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  1. What was the ethnicity(ies) of Bronze Age Lusatian culture?
  2. tell el samara (new village)
  3. Sicilian amber in West Med predates Baltic amber by 2,000 years
  4. Evidence of 7,200-year-old cheese making found on the Dalmatian Coast
  5. Elite Minoan Burials Unearthed in Crete
  6. 5 ka mass grave discovered in Kenya
  7. did climate change start in the neolithic ?
  8. Hundreds of gold coins dating to Rome's Imperial era found in Italy
  9. Stonehenge-Interactive Map
  10. Mammoth kill site-Austria
  11. Investigating Natufian ritual feasting
  12. Early dates for Neanderthal Cave Art may be incorrect?
  13. Oldest drawing ever found
  14. pics of a 50 ka cave lion cub
  15. Underwater grave in mesolithic Sweden
  16. Neanderthal bones-Northern Iraq
  17. Child Labor at the Hallstatt Salt Mines
  18. Historian angers group who proposed labeling late Holocene as Meghalayan Age
  19. Bronze to Iron Age Iranian Graves Discovered
  20. 2nd Century BC Elite Tomb in Cumae
  21. 14 ka large sea mammal hunters on Triquet Island, British Columbia
  22. Ancient Neolithic Village and Iron Age Cemetery found in Albania
  23. Cuisine of early farmers revealed by analysis of proteins in pottery from Çatalhöyük
  24. Intact Early Mycenaean Tomb Discovered in Greece
  25. Finger bones of Neanderthal child found in Poland
  26. Shulaveri Shomu keep on giving - Neolithic water management and flooding in the Less
  27. New Date for the Destruction of Pompeii
  28. Ethnoarchaeology of "Passive" Ethnicity: Arvanites of Central Greece by John Bintliff
  29. Evidence of dogs accompanying humans to Europe during Neolithic
  30. Link Between Greek Colonies: Apollonia Pontica and Heraclea Pontica
  31. how the Berber HG survived while EEF got extinct
  32. Pre-Clovis projectile -Implications for the Late Pleistocene peopling of the Americas
  33. Early pastoral economies along the Ancient Silk Road
  34. Neanderthal Rib Cage Analyzed
  35. Large-Scale Tar Production May Have Fueled Viking Expansion
  36. primitive technology
  37. Gauls embalmed the severed heads of enemies
  38. Oldest figurative art in human history-40,000 years old
  39. 1st Century AD Roman Fort
  40. Violence and the Neanderthals
  41. The year 536 and the fall of the Roman Empire
  42. Silver necklace beads from chalcolithic necropoleis near Rome came from Sardinia
  43. New Ice Age Art from France
  44. Celtic Chariot Burial Uncovered in Wales
  45. Late Middle Pleistocene Levallois stone-tool technology in southwest China
  46. Scandinavia-Demic vs cultural diffusion of the Neolithic
  47. New Thoughts on Africa’s Megafauna Extinctions
  48. Remains of Anglo-Saxon cemetery discovered
  49. Prehistoric cave art reveals ancient use of complex astronomy
  50. Neolithic Stone Mask
  51. New world-Old world timelines
  52. Man's early evolution not limited to East Africa?
  53. Ritual finger amputation may explain missing fingers in Upper Paleolithic people
  54. Mesolithic cuisine from Germany
  55. Mammoth Tusk “Tiara” Discovered in Denisova Cave
  56. 4,000-Year-Old Game Board Identified in Azerbaijan
  57. Neolithic Cattle May Have Pulled Heavy Loads; Used to build early settlements.
  58. Late Neolithic Norway
  59. Agricultural origins on the Anatolian plateau
  60. House Bolton Came From Mexico
  61. Homo Sapiens' New Ecological Niche
  62. Decapitation Burial Ritual in Roman-Era Britain?
  63. The First Bakers
  64. Australopithecus Inner-Ear and Implications for early hominin evolution
  65. Africans hunter-gatherers responded to agropastoralism with diverse strategies.
  66. Gene flow in Bronze Age Northern Italy through strontium and oxygen isotopes"
  67. Natufian Dog Domestication, and potential new hunting methods
  68. Very early human presence in Alaska?
  69. Diet of Neolithic people in southeastern Europe
  70. Neanderthal spears weren't that bad
  71. A surprising early replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans (AMH) in Southern Spa
  72. Poland: Prehistoric Defensive Settlements
  73. New Dating for Denisova Cave
  74. The "Great Dying" may have caused the "Little Ice Age"
  75. Embalmed heads of the Celtic Iron Age in the south of France
  76. A Sevillian archaeologist links Tartessian writing with prehistory
  77. Prehistoric food globalization spanned three millennia
  78. The mystery of the 20 priestesses poisoned with mercury
  79. New Indus Valley site discovered
  80. Did megaliths first arise in northwestern France?
  81. Did bone marrow help in the development of hominid brains?
  82. Possible Neanderthal Footprint Discovered in Gibraltar
  83. How many lived during the Aurignacian?
  84. 6,000 year old Neolithic longhouses found in Scotland
  85. The mercenary of Malaka
  86. The 40 dogs and the snake jacket
  87. Isotopes found in bones suggest Neanderthals were fresh meat eaters
  88. The building of Stonehenge
  89. a late Neanderthal refugium in the Altaï area?
