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  1. Last Tsar's Y-DNA suggest R1b haplogroup for Scandinavian and Russian royals
  2. R1b stocks
  3. R1b migration map
  4. R1b-L21
  5. R1b S116
  6. R-L21* in Germany Thus Far
  7. Eastern European R-L21* Cluster
  8. R-L21* in France Thus Far
  9. The Origin of L21
  10. R1b1b2a1a3 (R1b1c9a)
  11. R-L21* in Luxembourg
  12. French L21 Testing
  13. Czech R-L21*
  14. R-L21* in Belgium
  15. New R1b map of Europe
  16. New paper: R1b1b2 Arrived in Europe During the Neolithic
  17. Metal-mining and stockbreeding explain R1b dominance in Atlantic fringe
  18. R1b-L48+
  19. Subclades of R1b1b2 by region (in Europe)
  20. R1b1b2a1b4
  21. R1b in Iberian Peninsula, France and the British Islands
  22. L21 on the Iberian Peninsula
  23. More structure in haplogroup R1b
  24. R1b-U152/S28 : more Gaulish or Roman ?
  25. R-P312(S116) clades in Iberia - M153 & SRY2627
  26. North Italian R1b-U106 and the Lombards
  27. Celtic or Norse?
  28. Description of U152 in Italian
  29. L21+ and P25?
  30. Questions about M167/SRY2627
  31. Thoughts from Klyosov R1b data and the IE problem
  32. R1b in Europe origins mostly from Phrygians and Galatians?
  33. U152* or U106*
  34. R1b P312 Variance by country
  35. what diseases could R1b people have spread to Western Europe ?
