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  1. New study confirms early farmer migration to Europe
  2. Iceman's DNA
  3. Funnelbeakers & lactase persistance
  4. U5b, X2 and N1a from Megalithic France
  5. Neolithic origin of western R1B –now myth disproven by ancient DNA
  6. New study on Neolithic paternal lineages
  7. Funnelbeaker (TRB) DNA Study
  8. new ancient DNA study in LBK
  9. Dna reveals origin of first European farmers
  10. Mitochondrial DNA from Danish Beaker-Bell sites
  11. Mitochondrial DNA from a French megalithic burial chamber
  12. Majority of haplogroup G found in a French Neolithic site
  13. Coming Soon! Iceman whole genome will be published!
  14. Who was really Ötzi ? Your guesses about various genes
  15. Ötzi-mania
  16. More evidence of genetic discontinuity between Neolithic and modern Europeans
  17. G2a and E-V13 in Neolithic Spain (5000 BCE)
  18. More Early Neolithic mtDNA from Spain
  19. Ötzi's genome released
  20. 5000-year-old I2a1a found at La Pierre Fritte Dolmen, France
  21. 7000 year old human bones found in Spain
  22. 88% of haplogroup H found in central european Bell Beaker
  23. "NOP" of MNOPS (K-M526) and ceramic pottery
  24. Did Haplogroup R* domesticate cattle in Siberia, ancient Near East?
  25. 4000BP Iberian farmer clusters with Tuscans, not Basque or Early European farmers
