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  1. how many middle names ?
  2. Cinema prices - a world comparison
  3. Do you brush your teeth in the kitchen sink ?
  4. Here Come the Metrosexuals
  5. War
  6. You're Dead!! Oh No!! Now What??
  7. a msg!
  8. You're A Freakin Idiot !!!!!
  9. Does Your Country Have A Scouting Program ??
  10. peace
  11. Suicide
  12. Family Histories
  13. Dave Spector in person
  14. Is This True!!!!!
  15. Slipstop!!
  16. Male rape
  17. Outfoxed
  18. Volunteer Programmes
  19. "scoreless tie," "personally," and others
  20. Thousands arrested at RNC.....
  21. Do you hate non-developed countries? - Your opinion
  22. What would you do if you were drafted?: offtopic about language
  23. Are you what you think you are?
  24. Indymedia Servers Seized in Britain
  25. antimatter guns
  26. liberal help
  27. multiculturalism good or bad??
  28. How am I responsible?!?!?!
  29. Anyone experienced internet aggression?
  30. imaginary friends
  31. To Zi Germans!
  32. Teens fail to see the consequences of their actions
  33. Mass Transit Problems
  34. Legal help
  35. essential oils vs diseases
  36. Human traffickers preying on Aceh�fs kids
  37. Al-Qaeda, a politically-driven fantasy?
  38. Pearl Harbor Day in Korea
  39. Mail Order Brides
  40. North Korea says it has nuclear weapons!!!
  41. Sushi in 50% of the cases not fresh !
  42. The End of Pregnancy
  43. The Automated Warrior a.k.a iRobot
  44. Any hope to solve Africa's poverty problems ?
  45. this is messed up
  46. Something that moved me...
  47. Pre-emptive strike or dialogue
  48. the evils mankind does to one another
  49. What would you do... when you where in this position?
  50. FGM (female genital mutilation)
  51. A Moralist Tract
  52. Saudis and Terrorism: Cross Cultural Views
  53. Gamma Ray Burst Threat
  54. Dreams
  55. The Hope
  56. The West
  57. Do You Have a Favorite Painting ?
  58. refection of perfection
  59. Use of Power/When to Step in
  60. The war, the struggle....
  61. Spies in Iraq
  62. The Mitrokhin Archive
  63. Honor The Qu'ran
  64. Case Of Gao Rongrong, Tortured Falun Gong
  65. Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully
  66. disruptive children - whos fault?
