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  1. Should cannabis be legal in every country ?
  2. The truth about chocolate
  3. Why do guys shave legs??
  4. Are you vegetarian ?
  5. Where have you traveled to or Where do you want to Travel to?
  6. if you could live anywhere...
  7. How do you spend Christmas ?
  8. oriental or asian?
  9. Is Christmas or New Year more important for you ?
  10. which country u like most?!
  11. Can men wear skirt and be accepted openly in the public?
  12. The Gay Marriage Controversy
  13. Dost thou glompest?
  14. Ladies Over 18 May Reply, Tell Me Why!!
  15. Obesity - #1 Health Threat to Americans
  16. Are you a 'Cultured Women' ?
  17. Time
  18. "Curse of the Asian Man"
  19. Long hair for a man!
  20. ALIENS!!!Do you believe in!!!
  21. happiness or duty
  22. Evil
  23. The beauty of words
  24. What makes you happy
  25. It starts with 'P' and rhymes with 'corn'.
  26. One for the girls
  27. another one for the girls
  28. Do you believe in lucky charms ? And if so what�s yours.
  29. What do you think of the custom of tipping?
  30. getting harder to avoid spyware
  31. Is genetically modified food safe?
  32. Light Cigarette smokers sue tobacco companies
  33. Should people learn the language of the country where they travel ?
  34. philosophy of life?
  35. Do you believe this?
  36. Abortion: Pro-life or Pro-choice?
  37. Is McDonald's evil?
  38. Capitalism VS Communism
  40. Power rises
  41. Life on other planets?
  42. trauma?
  43. Onsen busted
  44. In shielding addicted doctors, programs put patients at risk
  45. What's your favorite rock/punk/alternative band
  46. In what kind of relationship do people get HIV/AIDS more easily ?
  47. CPS,foster homes,grouphomes, etc.
  48. Do Looks Really Matter?
  49. Gay and Transgender in india
  50. English as the World Language
  51. Racism, facists, and seperatist movements.
  52. Do chain stores create "clone towns" ?
  53. Do you belive one day there will be total pacifism?
  54. The Opinion Game
  55. Third Parties
  56. Do you lock your doors?
  57. Should monarchies be?
  58. A rant about pride
  59. Iraq War -- Illegal? Legal?
  60. What would you do if you were drafted?
  61. Beautiful living
  62. What is your ideal democracy?
  63. What do you think of homosexuality (and gay marriage) ?
  64. Language barrier and acceptance.
  65. Dropping the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:
  66. If you had the power to change your country's system, what would you choose ?
  67. How tolerant are you ?
  68. How much money do you carry in your wallet on a night out?
  69. World can end poverty by 2025
  70. Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis
  71. Are you a smoker?
  72. What types of Books do you read?
  73. Wearing shoes inside your home: hot or not?
  74. What are the 5 best things and 5 worst things about your country ?
  75. Human race wired for miscegenation?
  76. Your dream job?
  77. information about a custom
  78. Enjo Kosai (or teenage prostitution) OFFTOPIC about legalising prostitution
  79. Can you play the devil's advocate ?
  80. Who are the greatest philosophers
  81. A pagan nation with pretentious manners
  82. You smoke in your private time?=fired!
  83. How far do you think computers will advance? [graphics]
  84. Do/Did you play musical instruments?
  85. Divination and pseudo science
  86. Casual prostitution
  87. Desecration of the Quran: Your Views
  88. Combinis: Wasteful or Wise ?
  89. London vs Tokyo
  90. Is Race a valid scientific category?
  91. The Designed Mind
  92. Senses: What is it we are sensing?
  93. Room 101
  94. What is a hero?
  95. Favourite Poet and/or Poem
  96. developing world vs developed nations
  97. Is using the word "Jap" bad?
  98. telepathic abilities
  99. Should abortion be legal?
  100. ET, Phone Home
  101. Favourite quotations
  102. Double Standards in Gender
  103. Book Banning
  104. Division of ministries/departments in different countries
  105. intellect is the only...
  106. Death Penalty
  107. Best cities to visit in Asia
  108. HUNTING: The Cruel Sport of Depravity
  109. A Different Prison System.
  110. Family, the safe place for anyone of us?
  111. are we all brainwashed?
  112. Gender: advantage and disadvantage
  113. Global warming, what are your opinions about it?
  114. the impact of war on your grandfather/father and how it affected you?
  115. Its wrong to hit girls
  116. Career Change: How common in your culture?
  117. Career Change: Doing What You Love and Getting Paid for It!
  118. Gay Marriage OFFTOPIC Mike v Hyde
  119. Debates and arguements, your opinion?
  120. Paedophiles, Justice and prison sentences...
  121. Feeding the birds, and Bird Flu...
  122. Who Will Become The Next Superpower?
  123. Forced and arranged marriage: a social issue for all
  124. Bestiality vs Child Sex vs Homosexuality vs Incest
  125. "Fashion is a form of ugliness...