  36. Subclades of R1b in Wales
  37. Is R1b U106 linked with Halstat and La Tène ?
  38. R1b-U152 map
  39. Who were R1b1b1 people
  40. SNP L47* or Y-DNA haplogroup R1b1b2a1a1d1* (ISOGG) - "Ivanhoe" Cluster Project??
  41. R1b in Turkey
  42. L159.2 = Viking?
  43. R1b in Africa?
  44. New map of R1b-S21 (U106)
  45. New map of R1b-S28 (U152)
  46. P66
  47. Interesting coincidence between R1b and high GDP
  48. Scottish R1b-U152, Danelaw vs. Channel crossing
  49. The Paleolithic R1b Zombie rises again... at least according to the media
  50. U152 Homeland Revisited
  51. Where does R1b in Western Europe Come From?
  52. Research about R1b-U152: probably Roman (and italic) origin, not Gallic
  53. Frequencies of Near-Eastern R1b (ht35)
  54. R1b1a2a1a1a4
  55. New map of haplogroup R1b-L21 (S145)
  56. L176.2: When and where did it originate
  57. Was R1b-U106 in Scandinavia&Frisia caused by Tumulus Culture proto-Celtic migrations?
  58. Z196 needs to be in the literature, alongside its brother clades U152 and L21
  59. Bashkirs: What Subclades of R1b Were They?
  60. What do folks from the Ibr. Peninsula and the Brit. Isles think about haplogroup R1b?
  61. R1b L21 and U152 highest diversity
  62. The big/old SNPs that R1b-L21* folks should be testing for
  63. R1b P312 in Norway
  64. What is your thoughts on SRY2627?
  65. L193?
  66. R1b-L21 (S145) in Slovenia and Sicily?
  67. R1B1A2A1A1B what now?
  68. z196+ subclasses
  69. Sry2627
  70. P310... and this tells meeee?
  71. Where did R1b L51 originate?
  72. Irish surname "Prendergast" and R1 sub-clades
  73. Z326 map (the L48+ 425=null cluster)
  74. R1b's arrival in Europe - Tumulus culture or Bell Beaker?
  75. Help in defining my R1b haplogroup
  76. R1b-L21(S145): Updates and new phylogeny
  77. Delving into R-L48 (R1b1a2a1a1a4*)
  78. L159.2 in U152
  79. Does SRY-26267 have a subclade?
  80. dys 388=13
  81. R1b-U152
  82. New approach for the R1b and Subclades project
  83. R1b-P312*
  84. How did the Basques become R1b
  85. R1b1a2 in Kosovo (Albanian)
  86. R1b question...
  87. R-L21 in Northern Portugal
  88. Where did Greek R1b come from?
  89. Newbie Help... R1b
  90. Help: How can I find my R1b subgroup?
  91. Akhenaten / Tutankhamun R1b
  92. Which clade of R1b is this?
  93. Villanova culture represents Italic colonisation of Italy
  94. How Slovak or how German might these Y-Chromosome Signatures be?
  95. Ingaveones
  96. Does this tell me anything more than R1b
  97. 1000 Genomes Follow Up Project
  98. R1b entry into Europe
  99. Bill Gates = R1b1a2
  100. A map for R1b1a2a1 ?
  101. Breakdown of R1b subclades in Italy (Boattini et al.)
  102. Who were the P312*?
  103. R1b1b2a1a
  104. r1b-l238
  105. New migration map of haplogroup R1b
  106. U106 in Iceland
  107. R1b-DF27 project - DF27 is one of the Big 3 subclades of P312(S116)
  108. Evidence that the ancient Romans spread R1b-U152 based on Roman colonies in Italy
  109. New map of R1b-DF27 (SRY2627 + M153)
  110. New map of R1b-ht35 (L23, L51, L11, Z2103)
  111. Updated phylogenetic trees of R1b-L21, R1b-DF27 and R1b-U152
  112. Analysis of R1b subclades in Scandinavia
  113. Can 37-marker STR be used to roughly predict subclade membership without a SNP test?
  114. R1b (M343) East of the Caspian?
  115. DF81 subclade under DF27
  116. R1b & Bell Beaker & IE, what am I missing?
  117. DYS455=9 and a few other questions…
  118. Any information about Y-DNA subclade R1b1b2a (origin/distribution)?
  119. New distribution map of haplogroup R1b in Eurasia and Africa
  120. my STRs closer match to M153 than its upstreams, except one?
  121. R1b-U152 L2*
  122. Did R1b L11 Germanic Italo Celts really spread red hair in western Europe
  123. Am I R1b Df27 my surname in British? and evidence Df27 is popular in not just Iberia
  124. R1b Df27 and L21 Celtic migrations 3,500-4,500ybp far west Europe
  125. percentage of r1b u106 in england
  126. colangelo haplogroup test r1b
  127. r1b l238 england
  128. R1b-Z194
  129. When did R1b get to Ireland?
  130. Deeper R1b subclade resolution for the Brabant Y-DNA Project (Belgium)
  131. is df19 a germanic marker???????
  132. getting back into understanding dna results
  133. R1b-Z192
  134. Why R1b couldn't have been spread around Western Europe by the Bell Beaker people
  135. Origin of haplogroup R1b in Bosnia
  136. Question About Quote Within the Updated R1b Section
  137. Eupedia new map R1b migration
  138. Insular vs. Continental R1b-L21 question
  139. Hello and help with results
  140. R-Z14 origins
  141. Catalan R1b U152/S28
  142. Gutians : 'namrûtum' - what's in a word ?
  143. British PM William Gladstone belonged to R1b-L21
  144. Searching for famous R1b-U106 individuals
  145. Searching for famous R1b-U152 individuals
  146. Searching for famous R1b-L21 individuals
  147. George Washington probably belonged to haplogroup R1b-L21
  148. Presidents Theodore Roosevelft and Franklin D. Roosevelt might have been R1b
  149. Hey need some help with my haplogroups.
  150. looking for information on snp Z251
  151. Any other confirmed L11* individuals on here?
  152. R1b and Native Americans
  153. The spread of R1b
  154. P312 in Armenia
  155. R1b-CTS 7822 approved for ISOGG tree.
  156. Help with Z195 results
  157. R1b s141 Anatolian r1b in the uk
  158. What do you think?
  159. L2+ in Geno 2.0 but "no call" for 23andMe rs2566671
  160. 23andMe, Geno 2.0 and R-L2
  161. R1b-U198/R1b-S29 topic and R1B-U198 in Normandy
  162. Seeking pointers to recent research on origin ages for P312 U106 & CTS4528(DF100)
  163. Getting the R1b chart upgraded so that CTS4528/DF100 is added alongside P312 & U106 ?
  164. I'm R1b1a2a but there's a question...
  165. Haplogroup R-L1 Null 439 Info
  166. My Paternal Haplogroup Origin
  167. CTS4466 age/location discussion
  168. Latest on U-152
  169. Confirmed Haplogroup of R1b-U106
  170. Modern distribution of R1b-Z2103
  171. Hi there, R1b-U106 here!
  172. Ivanhoe Cluster Jewish R1b
  173. R-V88 Among Europeans
  174. did R1b corss the Caucasus with cattle ?