  26. 8000 BC, Ancient Near Eastern Farmers, NEF
  27. European mtDNA Signature Established in the Mid Neolithic
  28. Spanish Chalcolithic mtDNA provides more evidence that Bell Beakers were non-IE
  29. Tracing the genetic origin of Europe's first farmers
  30. the origin of the early european farmer
  31. I-haplogroup Neolithic with G-Haplogroup Y-dna
  32. Between the Baltic & Danubian Worlds: The Genetic Affinities of a Middle Neolithic...
  33. Confirmed mtDNA H in Pre-Neolithic Spain!!!
  34. First Neolithic Ancient Dna from France
  35. Coming Soon: Neolithic Anatolian Genomes!!!
  36. What is the main haplogroup of Cucuteni-Trypillian (Tripolye) culture?
  37. Cardial aDNA from Spain - 7400 ybp
  38. Ancient Genomes suggest Basque are descended of Late Neolithic Iberians
  39. Analysis of Chalcolithic El Portalon samples (Günther at al. 2015)
  40. Teasers: Anatolians of 6300 BC Y DNA G2a, ancestral to EEF
  41. Remedello an EEF ancestor of modern Italians?
  42. Phenotype SNPs Late Neolithic Spain
  43. Teaser: EEF was 90% Anatolian
  44. Volga Steppe Khvalynsk culture (Copper Age) from 5200-4000 BC, R1a and R1b together!
  45. Neolithic Greek and Anatolian genomes.
  46. H1 mtDNA found in Andalusian megalith
  47. Anatolia is the source of the European Neolithic
  48. Possible Post-Neolithic Immigration Flow From the Fertile Crescent
  49. Y DNA J1 and J2 - Semetic/Neolithic Farmers and Mesopotamia. European J-P58.
  50. New study on Oetzi's mtDna and yDna
  51. A Community in Life and Death: The Late Neolithic/Megalithic near Burgos, Spain
  52. More 'Neolithic survivors' in mountains....and swamps?
  53. Greek-Cypriot population reveals elements consistent with Neolithic and Bronze Age
  54. New study about Central Anatolian farmers
  55. When can we expect aDNA from Iberian Bell Beaker? Did they come to Iberia by boats?
  56. Neolithic Frankenstein mummies in Britain
  57. Iberian Bell Beaker Y-DNA and mtDNA
  58. Neolithic Parisian Basin
  59. Leak: Early Iranian and Turksih Farmers were Genetically Distinct
  60. New data from Greek & Anatolian Neolithic.
  61. Upcoming paper on the Iberian Neolithic
  62. Upcoming paper on the Iranian Neolithic
  63. The genetic structure of the world’s first farmers
  64. Early Neolithic Pastoralist from the Zagros, Iran
  65. Broushaki et al, Early Neolithic Genomes from the Eastern Fertile Crescent
  66. Ancient Central Anatolian Neolithic
  67. Upcoming paper on Tripolyte ancient mtDna
  68. Eneolithic aDNA from Lake Baikal Siberia
  69. Ancient DNA from Xueshan and Lower Xiajiadian cultures (Neolithic Northern China)
  70. Upcoming paper on Balkan Neolithic
  71. Cultural rather than demographic Neolithization in Eastern Europe
  72. New data coming on "Neolithic" mtdna
  73. First farmers Anatolian studies - october 2016
  74. Post LBK Neolithic remains from Poland
  75. Ancient DNA: south-western Iberian Middle Neolithic population at the Bom Santo Cave
  76. New pages dedicated to the genetics of the LBK and TRB cultures
  77. Ancient y Dna from Lake Baikal Siberia
  78. Corded Ware Culture admixture against Yamnayans
  79. Child of a Corded Ware Dad and MN Mom
  80. Southern Neolithic route brought Megaliths from the Levant to Western Europe
  81. Neolithic east asian dna 5700 bc
  82. New Cucuteni-Trypillia mtDNA
  83. More Neolithic Y-DNA and mtDNA from Hungary, Germany and Spain (Lipson et al. 2017)
  84. Y-DNA turnover in Chalcolithic Iberia?
  85. Ancient Genomics of Neolithic to Bronze Age Baikal Hunter-Gatherers
  86. MtDna from Late Danubian Neolithic
  87. Early pig domestication
  88. The Bell Beaker by Olalde and Reich et al. 2017
  89. Neolithic Balkan and the Funnelbeaker/Trichterbecher culture (K36 Eurogenes)
  90. The Y-DNA of the megalithic people
  91. Admixture between Mesolithic HGs and farmers in the lower Danube basin
  92. The indo-europeanization of Yamnaya
  93. DNA of Globular Amphora
  94. Vinca Culture Dna?
  95. the western origin of Michelsberg farmers
  96. Revisiting Stora Förvar 11 from Gotland
  97. 28 new German genomes on Gedmatch (neolithic to BA)
