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  1. New map of mtDNA haplogroup HV
  2. New page dedicated to haplogroup HV (mtDNA)
  3. The Scythian origin of Haplogroup HV2(a)
  4. Analysis of 316 mtDNA HV* mitogenomes
  5. Fine Dissection of MtDna HV
  6. Hv15
  7. Why HV and not H ?
  8. Maternal 1st cousins showing different levels of mtDNA
  9. Rare human mitochondrial HV lineages spread from the Near East in post LGM /neolithic
  10. HV1a3
  11. HV5 is relatively uncommon
  12. Is R0 from Europe and HV from the Middle East
  13. Age and TMRCA mtDNA HV