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  1. Stonehenge and glass-making : how things really happened
  2. Cro-Magnon & Neanderthal made bread and vegetable soup
  3. Pontic-Caucasian Steppes Prehistory Cultures chronology doubts
  4. The Beaker Bell Phenomenon
  5. Some thoughts on Indo-Europeans the Beaker Culture
  6. Were the Tocharians related to the Tarim mummies ?
  7. Veneti / Venedi / Wends (OFFTOPIC Y-DNA Haplogroups R1b-U152/S28)
  8. Linear Pottery Culture, LBK
  9. Meet The Proto-Indo-Europeans
  10. The origin and identity of the Sea Peoples
  11. 2,500 year old tattoos of a Siberian princess
  12. A Swedish Stonehenge?
  13. World's oldest Copper Age settlement found
  14. Prehistoric Human Populations Prospered Before the Agricultural Boom, Research Sugges
  15. The Celts in Northern Italy
  16. 1001 questions about the Takla Makan Mummies
  17. The Ark of the Covenant - What it is and where it might be
  18. Map of Hallstatt and La Tène expansions
  19. The oldest truly modern Human remains Israel 95,000-115,000ybp
  20. Neolithic Celts and Germanics
  21. Complete skull of 1.8-million-year-old hominin found
  22. Archaeological site revealing 6000 years of occupation
  23. Celtic Headhunters-archeological site from northern Gaul.
  24. Dogs domesticated over 20 thousands years ago in Europe.
  25. 6400 years old beer-linked discovery in Spain
  26. Oldest Javelins Predate Modern Humans
  27. Bell Beaker Infant Swaddling
  28. Who destroyed the Uruk culture circa 3100 BCE ?
  29. ancient Indo-Europeans the big mess about metrics, non-metrics, genetics and archeol
  30. Extinct Neolithic Wheat Grain Found.
  31. Europe oldest stone fortifications of a small town in bulgaria.
  32. The worlds first gold objects.
  33. Bell Beakers were a multicultural phenomenon & trade network, not an ethnic culture
  34. The Neanderthal gene in modern Europe
  35. Mammoth Hunter culture
  36. Copper Artifact Discovered in Britain at a Portal Dolmen
  37. Permanent Settlement in Mesolithic Britain
  38. Evidence of Hemp Use in Copper Age Portugal
  39. Near Eastern Roots of South Asian Neolithic
  40. Bronze-age trade networks
  41. Visualizing Advanced Bronze Age Civilizations
  42. La Bastida-Early Bronze Age Spanish City
  43. Proto-Greeks
  44. Neolithic Artifacts
  45. 14,000 Year Old Siberian Cannibalism
  46. Evidence of Late Bronze Use in Polish Graves
  47. Mesolithic Settlement in Britain
  48. A Stunning Find in Kurdistan
  49. Indo-Europianisation
  50. Ancient (pre-Roman / Greek/ Celtic) place names around the Mediterranean
  51. Otzi had tendency toward heart disease.
  52. Skeleton in the Closet
  53. Dairy farming reached Scandinavia from ca 2500 BCE with the Corded Ware people
  54. Mesolithic Human Remains Discovered.
  55. Corded Ware?
  56. Pictish Stone.
  57. Iron Age Crete
  58. 70,000 Year Old Fixed Settlement in Africa.
  59. Henges - Rondel enclosures
  60. A little more light on the Journey out of Africa
  61. Ancient Copper Tool Found
  62. "Noah" discovered in the ancient city of Ur?
