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  1. Do modern Europeans partly descend from Neanderthal ?
  2. 25,000-year-old Russian Cro-Magnons might have been hg H17
  3. Unknown mtDNA lineage found in 40,000 hominid in Russia : Neanderthal connection ?
  4. Neanderthal y-DNA?
  5. Solutrean hypothesis: Native American Clovis Culture & NW Europe: (ydna Q, mtdna X2)
  6. Homo heidelberg sapiensis
  7. New Denisovan DNA results
  8. 700,000 year-old horse DNA sequenced
  9. AMAZING depictions humans in Europe from 15,000-42,000ybp
  10. 24,000 year old Mal'ta Siberians (ydna R* and mtdna U*)
  11. Guess the Y-haplogroup(s) of Mesolithic Iberians (Braña 1 & 2)
  12. The DNA of the mesolithic hunter. Absent or present in northern European population?
  13. The Genetic Legacy of the Neanderthals
  14. Clovis culture:
  15. Genome of 12,600 year-old boy from Clovis culture confirms origin of Amerindians
  16. MtDNA and Skeletal Link between Paleo-americans and Native Americans
  17. Video of the Loschbour man
  18. Ust-Ishim close to a population ancestral to both Europeans and Asian
  19. Denisovians Interbreeding With Unknown Ancient Humans
  20. Neandertal origin of MC1R haplotypes related to skin color
  21. Ust-Ishim: a 45.000 siberian
  22. 36,200YBP European genome
  23. Kennewick Man Was Native American
  24. 6000 yo EHG pile dwellings near lakes and rivers in NW Russia : R1a1 -M17
  25. Ice Age Europeans On Brink Of Extinction
  26. Old Italian mtdna from Aurignacian period
  27. 37-42ky Human with Recent Neanderthal Ancestry
  28. Pinhasi et al-Ancient dna recovery
  29. Revisiting the issue of "Ice Age refugia" in the context of WHG, SHG, EHG ancestries
  30. Mesolithic La Brana skeletons were Brothers?
  31. ancient J1b-F4306(xZS80) Satsurblia Late Upper Palaeolithic Caucasus
  32. Paleolithic Caucasus=UHG+Basal Eurasian+MA1
  33. Evidence for Early Pleistocene Afro-Iberian dispersals
  34. Wallace Line and Denisovan Admixture
  35. Ancient MtDna from Europe-Single Dispersal from Africa and Population Turnover
  36. DNA shows that Homo sapiens and Neanderthals first admixed over 100,000 years ago
  37. Who lived during the LGM in Crimean Refugium?
  38. Population turn-around 14,500 bp and Europeans derived from 4 populations
  39. Genetic Analysis of "Proto-Neanderthals" from Sima de los Huesos
  40. The effect of a high protein diet on Neanderthals
  41. Neanderthal Ydna
  42. Neanderthal differential pathogen resistance" extinction model
  43. Did Neanderthals die of diseases brought by AMH newcomers?
  44. The genetic history of Ice Age Europe
  45. Partial ancient mtDna from the Jomon people of Japan
  46. Papuans have at least 2% of ancestry from early Out-of-Africa migration 90,000 ybp
  47. Ancient mtDna from the Iberomaurisian
  48. LBK mtDNA match with Mesolithic Greece
  49. Deep relationships of modern human genetic lineages outside of Africa
  50. Three brother's event (Brother lineages survivors)
  51. Ust'-Ishim and Oase1 belong to Haplogroup NO* according to a Chinese team
  52. The Neolithic Transition in the Baltic Was Not Driven by Admixture with Early Europea
  53. To everyone who claims that Malta Boy was "Mongoloid"
  54. DNA provides window into early Aboriginal history
  55. Did Cro-Magnonon males Interbred with Aborigininal females ?
  56. More genomes from Mesolithic Romania and Spain (Gonzales-Fortes et al. 2017)
  57. does R1b-V88 originate from the Iron Gate ?
  58. Vasilyevka 3 (Ukraine mesolithic) in Eurogenes K36
  59. Who were native europeans in Mesolithic era
  60. Neolithic Farmers and Mesolithic Hunter-Gatherers in the Lower Danube Basin
  61. Scandinavian match to Clovis?
  62. was E1b1b1b1-L19 the founding father of the Ibero-Maurisians?
