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  1. Have you read this?
  2. Famous names of nations...
  3. Things to Never Say to a Woman During an Argument
  4. Keep 'em comin: Post your Jokes!
  5. Bush sings a tune for us
  6. For the first time I have the pleasure to show you my arse
  7. Gullibility Test: How Gullible Are You?
  8. Jokes of the day
  9. Funniest House M.D. quotes
  10. whistle
  11. Ca - na - da
  12. Chuck Norris funny jokes
  13. Amusing use of language
  14. Dumb protestors!
  15. Charlie Sheen: " I am winning! "
  16. Schwarzenegger for EU president?
  17. Who is the most attractive country in Europe?
  18. British made Pizza Italy's No1 Selling Brand
  19. Hans in a US brothel...
  20. Optmist or Pessimist ?
  21. when statistics reach extreme.
  22. Reasons Why Not To Go To The Beach This Summer. (awesome gifs)
  23. Chivalry Is Not Dead-At least Not Among Young Italian Boys
  24. y-DNA haplogroup jokes
  25. Guess the Breed (Guess the Ethnicity parody)
  26. more rapists on the lose : assault by a pokemon
  27. R.I.P. Gene Wilder
  28. Greatest groomsmen show ever
  29. Fun, feel good videos
  30. Brave passengers board last ever Flight 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th
  31. Leana
  32. What period of history do you belong in-test yourself
  33. U.S. Citizenship Test
  34. Political Coordinates Test
  35. Face Preference Test
  36. The Romanisation of Gaul - a sophisticated process of acculturation
  37. Funny place names around the world
  38. Fun Billboards
  39. Italian tourists go to Olive Garden