  63. Did the Chinese Bronze Age originate in the Eurasian Steppe ?
  64. Celtic Tomb Sheds Light On Iron Age Trade
  65. Animal Fat Residue Detected on 500,000 Year Old Tools
  66. Beaker presentation at Reich Lab by Olivier Lemercier
  67. Possible history of Dairy
  68. Ancient Burial Reveals Embraced Skeletons.
  69. More Neanderthal remains found in Kurdistan’s Shanidar cave
  70. Cucuteni pottery and simbols in neolithic China and the Afanasevo Culture
  71. How old is Crom Dubh
  72. Reduced Mobility Led to Smaller Bones in Farmers
  73. Vessels discovered in a Scythian grave mound contained traces of opium and marijuana
  74. Ancient mounds found in southeastern Iran
  75. The Nuragic civilization.
  76. Traces of first farmers found in 14,000 year old remains from Jordan
  77. Slavic homeland and ethnogenesis
  78. Tollense battle
  79. Indo-European package.
  80. Bronze age Gold spirals found in Denmark
  81. Bjelopavlići tumulus
  82. Differentiation between peasants and shepherds in medieval laws
  83. Incredible speed of colonization by First Farmers, EEF.
  84. Neolithic violence
  85. Ancient Burials
  86. Sophisticated Animal Husbandry in Sweden 4000 BC
  87. Black Lake origin of R1a, R1b and proto-indo-european continuum language ?
  88. Underground 'superhenge' discovered in Wiltshire
  89. 6500 Year Old Necropolis Found in Bulgaria
  90. Mummification in Bronze Age Britain
  91. Bronze Age Swords Found in Scotland
  92. Question about the relation of Tarim Mummies and Tocharians.
  93. Rewriting the Central European Early Bronze Age Chronology
  94. Steppe Populations Carried the Plague into Europe?
  95. Pushing back the timeline for Stonehedge
  96. First Farmers in the Levant Grew Legumes Not Grain
  97. 200,000-year-old lanterns and 100 other artifacts found in Duhok in Iraqi Kurdistan
  98. Hunting for Doggerland
  99. Bronze Age Settlement Found in Orkney,Scotland
  100. Homo erectus may have survived in China as late as 14,000 years ago
  101. Paleolithic site found in Kurdistan
  102. Bronze Age Canaanite fortress disovered in northern Israel
  103. Bronze Age Collapse and Recovery in the Aegean
  104. Skeletal remains found at 9000 year old site in southern Jordan
  105. From Wolves to Tame Pets
  106. Meat Eating in Early Humans
  107. Late Antique Little Ice Age
  108. 12,000 year old Natufian Village Excavated in the Jordan Valley
  109. Found near Berlin an exceptional mesolithic burial...
  110. 3400 year old Caananite figurine of a woman discovered in Israel.
  111. Mesolithic pendant found in Britain
  112. Megalithic tombs found in western Poland
  113. Urnfields Chmps d'urnes - demic or only cultural
  114. Bronze Age cemetery disovered in Israel
  115. Mesolithic Monument Discovery Sicilian Archepelico
  116. Shackled skeletons excavated from mass grave in 8th-5th century BC Greece
  117. 9000 years old neolithic bones discovered in Kurdistan, Zagros Mountains!