  126. What is it like getting "old"?
  127. Easter
  128. Smoke Pot, Yes or No?
  129. Common Sense?
  130. Water Fluoridation: Is it Moral?
  131. Famous Vegetarians on Vegetarianism
  132. What is ideal height for girls?
  133. The CLOWN goes Down...
  134. What is Art?
  135. "The americans Asked us to place anti air guns around our Nuclear power plants"
  136. Guilt: Good conditioner? Detrimental to well-being?
  137. Sex as a currency
  138. Fight for consistent social laws
  139. Which Profession is Most Overlooked for Respect?
  140. Tipping Culture
  141. *Stopping the Human Virus: Population*
  142. Top 10 Best Modern Militaries/Armed Forces
  143. Are sexual harassment laws for ugly and weak women ?
  144. Ex Smokers, politicos, and Vegetarians...
  145. 'Black Spots' in your country's history
  146. If you donated money to a charity...
  147. Are we winning or losing the war on terrorism?
  148. "A gross act of stupidity"- taking the law into your own hands
  149. What comes first to mind when describing yourself ?
  150. On Europe, Israel, and Palestine
  151. Culture and Language Diversity: Worth Keeping?
  152. Mummy's boys and Daddy's girls?
  153. the baby is innocent and the dad is....
  154. Will recent terrorism plot impact your holiday itineraries?
  155. What is your image of each social class ?
  156. Your beliefs, values and opinions
  157. Are funerals the ultimate act of human selfishness
  158. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go ?
  159. Ireland & European Battle Groups
  160. Favourite international news channel ?
  161. UP Sweden
  162. Smoking Ban in Bars Right or Wrong
  163. Witches
  164. Russia Georgia and Europe
  165. Facial lifts/nip & tuck and silicone.
  166. Max Havelaar : not so fair trade
  167. But it´s not from NIGERIA .....
  168. Mexico: Inferiority complex in the ex-colonized populations.
  169. How do you feel about polygamous marriage?
  170. Population crisis!
  171. European Sports - Rugby
  172. Children in northern Spain, what happens?
  173. Healthcare - a privilege or a right?
  174. England
  175. New name of a new blog..
  176. "Furries" in your Opinion...
  177. Chile vs. Spain... 3rd World vs. 1st World
  178. Do you believe in equality?
  179. Every day life. What is your experience?
  180. Turkish people, look like ?
  181. What constituents make up the Anatolian admixture ?
  182. Hello
  183. Are Dienekes' opinions any good ?
  184. Which bombs are best for democratisation?
  185. Opinion on similar stability factors
  186. There is no gas in Ukraine!
  187. Do we have free will?
  188. Is European Union discriminating?
  189. Europe is ...... ?
  190. Restaurants : how much importance do you give to ambiance & wine compared to food ?
  191. Demand for Electric Cars on the EU Market
  192. Tailgate Bullies.
  193. Euro 2012
  194. Should we clone 'Lonely George'?
  195. Подскажите хороший сайт про пластиковые окна
  196. hello
  198. What is your favourite Internet browser ?
  199. Give Zimmerman a break and why the heck is it a race issue
  200. Should there be unrestrained freedom of religion ?
  201. Is there really such a thing as "race"?
  202. The Races of Europe vs. The Phenotypes of Europe
  203. If you had to leave your country and could live anywhere else, where would you go ?
  204. Who was first, the chicken or the egg?
  205. Eclectic interests of oriental.
  206. Quebec: Feels so good to have French as the official language
  207. The Byzantine Empire must be revived
  208. Travelling in Europe may be way difficult some times ...
  209. Why are there reservation lands for native people in America and Canada?
  210. Easter in Germany
  211. Why are men depicted as tanned and women pale in ancient art
  212. Has Islam "destroyed" Anatolia?
  213. Why some haplogroups grew so large?
  214. A breath of fresh air, Catholic church and gays
  215. The Homesman Rosewater
  216. Opinons about Ferguson?
  217. Aberdeen, bring it on!!!!!!
  218. Why do people overlook & despise the Cajun people?
  219. Are countries of reserved character more promising?
  220. Why are some countries rich whereas others are poor?
  221. Arabian Gulf Men - The Arabian peninsula Men phenotype
  222. What are the career options, besides academia, connected to anthropology & evolution
  223. Iraqi Women Vs Kuwaiti Women - Who is hotter?
  224. Has current day style advertising become much less effective?
  225. Who is hotter Iraqi women or Kuwaiti women ?
  226. Who is more handsome Kuwaiti men or Iraqi men ?
  227. Is Maju a Political Extremist?
  228. Hero or Child Abuser?
  229. Student needs help with research project.
  230. thugs in Ferguson
  231. Haplogroup?
  232. A modern but European view on race and class in Europe
  233. Why Human
  234. Europe: On the Eve of the Civil War?
  235. Obama and Hollande: an anti-terrorist alliance
  236. New divisions, new war
  237. Turkey is provoking real war with Syria and Russia
  238. Western European Time
  239. Bestiality the new Homosexuality?
  240. Got Metapolitics?
  241. Do you feel frustrated after reading the news and feel you want to do something?
  242. Koreans React to American Female Celebrities
  243. Heritage, Ethnicity, and Identity Politics
  244. Does Polygamy Lead to More Violence and Societal Instability?
  245. Are most people really this stupid?
  246. Your opinion needed.
  247. Do You Buy "E" Books and Music?
  248. "So many White servants, this must be the most cultured place on Earth"
  249. Do high illegitimacy rates bode well for Europe.
  250. Cargo Shorts-Yes or No?