  90. Neanderthals may have had the same posture as modern humans?
  91. Dogs lived with and were buried with humans in the European Neolithic
  92. Denisovan skull piece found for the first time
  93. Evidence of copper casting on precolumbian North America
  94. Human made tools on the Tibetan plateau 30,000 years ago
  95. Early Europeans hunted hard-to-catch small game
  96. Neanderthal tool workshop found in Poland
  97. Did Climate Change Drive Cannibalism in Neanderthals
  98. Cattle use in Europe 8000 yago
  99. A new Bronze Age shipwreck with ingots in the west of Antalya
  100. Re-dating of "Bell-Beaker" site in southwestern France
  101. Neolithic dwelling found inside Avesbury Stone Circle
  102. Why can't archaeologists take photos?
  103. First Balkan Paleolithic Cave Art found
  104. Older pyramids in better shape than the newer ones?
  105. Spread of agriculture in Western Eurasia-New Map
  106. Late arrival of Finnic-speakers to the Baltic Sea
  107. What caused the Ice Ages?
  108. The dolmen of Soto
  109. Bear Paw in Polish Neolithic burial
  110. Middle Pleistocene human skull reveals variation and continuity in early Asian humans
  111. Late Neolithic and Nordic Bronze Age.
  112. Denisovan Jaw Bone Found in Tibet
  113. Costume jewelery in Iberia Copper Age
  114. Gobekli Tepe's use of grains
  115. Early Entheogens
  116. 500,000 year old homo erectus tools in Sudan
  117. Doggerland-A Reconstruction
  118. Pre-historic Medicine
  119. Human Evolution at Olduvai
  120. Paleolithic Footprints found in Italian cave
  121. wooden steel
  122. Earliest evidence for the cooking and eating of starch
  123. Upper Paleolithic Cultural Diversity in the Iranian Zagros Mountains
  124. a 50 million year old mass grave ... for fish
  125. Early humans may have crossed Central Asia during a wetter period
  126. Stone tools invented several times
  127. Humans and Alcohol
  128. Living and dying at the Portus Romae
  129. Unusual megalithic monument found in Ireland
  130. What have I found? ( my first post)
  131. Bioarchaeology of Neolithic Çatalhöyük reveals fundamental transitions
  132. Unknown Group of Ancient Humans Once Lived in Siberia, New Evidence Reveals
  133. Human settlement of the Sahul
  134. First evidence for consumption of cooked starches
  135. Capuchin monkeys are 3,000 years into their own evolution into higher order thinking
  136. Çatalhöyük: 9,000 years ago, a community with modern urban problems
  137. A grave of 7,600 years was discovered in the village of Slatina, Bulgaria
  138. Solnitsata -"The Saltworks" was an ancient town located in present-day Bulgaria
  139. Apidima Cave fossils provide earliest evidence of Homo sapiens in Eurasia
  140. the probable origins of ancient Greece
  141. Archaeological sensation: discovered the legendary Alexandria Oksianskuyu
  142. Nerkin and Verin Naver--Indo-European EMBA Burial Complexes in Armenia
  143. The oldest lunar calendar is a pebble engraved 10,000 years ago, found near Rome
  144. First evidence of hominin presence outside Africa found in Jordan
  145. Evidence of the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem
  146. The Northern Route for human dispersal in Central and North East Asia
  147. Humans interbred with four distinct species of humans
  148. Humans fled to the mountains during the last Ice Age
  149. Parasites in Bronze Age Britons
  150. 9,000 year old "Vast" Neolithic site found near Jerusalem
  151. Vikings arrived in Ireland when the population was in serious decline
  152. Mesolithic Platform Discovered Off Isle of Wight
  153. WHy did ancient Egyptians love cats so much?
  154. Ramses III potentially murdered by his wife
  155. Greeks invented the crane 1.5k years earlier than previously thought
  156. Cannibalism in Prehistoric Spain?
  157. How can IE migration be explained without mentioning Seima Turbino?
  158. Cranium of 3.8 million yr.old hominin
  159. Early humans breast fed for longer than modern humans
  160. Pastoralism and farming in Bronze Age Eurasia
  161. Hepatitis B found in remains of "German prince"
  162. First direct evidence of dairy consumption
  163. Closer look at stonehenge
  164. micro cutting tools for 500 ka elephant hunters in the Levant
  165. African hominem diversity and the origin of our species
  166. Inbreeding among Neanderthals
