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  1. Cargo Shorts-Yes or No?
  2. Could Texas be a state in the USA that becomes it's own country?
  3. Polish immigrants- are they good for the USA?
  4. How political correctness kills free speech
  5. Visit to georgia in october 2016
  6. Men fill the prisons because they're more violent
  7. The Ultimate Plastic Surgery
  8. WW2 the first defeat of Axis.
  9. Do you choose PC Halloween or Non-PC Halloween?
  10. Prepare accordingly: in the future there will be no retirement pensions
  11. MEDIA, elections, people control, and strange games.
  12. What ethnicity do I look like? Where can I pass in Eurasia? Multiple Choice Poll.
  13. Classify Me and Guess Ethnicity
  14. Does consanguinity prevent political development in the Middle East?
  15. Should God be removed from politics and law?
  16. the ministry of truth
  17. Why do people still care about (distant) genealogy?
  18. polygamy and suicide terrorists
  19. America first ! But second....[emoji12]
  20. HBD!? racialist?
  21. Do you want to know the future?
  22. Jews - Are they a race or religion?
  23. Why is homo- and bisexuality on the rise in the West?
  24. For All The Freedom Fighters.
  25. Atheists are more intolerant than Christians
  26. Who from the members here is a geneticist?
  27. Analytical thinking doesn't reduce religious belief
  28. On the future of Europe and European Boarders
  29. Extremely Ignorant Video on DNA Testing
  30. the climate lobby trying to create panic
  31. "Loop Year Calendar"
  32. Europa Universalis or Back to the Past? Europe's Challenges in Hazardous Times
  33. Heritage vs. upbringing: Which counts more?
  34. Gender free baby in Canada, probably world's first.
  35. Utopia or Dystopia: Thoughts about the Future
  36. 'Save the Aryan" Youtube Vid
  37. 16 yo German schoolgirl, ISIS sniper
  38. General Patton: On the life and deeds of a controversial man
  39. Catholic Church and Inquisition
  40. Kindle or paper books?
  41. Do you consider the ancient Middle East to be part of the Western civilization?
  42. Do Animals Have Emotions? A Debate
  43. The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO Cases
  44. I Dislike Sigmud Freud
  45. Working Holiday in Canada
  46. List new stream in engineering colleges
  47. Stunning photos shows day to night in one image
  48. Do you consider every European born person European?
  49. Favorite Novel
  50. Hello There
  51. Hello everyone!
  52. Wimp vs Warrior Skulls
  53. Solomon Morel, a Jewish post-war criminal in Israel
  54. Is Human Sacrifice Always Wrong?
  55. Albanians from azerbajan ( caucasus )
  56. DNA and destiny
  57. If you were me, which woman would you prefer?
  58. Modern Narcissism and Over-Consumption
  59. Is most of Europe poorer than the U.S.?
  60. Why do entertainers portray themselves in such outlandish ways?
  61. Who favors political correctness?
  62. Is polygamy always coercive?
  63. Is Rent Control a good or a bad thing?
  64. Lion King Plagiarism as example of Cultural Theft
  65. Don't use Facebook or Twitter
  66. Shall we adopt a Human Era calendar?
  67. I am a new member
  68. The title seems interesting. How much are we determined by our genes?
  69. Absolutely Disgusting Court Ruling
  70. Hello. My name is Lyly
  71. what are 3 good things and 3 bad things about your country?
  72. What is your beauty ideal?
  73. The postmodern and handsome British
  74. The Magical Thinking Of Guys Who Love Logic
  75. Have you ever created a family tree online?
  76. Do you eat the same meals everyday?
  77. Should there be a testosterone limit for participation in female sports events
  78. Why is IQ dropping in developed countries?
  79. Investor immigration canada
  80. Meteorite caused Younger Dryas?
  81. Why the U.N. is a joke
  82. If close cousin marriage is so bad, why do people do it?
  83. education and PISA ranking
  84. Are electric cars really a better idea?
  85. Non European ethnicities and their conflicts pre-date European Colonialism
  86. Is Transgender Ideology dangerous?
  87. What can tinder tell us about human nature?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFO3DBafAY
  88. Recommended restaurants in NYC
  89. Should European Union fund Baltic/Finnish and Spanish/Portuguese marriage for gen-z?
  90. Selecting for intelligence is important
  91. Racism in the Pop Gen Community
  92. New map of public support for abortion by country in and around Europe
  93. Posso ottenere la patente di guida senza esame?
  94. Classify these beauties