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  1. Haplogroup N and the Finns
  2. How did Haplogroup N reach Anatolia?
  3. New map of haplogroup N1c1
  4. Lithuanian N1c1
  5. Scandinavian origin of the Rurikid N1c1 lineage from Central Sweden
  6. Haplogroup N1c is Mongoloid / Siberian ?
  7. Another N1C here
  8. Haplotype tree of N1c1a (M178)
  9. Another N1C1
  10. Age dating of evolutionary events
  11. Am I just seeing things?
  12. Homo Erectus' proud legacy
  13. New dedicated page for Y-haplogroup N1c
  14. Finns weren't N but I haplogroup originally
  15. N1C in South Baltic - Caused by Varyag elite of Baltic Tribes?
  16. Why Vikings did not bring any N1c in Great Britain?
  17. When could possibly Ugrofinians have come to Europe?
  18. East Prussian N1c subclades
  19. N1c is now N1a
  20. N subclade table based on 60K FtDNA samples
  21. N1C spread by trade routes service social class leitzleute, letigalli, lyda, litva