  175. My haplogroup is R1b-V88; does this mean my original father was a Chadic negroid?
  176. Breakdown of R1b subclades in the USA and Canada
  177. R-L671 from Italy
  178. British subclades of R1b in the Indian subcontinent
  179. Gascon-Iberian R1b-DF27 in UK and Ireland
  180. What is common people R1b1b2a1a?
  181. R1b mystery
  182. Dutch with mostly Scandinavian DNA
  183. R-U152 Deep clade help
  184. R1b U106 - "little-known" sub-type S11136.
  185. Geographic barriers determine more R1b subclade's areas than ethnic groups
  186. An Overview of All R1b Spread Theories in Layman's Terms
  187. 1st Post, I am a new R-BY3320 under L-48 and U-106
  188. R1b Posting all ..your expertise appreciated....dad was adopted...Civil War of Spain
  189. R1b question...and my first post!
  190. R1b S116*
  191. U106 explored: its relationships, geography and history by Iain McDonald (2015)
  192. Julius Caesar ordered the genocide of the Menapii, but the clade R1b-Z16340 survived
  193. Half of Western European men descended from one Bronze Age ‘king’.
  194. Help! Geno has just changed my Y-DNA haplogroup!
  195. R1b DF27->Z2552->L617
  196. Pluviometers as Y-DNA predictors
  197. 1st post: I am R-L47+ L44+
  198. Is R1b-L21 associated with the Gauls?
  199. What is the most common R1b subclade in southwest England?
  200. R-M269 Is there a good indication whether the Welsh have R-M269?
  201. Y-STRs to discriminate between unrelated individuals using the haplogroup R-M269
  202. Predicted to be U106, or are U106+ and need advice? Read this message!
  203. U152 Group D or DYS492 = 14
  204. EEF gave Africa R1b-V88
  205. Question about peoples of Cisalpine Gaul
  206. R1b-M269 subclades in Poland
  207. Midevil village near Mumucium Fort? R1b-U152*
  208. Just got my new Y results..
  209. Y Haplogroup Subclade R-Z327 Origin?
  210. Help in Understanding my Haplogroup (R1b U152 + ?)
  211. Hi! May someone help me with R BY1106 please ?
  212. R-fgc20747
  213. L-21, RZ253 with paternal ancestry from Germany
  214. New member here. Many questions about R1b
  215. U152 Testing Panel
  216. R-s4056
  217. New phylogenetic tree of R1b-U152 (and L2)
  218. New phylogenetic tree of R1b-U106 (and Z381)
  219. R1b-S116
  220. R1b-M269>PF7562
  221. R-SRY2627: I would more informations about it, plz.
  222. Ligures, Lusitanians... early migrants ?
  223. L151 & p310
  224. Am I R-U106?
  225. roman conquest of gaul
  226. which subclade(s) of R1b-V88 actualy went to Africa?
  227. Hello! I'm a new member here. Ice might We
  228. R1b-F1794
  229. Hello from a L21>DF63>CTS6919, A92-
  230. R1b-Z2103 in Western Europeans.
  231. Found a L21->DF13->Z253 from Cornwall in my tree
  232. Robert I of Scotland
  233. R1b-DF19
  234. R1b DF27 in Iberia
  235. R1b L23/S141
  236. R-L48 >R-Z8 > R-Z346 > R-Z343 > R-CTS1747 (S3294) geographical location?
  238. R-P310* update?
  239. Z36 positive?
  240. R-l21/ r-df13
  241. R-U106>R-L48>R-Z9>R-331 Spain Suebi Galicia ?
  242. R1b-M153 in Non-Basques
  243. Entry point for R1b-L21 into the British Isles?
  244. U106>z326>r-by3325???
  245. R-z43
  246. FTDNA Gave Me R-BY3255, Any Help?
  247. R-z326
  248. R1b-L51/PF7589
  249. I'm Palestinian my haplogroup r-L23 (Z2109?),What's next?
  250. R1b from Italy Ethnopedia