  167. Roman bronze cauldron unearthed in central Norway burial cairn
  168. Interview: The Mysterious Bronze Age Collapse with Eric Cline
  169. Toolkit of hunter-gatherers in what is now Israel
  170. An Extreme Drought Has Revealed a ‘Spanish Stonehenge
  171. 6th Century BC Aristocrat-Warrior Graves in Northern Greece
  172. "In pain you will bring forth children"
  173. Corded Ware in Eastern Siberia?
  174. Tripolye Megastructure
  175. Iraq’s Drought Reveals Ancient Vedic Palace
  176. Depopulation of East Germany (Elbe-Oder region) during the Migration Period
  177. English Mesolithic Remains
  178. Possible Minoan Throne Room Unearthed in Crete
  179. What a stunning find in Northern israel
  180. Infrared brings scroll from Pompeii to light
  181. Disappearance of Wooly Mammoths
  182. Scottish Crannogs 800bc. yeah right try 3600bc.
  183. Hundreds of important archaeological discoveries made in NI
  184. Bronze Age Warrior's kit from Tollense Valley, Germany
  185. Bronze Age Warrior's kit from Tollense Valley, Germany
  186. 1800 year old horse and chariot from Croatia
  187. Neanderthal Technology
  188. Great Orme copper mine 'traded widely in Bronze Age'
  189. Britains first city discovered.
  190. Ancient teeth show some early humans came to Israel from Europe 40,000 years ago
  191. Helmets made from the skulls of children
  192. Is this cave painting humanity’s oldest story?
  193. Winter Solstice and Neolithic Tombs
  194. Scythian Women Warriors found
  195. Root vegetables were eaten 170,000 years ago
  196. Collapse of Viking Civilization in Greenland
  197. New translation of Swedish runes
  198. Dinosaurs shrank to keep warm
  199. Copper to Tuscany – Coals to Newcastle? Dynamics of metalwork exchange in early Italy
  200. Exploiting an ancient civilization for political/ethnic aims
  201. Mysterious skull could be of Pliny the Elder
  202. massacre in 7,3 ka Els Trocs
  203. 2,000 year old date seeds have sprouted
  204. Iron Age bone fragments from northeast Engliand
  205. Neanderthals buried their dead
  206. Shrine of Romulus?
  207. Archaeologists discover lost city that may have conquered the kingdom of Midas
  208. Why did it take so long to invent the wheel?
  209. Dog domestication in the mesolithic?
  210. Human occupation of northern India spans the Toba super-eruption ~74,000 years ago
  211. The importance of dairying in Eastern Eurasia
  212. 5,000-year-old sword is discovered by an archaeology student at a Venetian monastery
  213. Bronze Age Canaanite figurines, a calf statue etc. found in Israel.
  214. Three PIE migrations according to David Anthony
  215. Hidden Viking trade route emerges from the ice.
  216. Milk, meat and plants in prehistoric East African herders
  217. 3600 yo mummy from Egypt
  218. The spread of rice farming throughout the world
  219. The rise and fall of ear infections over 15,000 years
  220. Simulating Neanderthal Extinction
  221. Philip II of Macedon a greater man than Alexander?
  222. Ancient Longboat in Ireland?LISACUL, IRELAND—The Irish Independent reports that a 12-
  223. Oldest bows and arrows found in Sri Lanka
  224. History of maize cultivation in Mesoamerica
  225. Scythian Warrior's genome analyzed
  226. Is there any relation between Dorians and Urnfield Culture
  227. 2 km wide circle found next to Stonehenge
  228. Balkan Branches of E-V13 possibly Dardano-Brygian?
  229. Paleolithic remains from France
  230. Climate shaped the Neolithic Advance
  231. What's the current theory on dog domestication?
  232. New archeological evidence shows that humans already reached America 33,000 years ago
  233. History of Neolithic Cats in Europe
  234. Maybe a petroglyph
  235. Celtiberian hillforts / Castros celtiberos.
  236. Neanderthal Social Groups through footprints
  237. 200,000 year old beds in South Africa
  238. Hunter Gatherer artwork in Britain
  239. Millets arrival in Europe
  240. Brnjica Culture (Kosovo/South Serbia/Macedonia) archaeological source of Dardanians
  241. Ritual stone monuments in Arabia
  242. 6500 yo copper smelting furnace in Negev
  243. Ecology and early human evolution
  244. Dairy Production in India 2500 BC
  245. Documentary-Lost Civilization of Old World
  246. 7,000 year old kilns from northeast Bulgaria
  247. Neolithic Construction Boom in England
  248. Bell Beakers From West to East
  249. Bronze Monument in Southern England