  118. Replication of Mesolithic Red Deer Headdress
  119. Excavation of Anglo-Saxon cemetery in England with 80 inhumations
  120. Wine vessels found in Kura Araxes site dated to 3,000 BC
  121. Corded Ware vs pottery in Botai
  122. Were Megalithic Tombs Also Telescopes?
  123. Funeral rites of female Natufian shaman
  124. Image of the brain of a Paleolithic child
  125. 11,000 year old PPN Neolithic Village in Cyprus
  126. Excavation of Must farm, UK's best bronze age site
  127. Bronze Age Wall in Poland
  128. 40,000 year old rope making tool discovered in Germany
  129. The Cimbri
  130. The first articial dentistry, the most ancient dentist, the accurate written
  131. Palace of a "Dark Ages" King of the Britons found in Cornwall
  132. Bell Beaker enclosure found in Spain
  133. 6500 yr old bead found in Bulgaria
  134. 3000 yr old remains from the Temple of Zeus
  135. 3,000 year old brain surgery in Bronze Age Siberia
  136. Otzi's clothing analyzed
  137. Elaborately tattooed 3300 year old Egyptian mummy
  138. Irish Eating Habits in the Iron Age
  139. 50,000 year old needle found in Denisova cave
  140. Diet of Mesolithic Balkan Foragers
  141. Irrigated olive trees in Israel 7000 years ago
  142. Remains of Neolithic Log Boat Found in Wales
  143. New Bronze Age Enclosure discovered in Britain?
  144. Prehistoric Multicultural Settlement, Celts in Slovakia, Bošáca and Lusatian Culture
  145. Iron Age Scotland-pattern of settlements
  146. Neolithic era snowshoe discovered in Italian Dolomites
  147. Monumental Burial Mound in Ukraine Reconstructed
  148. 3000 yr old stone seal discovered in northern Israel
  149. Large Anglo-Saxon Hall discovered in England
  150. Ancient Samnite settlement in Italy discovered through drone technology
  151. Two Roman Era "Chinese" skeletons found in London
  152. New releases on Otzi the Iceman
  153. 2500 year old remains with severed heads found in Siberia
  154. "Griffin" Bronze Age Warrior of southern Greece
  155. Facial Reconstruction of Mycaenean era (c.1500 BC) nobleman from ancient Greece
  156. 3 D Reconstruction of Pompeii house
  157. Steppe as secondary PIE
  158. Acrostics in ancient Greek
  159. Could Megiddo have been destroyed by fire in 2-3 hours?
  160. Spectacular Magdalenian cave etchings discovered in Basque country
  161. New map of early to middle Neolithic Europe (5000-4500 BCE)
  162. Ancient Britons Were ‘Highly Mobile’ 4,000 Years Ago
  163. Article in the NYTimes on First Farmers
  164. Origin of domesticated rice in China 9000 years ago.
  165. Neolithic Orcadians roasted rodents to eat
  166. Vikings on the Mississipi
  167. Polish graves from 11th-13th century resemble Neolithic burials
  168. blade tools and behavourial modernism in South Africa
  169. Bronze Age "rattle" found in Siberia
  170. Did humans cause the extinction of cave lions?
  171. Intact Beaker pot found in Wales
  172. Denisovan jewelry
  173. The end of Norse Greenland
  174. Early farmers were dairying 9000 years ago.
  175. Rice was grown by early Indus Valley farmers
  176. Domestication of maize in Mexico
  177. "Thinker" statuette from Middle Bronze Age Israel
  178. New page dedicated to the genetics of Starcevo–Körös–Cris culture
  179. Parts of Nefertari's mummy may have been discovered.
  180. Ice Age hunters destroyed Europe's forests
  181. Industrial Pollution in the Copper Age
  182. Cereals not part of the early Neolithic package in all places
  183. Hemorrhagic fever in Iron Age Germany
  184. upside-down pyramids?
  185. New evidence First Americans took the coastal route
  186. More Evidence of plague in LN/BA steppe populations
  187. Neanderthals returned to the same cave on Jersey for 100,000 years
  188. Tensions between incoming Corded Ware herders/farmers and local Neolithic farmers
  189. How did "cavemen" clean their teeth?
  190. Is possibly metallurgy born with hunter-gatherers ?
  191. 6000 year old mask found in Neolithic setting in Germany
  192. 5000 year old calendar rock found in Sicily
  193. 9 Biggest Archaeology Discoveries of 2016
  194. 2400 year old tomb from northern Iraq
  195. 12 New Kingdom Tombs excavated
  196. Artifacts from Teutonic Knights' fortress in the Galilee
  197. First humans arrived in North America 10,000 years earlier than believed
  198. Coastal spread of the Neolithic in the West Mediterranean
  199. Otzi's last meal was "bacon"-Stone Age style
  200. why Okunevo culture was ingored in Indo-European history? they are just paleo people
  201. New 38,000 year old aurochs engraving from France
  202. Diffusion of Pottery across Afro-Eurasia - Independent Invention in Sudan?
  203. Vinca culture and shaman culture
  204. Languages of prehistoric Europe
  205. 7 ka mesolithic warriors in Siberia ?
  206. 5000 year old Chinese beer recreated at Stanford
  207. women died young in neolithic Asikli Hoyuk and Abu Hureyra
  208. Diet of 780,000 yr old hominids"
  209. BBC's Gladiators: Back from the Dead aka some of the headless Roman gladiators!
  210. BBC News: New insight into secret lives of Neanderthals
  211. Silk Road forged by pastoralists?
  212. The Clovis mystery and extra-terrestrial objects
  213. Archery in Iran, 40000 year old drawing
  214. Continuity of dog genomes from the Early Neolithic
  215. Humans as Agents in the Termination of the African Humid Period
  216. The last stand of the wooly mammoth
  217. 400,000 year old cranium found in Portugal
  218. Hominid dispersals in the Near East
  219. The "domestic" mouse and human habitation
  220. Could drought have propelled the first farmers of the Near East to expand outward?
  221. Volker Heyd paper on Bell Beakers-2017
  222. Kristiansen paper on Corded Ware
  223. sandstorm uncovers anciant city
  224. Scythian Stelae found in Ukraine
  225. Mesopotamia : peace within a well organized state?
  226. Herders in high Alps 7000 years ago
  227. Some Viking swords were just ceremonial
  228. Revised and improved prehistoric migration maps
  229. What fossil teeth can reveal about ancient diets
  230. Origin of human hobbits?
  231. Burning and "burying" houses in Bronze Age Scandinavia
  232. Bronze age Trialeti Culture in Transcaucasia
  233. 4000 year old log boat found in England
  234. Graecopithecus: A man of the old from Greece
  235. How were bison hunted 10,000 years ago?
  236. First Homo sapiens may have appeared in North Africa 300,000 years ago (Hublin 2017)
  237. Amesbury Palisade near Stonehenge re-dated to 3300 BC
  238. Cats domesticated in East Mediterranean during the Neolithic
  239. Pre-existing cultural differences in the Near East set the stage for the Neolithic
  240. Were rock shelters partially chosen for their acoustics?
  241. Gobekli Tepe's grooved skulls
  242. Avesbury's original Neolithic structure discovered?
  243. How is it biologically possible for humans to still carry Neanderthal genes?
  244. early modern human mtDNA admixture into Neanderthalers
  245. A fourth Denisovan individual
  246. Wiltshire Neolithic Long Barrow Burial Mound to be Excavated
  247. Arrivals of humans in Australia
  248. 3600-year-old Swedish Axes Were Made With Copper From Cyprus
  249. Bronze Age box from Swiss Mountains Contains Ancient Grains
  250. Ancient humans hunted fresh water turtles 60,000 years ago in Israel