  98. Oldest R1a M417 yet, guess where it was found.
  99. Neolithic North African Paper
  100. the formation of the Iran neolithic
  101. Ancient mtDna from Cucuteni Tripolye
  102. Genome diversity in the Neolithic Globular Amphorae culture and the spread o IE
  103. Ancient mtDna in Iberia from Early Neolithic to Early Bronze
  104. Archaeogenetics of Neolithic Aegean and Anatolia
  105. Investigation of Population Continuity using ancient mtDna
  106. Funnel Beaker in Gotland
  107. 12th Dynasty Egyptian mummies
  108. Future analysis of 1,500 people who used to live in Anatolia
  109. Iberian Neolithic M269?
  110. Shulaveri Shomu aDna
  111. Population Replacement in Early Neolithic Britain-inc. Cheddar Man
  112. The many tales of I4110 , I5884 , I6551 ... and I6601
  113. Reich and Krause in the same boat
  114. Central and South Asian DNA Paper
  115. Decline of genetic diversity in ancient domestic stallions in Europe
  116. proper Indus Valley Civilization DNA to come
  117. Where did the Anatolian branch of Indo-European originate?
  118. DNA on Helladic area and Hellenic populations.
  119. Ancient North African genomes show migration from Levant and Europe
  120. The Atlantic Megalith cultures were R1b.
  121. Prehistoric migrations shaped Corsican Y-chromosome
  122. 6.5 ka Levantine chalcolithic DNA
  123. Found R1b in Neolithic France (?)
  124. Neolithic Chinese super-grandfather Y haplotypes
  125. Western migration route from Africa into Iberia
  126. Is it known who were the first developers of agriculture in the Fertile Crescent?
  127. Neolithic, Chalcolithic Northern Mesopotamia and Levant
  128. TRB-West origins and impact
  129. Genetics of the Megalithic Tomb Builders
  130. Ancient genomes indicate population replacement in Early Neolithic Britain
  131. Ancient DNA and the first herders and farmers into East Africa
  132. Resurrecting the Ancient Israelites From the Valley of Dry Bones, Dr Eran Elhaik
  133. Late Neolithic/Early BA Settlement Found in Euboea, Greece
  134. Admixture between early LBK and HGs
  135. early farmer DNA in the Carpathian Basin
  136. Milk of ruminants in ceramic baby bottles from prehistoric child graves
  137. The Genetics of Battle Ax Culture
  138. Holocene Migrations to Europe Through Geostatistics
  139. DNA from steppe into Cucuteni-Trypillia indicat long-standing contact / gradual admix
  140. Neolith DNA reveal distinct ancient HLA allele pool and population transform in europ
  141. High WHG and distinct HLA signature in the Wartberg Culture of Germany
  142. New studies says that Anatolian IEs came from East
  143. Massacre in the Pyrenees: Remains of Neolithic immigrants uncovered in modern Spain
  144. A Paleogenomic Reconstruction of the Deep Population History of the Andes
  145. Genomic History of Neolithic to Bronze Age Anatolia, N.Levant & S. Caucasus
  146. Ancient genome-wide DNA from France highlights the complexity of interactions between
  147. Ancient genomes reveal complex patterns in sub-Saharan Africa
  148. Incest in dynastic elite in Megalithic Newgrange
  149. New map of the Megalithic cultures
  150. Independent domestication of the grapevine in the Levant
  151. Central Balkans Neolithic Expansion
  152. Beaker Kinship and Organization in Copper Age Germany
  153. The mixed genetic origin of europe first farmers
  154. French ancient dna 3400-2500 BCE
  155. Genomic Steppe ancestry in skeletons from the Neolithic Single Grave Culture in Denm
  156. The genomic history of the Aegean palatial civilizations.
  157. Steppe ancestry in Single Grave Culture of the Neolithic
  158. High levels of HG in LN German settlement
  159. Neolithic Anatolia-Kinship Patterns
  160. Case Study from the Globular Amphorae Culture
  161. 7000 years old Arabian human remains are being examined for DNA.
  162. 28 whole-genome from Neolithic and Bronze Age Croatians. Full paper.
  163. Italian study 40000 years in southern Europe
  164. agricultural spread of the Transeurasian languages
  165. Pre-Historic Population Size of European Migrations
  166. Early Evolution of the Plague
  167. An integrative skeletal and paleogenomic analysis of stature variation suggests relat
  168. Ancient DNA gives new insights into a Norman Neolithic
  169. genomic origins first farmers
  170. Neolithic Malta Paper
  171. Neolithic farmers from germany Derenburg LBK
  172. Population Genetics and Signatures of Selection in Early Neolithic European Farmers
  173. Neolithic mtdna from Greece
  174. Two R1b sample in Eastern Arabia Late Neolithic
  175. mesolithic-neolithic-eneolithic east central europe
  176. Neolithic interactions between WHG and EEF in southern France
  177. Interactions Trypilla and Sredni Stog
  178. 'Inbreeding' in Greek ancestors?
  179. Ancient oral microbiomes support gradual Neolithic dietary shifts towards agriculture
  180. West/East divide in Spanish Y-DNA from the Neolithic
  181. aDNA from 4000-year-old hair from the Middle Nile.
  182. New Holocene SW Asia and East Meditterranean Paper in Current Biology
  183. population structure of early neolithic population in the South Caucasus