  67. What if...? Number 1
  68. Drug addicts at Five years old??
  69. Live 8
  70. What if...? Number 2
  71. Most shocking moment (tv) ?
  72. Terrorism
  73. Wwiii ?
  74. Influences on Society
  75. question number **** whatever
  76. Covering Ourselves in the Name of Truth
  77. Suspicious foreign faces...
  78. Human Trafficking
  79. World Hunger Solved, OFFTOPIC about drugs
  80. Dang, these people are serious? :D
  81. Marriage
  82. Racism
  83. inner self
  84. Do you care about the Rwanda genocide ?
  85. Time Travel!
  86. Questions and answers
  87. Essencial questions.
  88. Chinese girl gets robbed. Happened to you too?
  89. Work... Yeah work...
  90. Outer Space Development: Capitalist or Collectivist ?
  91. Do you consider Egypt as part of Middle East or Africa?
  92. Visit North Korea !
  93. The little things, that makes life so beautiful
  94. Richest Middle-Eastern country ?
  95. You Killed A Child, Now What ?
  96. Attack or Defence?
  97. What are women's issues?
  98. Things you always wanted to know
  99. Questioning Opinions
  100. Women Scientists
  101. Family civil liability insurance
  102. Deaf or Blind?
  103. Poor countries aren't neccesarily poor?
  104. Can positive stereotypes be a problem?
  105. Poem
  106. Shuttle Challenger: Twenty Years Later
  107. Do you trust Wikipedia?
  108. Hitler goes to Israel!
  109. eating whale meat... OFFTOPIC about logic
  110. One for Hyde
  111. Racial Humour, Funny or Not?
  112. Korean slang adictive?
  113. Douglas Adams was right
  114. Banned Books
  115. Euphemisms
  116. Do people have bachelor parties where you come from ?
  117. What are Your Epiphanies?
  118. Have You Read the Works of Khalil Gibran?
  119. Domestic violence isn't one-sided
  120. Feminism isn't dead, but a new book wounds it badly
  121. You girlish men !
  122. Newspapers: Endangered Species?
  123. If meat can be grown...
  124. Film Review : The Constant Gardener
  125. What will remain of the world in 20 or 50 years ?
  126. Should North America join the EU ?
  127. The new absolute weapon : the satellite laser
  128. Where diamonds come from...
  129. Did We Go Backwards From The Age Of Enlightenment?
  130. European Serial Killers
  131. How far can the dollar fall ?
  132. Freemasons
  133. What kind of association does "Siberia" bring you up?
  134. What does it mean to be free ?
  135. Maciamo's new blog on Blogger
  136. Need your advice for a group
  137. The Catholic Church, Al Qaida and Israel
  138. Easter anyone?
  139. Is Hollywood really American ?
  140. Development of the Alphabet
  141. Genealogy Snobs
  142. Corruption perception index 2009
  143. Bank Defaulter Alliance
  144. African Culture compared to European
  145. World life expectancy map
  146. What are the business hours in your country?
  147. Amateur pianists
  148. Madrid, Capital of AIDS...
  149. Spanish middle class, desapears...
  150. South America and Africa to use nature to alleviate poverty
  151. Thesis on the European Single Market
  152. roswell and a scandinavian race
  153. Does physical beauty reside in averages ?
  154. Horns of ancient Aurochs (Tauras) found in Lithuania
  155. Are Humans Naturaly Polygamous?
  156. Do you believe in a God(s)?
  157. Study link broader CEO faces with better financial performance
  158. Do we need WW III?
  159. Georgian counter-espionage superfluous activity...
  160. Solar flare engulfed the Earth yesterday
  161. How to survive 2012
  162. EU quarreled with Lukashenka
  163. Defining Mental Illness
  164. 100 Most Influential 2012 - TIMES
  165. Technologies that should have been invented by now
  166. Demology, population science ? What shall we call it ?
  167. Nuclear Iran ?
  168. Is an Opposite- Sex Registered Partnership from the Netherlands recognised in the UK?
  169. Surname origin.
  170. Technologies of the future
  171. Italian citizenship..
  172. The Countries With The Most Prostitutes
  173. Hitler, Religion, and Morality
  174. American given names increasingly based on surnames
  175. Sun is behaving weird!
  176. Muslims voted for preferred dress code for women.
  177. 25 countries that drink most alcoholic drinks in the world (Rediff)
  178. Best European footbal player of all times ...l
  179. "Pinocchio Rex"
  180. Ancient astronauts
  181. We need to double crop production by 2050
  182. Jeux Sans Frontières
  183. I have a dream ...
  184. Guidelines for posting logical arguments on the forum
  185. A question about English-taught programmes in mainland Europe
  186. Why so much hate?
  187. Rare Earth Elements - REE
  188. Are Serbs and Greeks culturally with west Europe or Russia?
  189. Beautiful Arab Women From The Gulf ( Gulf Arabian Women )
  190. Another Slaying of a Muslim in the US
  191. My Italian dna project
  192. Syrian Army pushes back ISIS from Palmyra
  193. European kitchen cabinet manufacturers
  194. Most free nations in the World.
  195. Need recommendations
  196. Greetings + shameless selfpromotion/online lessons
  197. Need help on independent study about meat imitation
  198. Can Muslims live peacefully with Christians, and vice versa?
  199. Orphans and poor chidren used as cannon fodder
  200. Where can i get that application , my country flag overlay on my profile picture?
  201. The Internet
  202. Over 15,000 deads in India yesterday!
  203. 5000 Yazidi slavegirls being bought and sold even for no price
  204. ISIS Destroys Ancient City Nineveh, Iraq
  205. False constructions in the world
  206. Apple cider vinegar shown to lower blood sugar and cholesterol in BBC experiment
  207. Jesus, Son of Mary, Never Claimed Divinity - Proof From The Gospels
  208. Map of World Billionaires
  209. Bob Dylan gets the Nobel Prize for literature
  210. Should NATO reconfigure its alliances?
  211. Same Sex Marriage - Arguments for and against
  212. Dutch election fiver; breakthrough of Trumpist in Europe?
  213. Dutch election fever; breakthrough of Trumpist in Europe?
  214. Future population trends from statistics: Hans Rosling
  215. Mental illness more damaging to happiness than poverty in rich countries
  216. How Anglo oil companies and CIA destabilized the democratic government of Iran
  217. Living at 1940's 1-2Generations behind
  218. Paradox of tolerance
  219. My views on intelligent family planning and third world
  220. child birth control and overpopulation
  221. Maciamo's pancake recipes
  222. Americans: Is it time for West Virginia to become annexed to Virginia again?
  223. Is the country of Spain headed for a second civil war in the future?
  224. Is modern liberalism killing Halloween?
  225. Life has got better over the last 50 years in many countries, but not in the Americas
  226. Rootsweb Temporarily Shuts Down Due to Secuirty Breach
  227. Clean-Fossil Fuel Technology that Doesn't Pollute
  228. Microwaves could be as bad for the environment as cars, suggests new research
  229. Looted ancient Greek antiquities seized from collector's NYC home
  230. Genocide documented in victims' preserved clothes
  231. ISIS widows and their children in YPG refugee camps
  232. 'Homer Knows': Ancient epics help war veterans cope
  233. Jean Manco passed away
  234. What do you think of MBS ?
  235. Iraq declares UN initiative to rehabilitate ancient sites in Nineveh
  236. Ancient Greek city of Bargylia for sale
  237. Engineers upgrade Ancient Greek, sun-powered tech to purify water
  238. Rape of men about as prevalent as rape of women
  239. More than half of drivers don't look for cyclists & pedestrians before turning right
  240. Interesting Maps and Graphs
  241. Mom wants me to marry her bestfriend's son
  242. Trump faking rally via Green Screen?
  243. Travelling with the great kalka travel agency in India
  244. Introduce myself
  245. Linux Engineer
  246. DNA Could Assist in Repatriation of Ancient Australian Remains
  247. WWIII: Is it inevitable that the West and Russia will have a conflict?
  248. Calendar of new secular and scientific holidays
  249. Dad wants me to transfer to other school
  250. Slowdown in African fertility rate linked to disruption of girls' education