turkic
  69. Balto-Slavic Z284 & L664
  70. Tolkien's Y-DNA haplogroup R1a
  71. What explains the presence of R1a in central Asia and other non Indo European peoples
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  77. R1a1a1b1a2b3a ?
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  80. Ragnar Lothbrok's dynasty may well have belonged to haplogroup R1a-Z284
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