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  1. Vikings had rare mtDNA haplogroups
  2. Ancient Hungarian DNA
  3. Viking slave markers
  4. Mitrochondrial Dna Variation In Vikings
  5. Ancient Bulgarian MtDna
  6. 10% of R1b-M269 among aboriginals of Canary Islands (Guanches)
  7. Ancient Ashkenazi Jewish DNA
  8. Early Medieval aDNA from Poland coming soon
  9. Dna from Muslim burial in early Medieval France
  10. DNA of Viking rulers of Normandy coming in autumn
  11. Remains of Sweden's "Saint Eric" analyzed
  12. The largest early medieval cemetery in Europe - can we expect aDNA from it?
  13. Ancient Hungarian mtDna
  14. Medieval Norwegian aDNA
  15. R1b in "Royal" Mongol Grave?
  16. Ancient mtDna from 10th century Hungary
  17. Genetic structure of the early Hungarian conquerors inferred from mtDNA and Y-DNA
  18. Hun sample finds in Kazakstan
  19. Guanche DNA
  20. Medieval Londoner on GEDmatch
  21. Khazar Y-dna?
  22. Early Medieval Slavic DNA (years 600-900 AD)
  23. Curse of Oak Island DNA
  24. Dna of King Bela III of Hungary
  25. Extensive female-biased immigration in Early Medieval Bavaria
  26. who is more close to Ancient Greek?
  27. Langobard Cemetery in Verona-strontium isotope analysis
  28. Avar (in fact Slavic?) Women from Szolad (Hungary) on GEDmatch
  29. Viking DNA from Sigtuna
  30. DNA from Early Medieval Poznań 900-1200
  31. Extinction of Old Prussians
  32. Ancient mtDna of Hungarians: new data
  33. The last defenders of Alarcos
  34. Huns, Avars and Hungars
  35. A Transient Pulse of Genetic Admixture from the Crusaders
  36. Mtdna from medieval England and Denmark pre, during, post black death
  37. Collegno Longobards on GEDmatch Genesis
  38. 200 ancient DNA samples from Kuyavia
  39. Viking world population genomics
  40. Actual Medieval Rurikid DNA - not from modern people who claim descent from Rurik
  41. Direct Descendant of Charlemagne
  42. "Anglo-Saxon" samples from Cambridgeshire
  43. Three adolescent male individuals from the Great Migration Period from Croatia
  44. Y DNA from Hun, Avar and Hungarian nomadic conquerors of the Carpathian Basin
  45. Iron-Age Fennoscand mtDNA suggest incipient admix and eastern introd of farming mtDNA
  46. Two unusual graves of the late medieval period from the bakhchisaray district of the
  47. Diverse genetic origins of medieval steppe nomad conquerors
  48. the origin of al Andalus
  49. Avars in the Carpathian Basin
  50. Greeks in Himalaya!!!!!!!
  51. French Crusader descendants in Turkish village?
  52. Mapping connections medievals and modern Europeans
  53. A systematic investigation of human DNA preservation in medieval skeletons
  54. Eastern Polynesia colonised by Austronesians and Native Americans
  55. Genetic history of smallpox in humans
  56. Analysis of mtdna from medieval amiternum
  57. The 12th century communities illuminates the genetic makeup in the southwest finland
  58. Population genomics of the Viking world (Margaryan et al 2020)
  59. The Anglo-Saxons and Bernicia/Lothian?
  60. Maternal Lineages of 10th to 11th century Carpathians.
  61. Autosomal DNA of 66 medieval-era Lower Nubians.
  62. Genetic analysis of Early Medieval Germanic tribes
  63. Diverse genetic origins of medieval steppe nomad conquerors - Tatarinova et al.
  64. R1a-Z284
  65. DNA paper sets out to establish the true origins of Christopher Columbus.
  66. DNA from medieval plague victims suggests long-term effect of Yersinia pestis
  67. Q-yp1237
  68. Turkic peoples - East Asian propaganda finally finds an end
  69. Did William Harvey have a Berber-Jewish ancestor?
  70. Any Anglo-Celtic guy here with Slavic ancestry?
  71. Chinese Hui male of Slavic blood
  72. Y-chromosome analysis among Cypriots
  73. Biomolecular insights into North African-related ancestry in 11th Century Al-Andalus.
  74. Estonian genomes reveal the origins of a major ancestry component of the Finnish
  75. Analysis of Italian Mummies of the 16th and 18th Centuries from northern Italy
  76. Genomic and isotopic studies shed light into the mobility of medieval individuals CE
  77. genetic origin of Huns, Avars and conquering Hungarians
  78. Basques repopulated Spain during the Reconquista
  79. Slavic era & Ostsiedlung Berlin DNA
  80. Why were Basque Country, Poland, Bohemia and Milan less affected by the Black Plague?
  81. Genome-wide data from medieval German Jews. Preprint.
  82. Early Islamic burial in Near East.
  83. The Entwined African and Asian Genetic Roots of the Medieval Peoples.
  84. Imputed genomes and haplotype-based analyses of the Picts. Preprint.
  85. Genomes from a medieval mass burial show Ashkenazi-associated hereditary diseases
  86. The population genomic legacy of the second plague pandemic
  87. South tyrol medieval mtdna (extreme north italy)
  88. New paper on pre-Hispanic Mexico (DNA)