  63. A high-coverage Neandertal genome from Vindija Cave in Croatia
  64. 40,000 year old sample from Asia-Tianyuan Cave
  65. The Ainu ethnogenesis through ancient mtDna
  66. North American Paleo Eskimo genetics
  67. Computer Simulation: Neanderthal replacement by migration & random species drift
  68. Nasal airflow simulations: convergent adaptation in Neanderthals & Modern Humans
  69. Is there a Y-DNA haplogroup associated with Neanderthals?
  70. Question about the Villabruna Cluster and Cluster in general
  71. Mesolithic Scandinavia: Early Postglacial Migration Routes & High-Latitude Adaptation
  72. Failed Homo Sapiens Dispersals Out of Africa?
  73. Insights into Modern Human Prehistory Using Ancient Genomes
  74. First modern Britons had 'dark to black' skin, Cheddar Man DNA analysis reveals
  75. Scientists discover genomic ancestry of Stone Age North Africans from Morocco
  76. Signals of ghost admixture in Yoruba related populations
  77. Sumerians and Native Americans could be related?
  78. Homo Sapiens in Arabia by 85,000 years ago
  79. Near East Refuge?
  80. 50 ka and 30 ka bones found in Buryatia
  81. Ancient parallel lineages within North America
  82. Multiple episodes of Neanderthal/Human Interbreeding?
  83. Into Asia-Review of Current thinking
  84. Evolution of Homo Sapiens
  85. The Genetics of Modern Wolves
  86. More on "Out of Africa"
  87. 45,000 yo human teeth show similarities to San
  88. Multiple models for the peopling of the Americas
  89. 50k Year Old Girl Found to be 1/2 Neaderthal and 1/2 Denisovan
  90. Cheddar man
  91. Talks from the ISBA Conference 2018
  92. 15 ka DNA from Anatolia
  93. Prehistoric peopling in southeast Asia
  94. Late Pleistocene genome suggests a local origin for the first farmers from Anatolia
  95. Paleolithic DNA from the Caucasus
  96. How Neanderthals made us sick
  97. Levantine and southern Arabian populations have a shared population history
  98. Svante Pääbo - Pioneer of Palaeogenetics
  99. Ancient Andean genomes show distinct adaptations to farming and altitude
  100. The population history of northeastern Siberia since the Pleistocene
  101. Reconstructing the Deep Population History of Central and South America
  102. Ancient DNA confirms Native Americans’ deep roots in North and South America
  103. Early post-glacial dual route colonization of Scandinavia confirmed by "chewing gum"
  104. Displaced archaic admixture across the X chromosome
  105. Elba, the first Mesolithic woman found in Spain
  106. Limits of selection against Neanderthal dna
  107. A third archaic introgression into Asia and Oceania?
  108. Cheddar Man, Mesolithic Britain, GEDmatch results
  109. North Norwegian Mesolithic Hunter, GEDmatch
  110. Oldest sample with R1a on GEDmatch
  111. "Ghost" Archaic introgression in African populations
  112. Anatolian Hunter-Gatherer GEDmatch
  113. Question about Behavioral modernity
  114. Denisovans may have mated with modern humans as recently as 15,000 years ago
  115. Expanding the horizons of Palaeolithic rock art: the site of Romualdova Pećina
  116. Multiple Deeply Divergent Denisovan ancestries in Papuans
  117. Mesolithic Polish Hunter-Gatherer
  118. who were the first Americans?
  119. Jomon Woman's Genome Decoded
  120. Is the Neanderthal lineage older than we thought
  121. Oldest Dna in Scandinavia found in "chewing gum"
  122. More on the Jomon people
  123. Neanderthal and Denisovan interbred with an archaic hominin
  124. Y and mtDna from East Asia, autosomes multi-regional?
  125. Sicilian Hunter-Gatherer GEDmatch
  126. Late Upper Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers in the Central Mediterranean
  127. The geographical range of early Homo Sapiens has been extended to Greece
  128. New Samples from Iberomaurisian Taforalt
  129. Clues to early social structures may be found in ancient extraordinary graves