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  1. Robot, anyone?! New technological revolution is near.
  2. Will all people of the world mix creating one race in the future?
  3. Do you think that smart society of the future (by Eugenics) will be more atheist?
  4. The new technologies that will revolutionze our future very soon
  5. Are driverless autonomous cars about to revolutionize transportation ?
  6. 90% of jobs will be taken away by robots and computers by 2035 - what jobs are safe ?
  7. Amazing Technology.
  8. Your life is going to change faster than ever before
  9. Mind uploading won't lead to immortality
  10. Is it possible to build a super AI without fully replicating the human brain ?
  11. Could a machine or an AI ever feel human-like emotions ?
  12. Shall we really wish for the technological singularity to happen ?
  13. Human Head transplants soon possible?
  14. Singular Transition: new challenges of the time
  15. Robots refuse to save people? Somewhat alarming experiments in Bristol
  16. Possibility of male pregnancy?
  17. Future of Earth's Fresh Water
  18. How long humankind will survive?
  19. World at year 2050
  20. Nuclear fusion energy step closer, large success of German scientists
  21. Is this future travel?
  22. What would people do when robots produce everything?
  23. Plan to colonize Mars
  24. How many billion of people earth could potentially support.
  25. Bat drone
  26. Is this true? 5,000yrs of NUCLEAR battery life...
  27. Do we really want driver-less cars?
  28. Can we survive development?
  29. Seven Earth-sized worlds found orbiting nearby star
  30. When AI runs the world economy?
  31. BBC World Hacks: great ideas to improve society
  32. Country of your future.
  33. Robots to replace humans in all work within 120 years
  34. Robots are destroying cashflow in economy.
  35. NASA might actually modify the DNA of astronauts going to Mars
  36. Companion Robot Owners
  37. "Vide-omics" DNA Techniques Could Transform Facial Recognition Technology
  38. If you could go anywhere back In time what places would you visit?
  39. A new tool for editing DNA, one base at a time
  40. Will Islam Ever Be Banned?
  41. New Byton car: the most futuristic so far (ahead of Tesla)
  42. Biobots: Tissue-Based Robots
  43. Jobless future countdown: when are these jobs going to be taken over by AI or robots?
  44. Google's new tool that answers your questions by reading thousands of books
  45. Flexible TVs and high performance wearable smart tech one step closer
  46. Researchers design 'soft' robots that can move on their own
  47. Mining asteroids could unlock untold wealth – here’s how to get started
  48. World's smallest house
  49. Restaurant using burger-making robot to open soon in San Francisco
  50. Exoskelton for everyday life
  51. Flying cars one step closer to going mainstream
  52. Future Energy Systems and Transportation
  53. New AI System Identifies Personality Traits from Eye Movements
  54. World's first floating dairy farm to open in the Netherlands
  55. The gradual phasing out of physical offices and colleges
  56. These Portraits Were Made by AI: None of These People Exist
  57. Rewriting Life / The CRISPR twins had their brains altered
  58. [VIDEO:INTERVIEW] Heroes of Deep Learning: Andrew Ng interviews Geoffrey Hinton
  59. Classic Problem.
  60. Would space travel change us?
  61. Opinions on CRISP
  62. Cyber Truck from Tesla: are you impressed?
  63. AI- facial recognition in Coffee Vending Machine
  64. The New York Times was able to track Trump’s movements with leaked location data
  65. What will the world be like after coronavirus? Four possible futures
  66. eBussy: a new revolutionary modulable electric vehicle
  67. Why is Artificial Intelligence still so bad at suggesting ads and products?
  68. Elon Musk Will Sell All His Properties to Finance Colonization of Mars
  69. Sooner than you think
  70. Google claims to create time crystal inside quantum computer
  71. Organic molecules revealed on Mars by Curiosity's new kind of experiment
  72. The future of cryptocurrency and regulations.
  73. Metaverse coming to a dystopian future near ours :D
  74. Elon Musk takeover of Twitter
  75. France bans Office 365 and Google Docs from schools and public administration
  76. Scientist claims humans will be able to upload consciousness onto computer.
  77. Pizza ad created by AI
  78. Boston Dynamics Tests Chat GPT on Spot Robot
  79. Artificial Intelligence and Genealogy
  80. Robotics & AI for addressing African Overpopulation